Outrage & Disgust: Gun-Grabber Cuomo Pushes for Infanticide

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I have been writing about politics, morality and religion for years now, and I often do so with a certain amount of passion and sometimes anger. I really thought I had seen it all in terms of hypocrisy and sheer moral blindness. I really didn’t think it could get much worse. But here we are.

In case you haven’t yet heard, NY Governor Andrew Cuomo is aggressively pushing for a bill that would legalize late-term abortions in his state. It would allow non-doctors to perform them. It would eliminate parental notification laws – all of this, according to the Democrats for Life, who are as disgusted as I am with this man and his agenda.

And there is is plenty to be disgusted with here. Partial-birth abortions themselves are disgusting, the violent dismemberment of a tiny human being usually for the convenience of someone else. Abortion clinics are often disgusting, staffed by incompetents and criminals, the refuse of the legitimate and respectable medical profession. The rest of Cuomo’s legislation is pretty bad as well, including coercive wealth redistribution and other infringements upon liberty and property in the name of “gender equality”, something the coercive arm of the state has no business getting involved in at all.

But nothing, and I mean nothing, is more disgusting than the sight of this man himself, who just recently pushed through some of the most aggressive anti-gun rights legislation in the entire country, supposedly for the children. Here is what the unconscionable scumbag declared while promoting his gun policies:

“This is a scourge on society,” Cuomo said Monday night, one month after the Newtown, Conn., shooting that took the lives of 20 first graders and six educators. “At what point do you say, ‘No more innocent loss of life.”‘

What I want to know is, at what point does someone slap Andrew Cuomo so hard, so many times, that he never again has the gall to speak of “innocent loss of life” while promoting the mass-murder of infants with dirty metal tools in dirty little rooms? At what point do we, perhaps, strap him to a chair and force him to watch the scissors being jammed into the back of the child’s neck before its brains are vacuumed out? At what point do we go absolutely crazy, unable to bear for another day, another moment, a moral blindness and/or hypocrisy so heavy and so dark that you just want to to completely give up?

I don’t really have much more to say about it. Not much more should be said about it. At this point you either see how completely messed up this is, or you’re hopeless and we can’t communicate. Finally, check out my new personal blog, where I will try to contain all of the foreign policy and civil liberty stuff that TAC readers can’t stand. You know, the Ron Paul echo chamber stuff.

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  1. He is a true son of Mario “Personally Opposed” Cuomo. (I can only hope that cannibalism never comes into fashion, because before long cannibals would become a constituency of the Democrats, and they would be promoting it as a constitutional right.} That this man has not yet been excommunicated says all you need to know about the state of the American heirarchy.

  2. This is evidence of the vision Pope Leo XIII had
    and that possibly the century isn’t over yet.
    Evil has taken such a hold on souls. What is downright shameful is that Cuomo isn’t alone in this thought pattern.
    Wait. We’re the problematic Christians. The hate mongers. Well Cuomo fits that shoe perfectly.

  3. Papa Cuomo was a man with “issues” (as the reporters who got those odd phone calls from him at 6:30 am can testify), but he had enough of a conscience to be uneasy with what he advocated (and had a well-ordered domestic life). It is a reasonable guess that George Pataki is a thoroughgoing sociopath, but, like Bilge Clinton, one of circumscribed ambition. We have now plunged into plain evil with this man. He was elected in a landslide with the support of every corner of the New York media and a corps of Vichy Republicans like Joanie Mahoney. The political culture of New York is just as stupid as Venezuela’s.

  4. I agree with Donald in his statement, “That this man has not yet been excommunicated says all you need to know about the state of the American heirarchy.”

    But the problem goes further. Please see: http://www.zenit.org/article-36379?l=english.

    “Father Lombardi: Weapons Are, Will Always Be, Too Many – Says US Aim to Control Use of Arms a ‘Step in Right Direction'”

    The Roman Church has forgotten the lesson of the Maccabean brothers in the Seleucid Empire, the Cristeros in Mexico, etc.

  5. Fr Lonbardi is merely reflecting long-standing Vatican policy of supporting armament limitation treaties and regulation of the international arms trade, which was the main thrust of his remarks.

  6. Fr. Lombardi is merely reflecting long-standing Vatican policy of supporting armament limitation treaties and regulation of the international arms trade, which was the main thrust of his remarks.

    I don’t see how his comments could be read in that light, given that he specifically referred to Sandy Hook, and Obama’s proposals aren’t directed at arms treaties.


  7. Dale Price

    Fr Lombardi made the connection himself: “But while American society is engaged in this debate of dutiful civil and moral growth, we cannot but widen our gaze to recall that arms, throughout the world, are also instruments for legitimate defense, but surely they are everywhere the main instruments used to bring threats, violence and death. Therefore, it is necessary to repeat tirelessly our calls for disarmament, to oppose the production, trade, and smuggling of arms of all types, fuelled by dishonourable interests for power or financial gain. If results are achieved, such as international conventions, the ban of landmines and other deadly arms, the reduction of the immense and disproportionate number of nuclear warheads…all the better! But weapons are and will always be too many. As the Pope said while travelling to Lebanon, we are all distraught by the massacres in Syria, but the weapons continue to arrive. “

  8. That’s my point: it is peculiar to bring up international arms treaties in the context of domestic legislation regulating civilian firearm ownership.

    Linking the subjects together allows for the inference that Lombardi is, in fact, advocating for the abolition of civilian firearm ownership from a Vatican pulpit.

  9. When I first heard Coumo’s “you don’t need ten bullets to kill a deer” rant, I thought it was Joe Biden. I guess all idiocy sounds alike.

  10. Michael, it is like the friggin’ US Conference of Catholic Bishops. The staff steals the signet ring and issues statements on their personal hobby horses. It is asinine and makes Vatican dicasteries look stupid. No point in attempting to justify it.

  11. Art:

    The problem is, at least in the casse of the USCCB, many of the most influential bishops themselves make the same kind of assinine statements.

  12. Has Cardinal Dolan issued a statement on this? I would be surprised if it turns out to be anything more than a statement that the proposed legislation is “troubling” or “raises grave concerns.”

    Perhaps more lay Catholics would treat these types of issues as serious business if their leaders acted like this was serious business.

  13. The problem is, at least in the casse of the USCCB, many of the most influential bishops themselves make the same kind of assinine statements.

    What Thomas Sowell said (quoting T.S. Eliot): half the harm in the world is done by people who want to feel important. I think it is true of clergymen of all stripes that just performing the functions which attend their vocation leave them feeling empty, but it is especially dismaying with Catholic bishops. The teachings of the Church are lost in a great mass of policy white noise.

  14. Expect hypocrisy and contempt to continue to reach new and increasingly higher levels in the next four years. The average IQ of American Democrat voters must be about 50.

  15. Robert Rowland-
    Your being very kind…..50%
    By the way they will abort-themselves out of existence so we just hang in there and pray for their conversions.

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