De Paul Knows Who the Real Enemy Is

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De Paul


Founded by the Vincentians in 1898, De Paul University in Chicago likes to tout itself as the largest Catholic university in the nation.  It is a university and it is large, but after the debacle described below I suspect that “Catholic” might be open to question:

DePaul University has punished a student for publicizing the names of fellow students who admitted to vandalizing his organization’s pro-life display. The student, Kristopher Del Campo, has been placed on probation after being found responsible for multiple conduct violations, including one that absurdly brands the publication of the names as “disorderly, violent, intimidating or dangerous.” The Foundation for Individual Rights In Education (FIRE) has intervened in his case.

“Kristopher Del Campo’s group was the victim of a politically motivated crime—and yet DePaul University is punishing Del Campo for naming the people who committed the crime,” said FIRE Senior Vice President Robert Shibley. “Unfortunately, this utter disregard for student rights has become par for the course at DePaul and too many other college campuses.”

On January 22, 2013, the DePaul chapter of Young Americans for Freedom (YAF), having attained the required permits, erected a pro-life display consisting of roughly 500 pink and blue flags planted in the ground of the campus quad to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision. That afternoon, numerous DePaul students vandalized the display by tearing the flags from the ground and throwing them in trash cans around campus. Del Campo, YAF’s chairman, reported the vandalism to DePaul’s Department of Public Safety, which investigated.

With the investigation completed, DePaul Assistant Dean of Students Domonic Rollins provided Del Campo with a report from the Department of Public Safety, containing the names of 13 DePaul students who had admitted to vandalizing YAF’s display. On February 5, the national YAF organization posted this document on its website. On February 8, DePaul notified Del Campo that he was suspected of violating DePaul’s Code Of Student Responsibility—including a charge of “Disorderly, Violent, Intimidating or Dangerous Behavior,” which encompasses “creat[ing] a substantial risk of physical harm,” “causing significant emotional harm,” and “bullying.”

“Punishing a student for naming those who committed a crime against him or her sets a very dangerous precedent,” said FIRE’s Shibley. “For example, would DePaul punish a female student for telling her friends to avoid a person who admitted to sexually assaulting her?”

Go here to FIRE to read the rest.    Some critics contend that many “Catholic” colleges and universities are faithless.  Rubbish I say to that!  The powers that be at these institutions are filled with faith!  The problem is that the faith they are full of has almost nothing to do with Catholicism.


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As faithful readers of this blog know, I was a very reluctant, and late, supporter of Donald Trump in 2016.  I grudgingly


  1. “… Rollins provided Del Campo with a report from the Department of Public
    Safety containing the names…”

    It’s my understanding that police reports are public records. Anyone could
    access that DPS report and publish it. What could possibly be the logic of
    threatening Mr. Del Campo for posting information that is not confidential,
    but already available to anyone who cares to contact the DPS?

  2. Not to mention that the fellow seems unable to express himself except in gibberish jargon and political cant:

    “The dominant hierarchy does not mind and in fact encourages the status quo to change, just as long as positions of power remain constant; the only concern is for the overall context (Hall, 1977). The struggle for social justice has seen marked progress in gaining rights and recognition for many targeted groups and yet, remarkably, amidst all of this ‘progress’ the hegemony has not come close to being subverted (Allen, 1997; Zinn, 2003). The ‘rules of the game’ may change but the dominant population is always set up to win more often than not in society. Understanding oppression and hegemony is crucial if one’s agenda includes discovering ways to disrupt its power.”

    Positions at what we laughingly refer to as Higher Ed are too often filled by politicized fools.

  3.  “Some critics contend that many “Catholic” colleges and universities are faithless.  Rubbish I say to that!  The powers that be at these institutions are filled with faith!  The problem is that the faith they are full of has almost nothing to do with Catholicism.”

    True that! I see it firsthand and it is an eerie thing to experience–I have never even seen an evangelical group more in lock-step with the “truths” of their operating faith. It is at once revolting and frightening. Revolting because here are admittedly very smart people, whom are supposed to be open to and capable of, reason and debate, yet they all reduce themselves to the same simple, curt, talking point on any given subject, making them look like brainwashed twits.
    Frightening due to their positions and numbers, and their utter complete adherence and allegiance to the progressive, Marxist “faith”.
    Very disturbing to witness this day in and day out.

  4. To Guest-
    Impostor faith.
    Other than prayer, how can these once great Faith universities be captained by true faith Catholics?
    What is the solution and the estimated time table to regain the fullness of Faith in said universities?

  5. All for abortion should be asked, “Why, really, why did not your mother and/or father abort you?” It is a fair question. Ask it again. After the answer, then ask, “What would have justified your mother and/or father aborting you?” Ask it again. These are 2 serious reasonable questions that anyone promoting abortion should be asked over and over.

  6. It is obvious. The staff at DePaul is out to crush authentic catholicism. They would rather promote the “church of dissent.” Unfortunately, many parents paying tuition for this institution are unaware of the trap they have placed their own children into. Meanwhile, Beelzebub just smiles.

  7. Philip, the way I see it is that we should refuse to send our children to these CINO institutions. Since before I was in college (so, over 20 years ago) the saying was something like you have more of a chance to lose your faith in a Catholic college than a secular one. For my children, my sights are set on Franciscan, Belmont Abbey, or Christendom. If they can’t get in, I’d send them to community college & hope they get a job doing something they love, or let them take online college courses to get their degrees. I have no interest in sending them to any of the colleges or universities on my ever-growing list of “absolutely not.” My husband did just fine entering the military after high school, then going to “online” colleges to get his degrees. I think my parents were appalled that I married someone who didn’t have a degree from the outset, but I’d rather my kids get to Heaven then be bombarded with the stuff that’s out there. Why PAY to undo everything that I’ve been working so hard to do (I home school)? Money talks, so if enough real Catholics stand up, things will hopefully change.

  8. Missy-
    Great answer. It is going to have to come from Great parents making informed and righteous decisions.
    Thank you and God bless you and parents like you who value the Soul.
    Some investments are more important than others.

  9. I seem to recall that the political science department and one superordinate review committee at DePaul were all set some years ago to grant tenure to one Norman G. Finkelstein, Noam Chomsky’s malicious pet pitbull. Finkelstein is notable for a complete absence of scholarly publication, so what the political science faculty at a supposed research institution fancied it was doing in granting him tenure is a matter of conjecture. Wiser heads intervened, including the university president Dennis Holtschneider, and saw to it that Finkelstein was hustled off campus when his contract expired. The trustees did not do the obvious and remove political science from the list of subjects taught in the college of arts and sciences and then discharge that faculty; it would have been grand if they had. You have to figure many of their academic departments are sewers.

  10. He would have been granted tenure but for the unending stink that Allen Dershowitz put up about it.

    “You have to figure many of their academic departments are sewers.”

    Yep, politicized sewers.

  11. I read your link Art Deco most of it and it made me cross-eyed and then Donald McClarey’s comment made me laugh. Yes of course, With the enemy communicating like that – no wonder Marx is yelling from hell.

  12. He would have been granted tenure but for the unending stink that Allen Dershowitz put up about it.

    Quite possible. Other critics of Finkelstein have noted that he has a sensibility very discordant with the residual Vincentian ethos of the campus and that counted against him with the upper administration.

    The thing was, a decision against tenure for Finkelstein should not have been a controversial. DePaul is a full-bore university with 20,000+ students which educates to the terminal degree – i.e. has apprenticing professors knocking about its departments working on their dissertations. Liberal arts colleges with a degree of selectivity have made a point of requiring scholarly publication for a generation now; universities like DePaul, much longer. Finkelstein calls himself a ‘forensic scholar’ because he produces no original research. He is assigned by Chomsky to read other people’s work and write defamatory articles about them. His dissertation, completed in 1988, was on political theory. He has written nothing on political theory since, or on international relations, or on comparative politics; neither is he a student of American domestic politics. He does not have the language skills to be a Near East area specialist and does not make enough use of primary sources to ever call himself a historian. The DePaul political science department simply threw out their rule book in order to hire this man and keep him on their faculty. It is a deep deep scandal.

  13. Clinton said it best when he said that the names are already in the public domain. All the empty chest thumping only reveals their bullying. Get it on record. It comes in handy in a lawsuit. De Paul is using the law to persecute Del Campo. It is the only language they understand.

  14. These so-called Catholic colleges and universities need to have their charters revoked by their local ordinaries, the USCCB, and/or the Holy See itself. Most of the Jesuit run schools do not promote authentic Catholic teaching and have not done so since Vatican II. what we need are more schools like Christendom College, University of Dallas, Wyoming Catholic College, etc. so that Catholic parents can be sure that their children will receive a truly authentic Catholic education and formation.

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