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Greg Gutfeld unloads on Jim Carrey, an aging Canadian comedian whose career is currently in the process of tanking, over Carrey’s remakably unfunny “Hee-Haw” attack on the late Charlton Heston and anyone who supports the Second Amendment.  Nothing is sadder than a professional funnyman who does not realize that his time in the limelight has passed him by.  I have two words for Mr. Carrey:  Jerry Lewis.  Oh well, perhaps the French will hail him as a genius too.

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  1. Jim Carrey wouldn’t dare make fun of Muslims that way. Thing is, Heston often encountered that kind of ridicule often his gun rights stance when he was still alive. But he always responded with the kind of grace I never could.

  2. This reminds me of the times when mother has called you two or three time to get out of bed and get ready for school and your bedroom door opens and father is walking toward you. You are suddenly wide awake the covers are off and you realize the truth detector is staring you in the face. We needed a wake up call like Greg’s.

  3. I’ve seen this clip before. I want to spread this clip on toast and have it every morning as part of a balanced breakfast. I want to sew this clip on the back of a leather jacket and ride around on a motorcycle.

  4. How pathetic Jim Carrey is. Somehow he thinks he is still funny.

    If I were to become Benevolent Dictator of the United States, I would put most of Hollywood in a detainment camp on one of the Aleutians, seize their property and money and use it to pay down the national debt, and turn Hollywood into a Naval and Air Force bombing range.

    These dufuses have done more to wreck this country than anyone else, with the dufuses running public education running second.

  5. The problem is that the doofuses are often quite talented at what they do, if at very little else in their lives. They use their talent for the relentless marketing of vice. It would help if various other parties (mothers and fathers) were willing and able to formulate arguments contrary to vice, but in general people are fairly complacent about what goes on around them, or, push comes to shove, value commodious living and not much else (see Portman, Robert, Esq).

  6. 1) Jim Carey is wrong and his video and tweet were stupid and offensive.

    2) This Greg fellow is an idiot.

    3) Jim Carey’s stupidity does not take away from the fact that he is a fantastic actor and a comedic genius– although of the low brow variety.

  7. 1. Agreed.
    2. Disagree. The rant is a masterpiece.
    3. Please. The only one of his movies I could tolerate is “Liar, Liar” and that one I found intriguing only because of the concept of an attorney always having to tell the truth. (Applied for twenty-four hours to attorneys worldwide and civilization would teeter!) Carrey is a poor man’s Jerry Lewis and Lewis, the French to the contrary, was far from a comedic genius. If plagiarism were a crime in show business, instead of a way of life, the lawsuit by Lewis against Carrey would be vastly more amusing than any of Carrey’s movies.

  8. JL – I’m a big fan of Gutfeld’s show Red Eye. Not exactly highbrow humor there either, but it’s funny. I also like Jim Carrey. I thought that The Truman Show was great. But Carrey’s video wasn’t funny, and his anti-vaccine stuff is fair game.

  9. And I should add – Gutfeld used to work for Prevention Magazine and he gets really hot about the anti-vaccine stuff.

  10. Other than Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and perhaps Bruce Almighty, I don’t think Carrey’s starred in anything that hasn’t been a box office or critical flop (and often both) since Truman Show. Even Travolta didn’t have that long a down period.

  11. 1) OK.
    2) Disagree. Absurd hyperbole and wishing ill upon someone else (not to mention it was staged). Sounds like an idiot and an asshole. But I guess he agreed with our point of view so that makes anything he says and the manner in which he says it OK.
    3) Agree to disagree.

  12. Regardless of your political views, to mock a colleague is one thing, but to slam him when he is dead is altogether a pitiful act.

    Jim Carrey may want to leave the Political satire to professionals….say Ted Nugent. 🙂

  13. Paul – As per earlier conversation, Chris Plante’s radio show the last few days has been talking about Marylanders giving up on their state and moving to VA.

  14. Pinky,

    To me that’s an even worse option. Northern Virginia is just as liberal as Maryland, and it’s just not as pleasant an area to be in, politics aside. If I’m moving, it’s well south of Virginia.

    Speaking of WMAL, not sure if you were listening to the state delegate from PG County discussing giving driving licences to illegal, err, undocumented immigrants. Whatever one thinks about the issue, I couldn’t help but weep that this person was an elected official, that’s how idiotic she sounded. If only the guy on the other end of the line – Dan Bongino – could get elected in this state.

  15. Well, there was one email from a now-Floridian, and another guy was talking about South Carolina.

    I only caught a little of today’s show and none of yesterday’s.

  16. Northern Virginia is just as liberal as Maryland, and it’s just not as pleasant an area to be in, politics aside. If I’m moving, it’s well south of Virginia.

    Northern Virginia is near as liberal as Montgomery and Prince George’s Counties. Baltimore has a different sensibility than Washington and the rural zones, small towns, and small cities in Maryland are not liberal in their politics. State boundaries are not respecters of settlement patterns and unfortunately the quintessential Maryland and (increasingly) the quintessential Virginia have seen their political dynamic ruined by the unfortunate influence of the federal capital.

  17. Whatever one thinks about the issue, I couldn’t help but weep that this person was an elected official, that’s how idiotic she sounded.

    Democratic politicos are motivated by the ‘plight’ of potential clients (and potential voters). The interests of their common-and-garden constituents do not motivate them.

  18. Thanks for that gem in the crown of Maryland’s legislature.

    If I have this right, we’ll give driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants for safety reasons, but only after they’ve filed tax returns in the state for two years? If it’s such a safety concern, why wait? And what about all the spouses, and kids, and students who aren’t working? If licenses are going to improve Maryland’s safety so much, shouldn’t we be trying to get the risky 16-year-old illegals into the DMV? You can’t make the safety argument at the same time you put up restrictions. And you can’t make the restrictions argument at the same time you say that the licenses won’t have any official use other than for driving.

  19. I’ve been able to avoid watching the thing.

    That said, there’s a line that folks keep playing from it, something about “Charleston Heston’s films are no longer in demand”… and a little voice in my head says “as opposed to, what, Ace Ventura Six? Mask 4? Hey, doesn’t this guy remind you of the class clown, turned up to eleven and with a bigger budget episode… like… fifty?”

    It is impressive how elastic his face is, and that he managed to take acting like that kid that’s in every single class and turn it into a pretty good career, but…he’s not that funny. Or that impressive. He’s a ham, yeah, and that’s not a bad thing– until he starts getting nasty, and thinking that making money means he’s to be taken seriously.

  20. Dear American friends,

    Well being an Eastern Orthodox Christian from Russia, I stand with all conservatives. But listening to this parody, which I don’t approve, I heard a very good music. Is he parodying a concrete song? If yes, where can I find it? To what sub-genre of country music does this composition belong?

    Thank you very much and sorry for my poor English.


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