Margaret Thatcher and the Dead Parrot Sketch

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Here’s something to brighten your Friday: The then-Prime Minister delivering, absolutely deadpan, the Monty Python Dead Parrot sketch.

The Liberal Democrat logo which she’s referring to is this:


Despite the PM’s brilliant delivery, I did miss the line about how, if the parrot weren’t nailed to his perch, he’d be pushing up daisies. Here’s the original for your perusal:

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  1. God knows how she managed to keep a straight face. That was in October 1990. Just over a month later the same ministers who were laughing uproariously at the joke conspired to oust her. On the day she resigned I was at a conference of (believe it or not) history teachers. When the chairman announced the news, the entire room clapped and cheered. Yet under the Conservatives teachers’ pay, which had stagnated under Labour, increased significantly, so you’d think that they’d have had some gratitude if only for selfish reasons.

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