Kermit Gosnell and the Nightmare of the Pro-Aborts

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The murder trial of the abortionist Kermit Gosnell is a nightmare for pro-aborts.  In one case it combines the following elements:

1.  It displays the fact that the abortion industry is about money and little else.

2.  It demonstrates the grotesque conditions in which abortions are often carried out, giving the lie to “safe”, legal abortions.

3.  It shows that the practitioners of abortion tend to be quacks of marginal competence.

4.  The racism and classism of the abortion industry is on full display as poor black women are treated like cattle while white women with money receive much better treatment.

5.  The callous indifference of abortionists to their “patients”.  Kill unborn kids for a living and the callousness necessary to do that will usually not be limited to humans within a womb.

6.  The unwillingness of government to do anything to protect women undergoing abortions.

7.  The inhumanity of the radical pro-aborts is revealed as we see what their determination to have abortion legal for all nine months means in practice.

8.  The “glob of cells” mantra so beloved of the pro-aborts completely goes out the window as the gruesome aspects of the abortionist trade, and the humanity of the victims, are presented for the world to see.

9.  All the stats about partial birth abortion are revealed to be junk as people realize how common were Gosnell’s murders of late term babies.

10.  The humanity of the unborn is demonstrated as we read in horror of fully developed unborn kids  having their spinal columns severed with scissors while Gosnell makes jokes about their murders.

The Gosnell trial has the potential to change minds, and that is the greatest nightmare of all for the pro-aborts as James Taranto notes in a lengthy column in The Wall Street Journal:


What accounts for the media’s lack of interest in a trial that not only is sensational but implicates the most divisive social and political issue in America?’s Roger L. Simon has the answer: “The trial of Dr. Gosnell is a potential time bomb exploding in the conventional liberal narrative on abortion itself.” He demonstrates via self-reflection:

I can give you two guinea pigs to prove this point–my wife Sheryl and me. We were in the kitchen last night, preparing dinner, when we saw a short report of this story on the countertop TV.

Both lifelong “pro-choice” people, after watching only seconds, we embarked in an immediate discussion of whether it was time to reconsider that view. (Didn’t human life really begin at the moment of conception? What other time?) Neither of us was comfortable as a “pro-choice” advocate in the face of these horrifying revelations. How could we be?

Yes, Dr. Gosnell was exceptional (thank God for that!), but a dead fetus was a dead fetus, even if incinerated in some supposedly humane fashion rather than left crying out in blind agony on the operating room floor, as was reportedly the case with one of Gosnell’s victims. I say blind because this second-trimester fetus did not yet have fully formed eyes. (Think about that one.)

So I don’t think I’m “pro-choice” anymore, but I’m not really “pro-life” either. I would feel like a hypocrite. I don’t want to pretend to ideals I have serious doubts I would be able to uphold in a real-world situation. If a woman in my family, or a close friend, were (Heaven forbid) impregnated through rape, I would undoubtedly support her right to abortion. I might even advocate it. I also have no idea how I would react if confronted by having to make a choice between the life of a fetus and his/her mother. Just the thought makes my head spin.

Anyone who he thinks he knows how he would respond in these situations–and hasn’t–is doing nothing but posturing.

Welcome to the mushy middle, Roger. This columnist has been here for quite some time, as you can see from this 1999 piece. But we too, when we were very young, were a “pro-choice” libertarian. We came to question, and ultimately rejected, that position, although fully accepting the “pro-life” side of the argument remains a bridge too far for us.

Our path was more cerebral and less visceral. It started with our education in constitutional law. Although we thought abortion on demand was a good policy, we knew how to read, and the Constitution had nothing to say about the matter. We came to view Roe v. Wade, the 1973 case that declared otherwise, as a gross abuse of power by the Supreme Court, notwithstanding that it was in the service of a cause we agreed with.

A funny thing happens when you dissent from Roe v. Wade: You come to see that there’s not much else by way of intellectual content to the case for abortion on demand. Roe predates our own political consciousness, so we have to assume there were once stronger arguments. But these days the appeal to the authority of Roe is pretty much all there is apart from sloganeering, name-calling, appeals to self-interest and an emphasis on difficult and unusual cases such as pregnancy due to rape.

In this vale of tears we live amidst lies, but nothing is more formidable than a truth whose time is come.  In the Gosnell case the truth about abortion stands forth, in all its malignant ugliness, and that is why the pro-aborts in the Mainstream Media vainly attempted to spike this story.

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  1. Donald McClarey.
    Please excuse my inquiry on this post.
    Are you familiar with the Catholic blog; Holy Souls Hermitage?

    I ask because the author has need of counsel, and if you are familiar with his site then you might possibly direct his pathway to answer his questions.

    Once again, please excuse my route to inquire.

  2. “pro-choicers proclaiming that the whole thing would never have happened if women had access to government-paid abortions unfettered by any restrictions imposed by pro-life troglodytes.”

    I think that argument will prove convincing only to hard core pro-aborts. There is a reason why pro-aborts have attempted to bury this story.

  3. I think we might want to be careful about trying to portray the Gosnell or the conditions at his clinic as typical amongst abortion providers. Not that I am saying you are wrong to do so, but rather because a single case doesn’t provide sufficient evidence.

    However I think it does show the silliness of the position that making abortion legal somehow makes it safe… at least as long as pro-choice supporters fight every attempt to make abortion providers meet the same sort of high standards that would be required in most other areas of medicine.

  4. These recent revalations at an abortion clinic in Delaware run by Planned Parenthood indicate that Gosnell may not be that far from the norm:

    There is a reason why pro-aborts have always fought any regulation or oversight of abortion clinics. People I have talked to over the years who have worked in abortion clinics have uniformly told me that the emphasis is always on money rather than patient care and that the conditions were often unsanitary.

    Another example:

  5. “…or the conditions of his clinic as typical amongst abortion providers.”

    The most sterile of OR’s become for the aborted the epitome of cesspools.
    Hyperbole? For many some would agree.
    For the voiceless however, this is the ugly truth of “female reproductive health.”
    This innocent blood is screaming for justice.
    As you said MarylandBill…the silliness of the pro-aborts position on legalized abortion making it safe. Silliness? Satanic!

  6. Phillip, I hope you understand that I was discussing how to communicate with those who have fallen for the argument that women should have a right to an abortion because otherwise they would have “dangerous back alley abortions”.

    Obviously the moral dimension of abortion makes it perhaps the single most evil practice, perhaps in the history of the world. If the 50 million killed in America is not enough to convince someone of that, then perhaps speculating on the tens if not hundreds of millions killed in other countries should.

    I actually read an article earlier today that claimed America was basically good despite the issue of abortion. To my mind that is arguing that a serial killer is basically good except for all the people they kill. Sure, no person or state is entirely evil.. but certain sins are so great they cast doubt on the current moral state of the entity involved.

  7. Bill-
    I do understand.
    The part I don’t understand is how the safety of the one is more valuable than the life of the other.
    You are not supporting abortion rights I know, it’s the facility and cleanliness thats not indicative of Our good Doctors practice.

  8. things like this would not even be going on if people were smart and didnt have abortions….it sickens me to think that people want this sort of thing at all…abortion is murder…plain and simple…and those who agree with it or support it in ANY manner are sick in the head…when that stupid moron Gossnell get the death penalty i certainly hope they jam scissors in the back of his neck and cut his spinal cord…

  9. J.A.C., wishing death upon another, and a painful one at that, is a damnable offense. i suggest you not let your desire for righteous justify pervert itself into an unChristian zeal for vengeance.

  10. JL….so i guess is ok for Gossnell to murder and we should just idly stand by and just pray that things get better…it doesnt work that way my friend…yes prayer does help but action does speak louder than words…i am only saying what many others agree with… he should get the same death sentence as all those innocent lives that he killed…

  11. J.A.C.-
    This is the challenge as Christian.
    As much as I would want to agree with your punishment, I can’t.
    Where would it stop?
    Our discipleship in following the Master would have us do the opposite.
    Mercy to those who are merciless?
    Not easily acceptable, but worthy of contemplation.

  12. Philip….to let this monster go unpunished IS UNFORGIVEABLE…you think that just giving him a life sentence is enough???…what is wrong with people today…i just dont understand…i know as well as anybody else that God will punish this monster but what right do you have to tell me or anybody else how we are supposed to feel about this???….we are all human and have feelings…we all have our faults…we were not made perfect…my feeling toward this moron i feel are justified…i am not the one who is going to kill him…let the courts decide…but if he gets off scott-free then we shall see how you really feel about all this..

  13. J.A.C.-
    I’m not telling you how to feel.
    If your a follower of Christ you may want to take a deep breath and read my advice for Christians one more time.
    Remember this when you stand before the throne of God.

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