Tolerant Lib

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Hattip to Matt Archbold at Creative Minority Report.  Content advisory for the above video.  Ms. Curry is unable to express herself sans F-Bomb.  Is it too much to ask that colleges and universities not employ Professors, even adjunct Professors, who are complete morons?


A University of Buffalo (SUNY) professor was arrested for screaming obscenities at an administration approved graphic pro-life display. While cursing profusely, she accused the pro-lifers of being “profane.”
The video below shows the arrest along with the professor cursing and finally yelling out to surrounding students to tell her 1 p.m. class that she wouldn’t be able to teach that day because she was being taken away in handcuffs.
I contacted the media relations department at UB and they confirmed the arrest. John DellaContrada, Assistant Vice President for Media Relations at UB, told CMR that:

Laura Curry was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct.  She is an adjunct instructor of media study.  She is entitled to due process under the law. 
This was a display by a student club, the UB Students for Life.  Student organizations are allowed to reserve space on campus for purposes of free expression.
The University at Buffalo strives to create an environment in which diverse opinions can be expressed and heard.  As a public university, it is a fundamental value of UB that all members of the campus community and their invited guests have a right to peacefully express their views and opinions, regardless of whether others may disagree with those expressions. This includes the right of protesters to oppose the views or opinions of others, but not in such a way as to limit or prevent the speaker’s freedom of expression or interfere with university operations.

Liberal Tolerance



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  1. This is a hoot, from her prior work experience:


    CityLab7 (Sole Proprietorship)

    Sole Proprietorship; 1-10 employees; Think Tanks industry

    2005 – 2012 (7 years) Seattle

    A diverse group of designers and artists, we were funded by Invoking the Pause to investigate climate mitigation initiatives on a community level. CL7 chose to focus on food security.

  2. 54 years old???

    She really is trying to be a really really really trendy little thing – totally IN.

    Mutton dressed up as lamb.

  3. This is nothing more than a depiction of a disturbed and selfish little brat completely unable to control “herself”. I use the term “her” quite loosely. Beings such as this clearly are oppressed by, at a minimum, one demon, probably several. At the mere indication of anything good or devoid of chaos, i.e. life, they become animalistic and completely out of control. There were other depictions of this at the DNC event preceding the “election” and, if one observes, can witness this insanity almost daily. Oh, and this is what is “teaching” at a college. Parents are paying for children to be “educated” by these people. If it wasn’t so sad it might be comical.

  4. She comes out with; ” That’s disturbing…”
    while she points to an image provided by the pro-life group.
    I wonder if she “gets it.” Subconsciencely.
    She is so right….its very disturbing that abortion on demand and federally supported Mills are a part of the ( home of the brave.)
    What a coward. She is woman without sense.

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