Anti-Bullying=Gay Trojan Horse

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Keeping a Promise

As faithful readers of this blog know, I was a very reluctant, and late, supporter of Donald Trump in 2016.  I grudgingly


  1. Once example of an outrageously poorly planned and poorly executed program to address bullying does not represent or should it condemn the entire anti-bullying movement. The laws concerning bullying and the efforts at education are not aimed at sexual orientation alone, but also race, ableism, disability, nationality, RELIGION and all types of difference. Extrapolation from a single incident (which I agree is atrocious) to all efforts is a huge epistemologcal fallacy. Shame!!!

  2. “Extrapolation from a single incident (which I agree is atrocious) to all efforts is a huge epistemologcal fallacy. Shame!!!”

    Who said anything about just one incident Phil? The game has been given away time after time as to the forces behind this movement. Dan Savage, homosexual activist, de facto anti-bullying tzar for the Obama administration and all around jerk, gave a fine display as to what the anti-bullying movement is all about last year:

  3. Now it seems that their focus is switching to indoctrination

    Just now switching? It’s been that way for decades. The long march through the institutions took place a long time ago.

  4. Maybe I’m under a rock and things are different but I don’t see what we need a whole slew of new laws for “anti-bullying”. At least where I grew up, what would be called “bullying” was the way a bunch of awkward pre-teens socially normalized each other.

    The way I’ve seen it presented, bolstered by a few (legitmately sad) sob-stories, its a way to push through more leftist indoctrination.

  5. State sanctioned kidnapping if parents are kept out of the classroom their taxes paid for and their minor children are forced b law to attend, a captive audience of minor childen to state indoctrination. Preferable a man, a father, ought to be present in every class. Soul rape.

  6. @dominic1955…yes, your assumption is right, you do live under a rock, Your comment about sob-stories is pathetic and downright immoral. There is nothing sob-story-like about a many suicides, many beatings, many hazings in the schools. I would hope that your view of kids “normalizing” each other does not condone the old adage that “boys will be boys!”
    I have been, before retiring, a high school principal for 30 years and I have witnessed the most atrocious and inhumane behaviors among some students. I have seen parents deny and defend their kids who were perps.
    Bullying is the most serious problem facing schools: sports hazing leading to physical and psychological damage; words, hitting, ostracization, cyber-bullying leading to scarred children and in a number of cases suicide. Recently in MA , five students were prosecuted for bullying which led to a suicide and it had to do with in groups, not gender orientation.
    So let me give you the facts: the prime targets of bullies are the disabled kids, then kids “perceived” to be gay, then kids who are poor and cannot the abilities to fit in, then those of a particular religion, then the in-crowd vs, the out-crowd, and also race related bullying, and on and on. Many kids are cruel and for a fact I can tell you that they learn bullying behavior from their parents who will defend their little children’s behavior as “part of the normalizing” process of adolescence.
    We need laws to protect the vulnerable and we laws so that we can prosecute the vulnerable. Come up from under your rock. When religion fails to protect the most vulnerable, the state must. Books have been written….

  7. @Phil Dzielo: How can religion protect the innocent when religion, man’s response to God has been banned from the public square? When heaven and hell are no longer real destinations for the criminal? Our public schools have become the stage for “Lord of the Flies”. The atheist says there is no God, no soul, but blames God for everything. How convenient.

    Now my post: Every person came into the world through a mother and a father. While demanding equal Justice, the homosexual will not allow children to have a mother and a father. Discrimination against minor children because of age and human need.
    It seems that when the state, or those in control, I will not say authority, because authentic authority no longer has a place in our culture, bully minor children, the people must have recourse to equal JUSTICE. Let the people decide what will be taught to their children and how. Put the syllabus on the ballot. The teacher must be prosecuted for bullying and the Board of Education. So your children are having nightmares?

  8. @Mary
    Of course, religion can and should protect the all, especially the vulnerable. All religions should teach that it is wrong to hit, to say mean things, to devalue, to ridicule others, to exclude others, to abuse others, to cyber-bully others, to call others names, to deprive others of their rights as human beings. This is the primary moral duty of religion and parents. All religions spend too little time on teaching others to respect and to love everyone, so the society often must step in.

    When speaking of bullying, some people always turn to a supposed “gay agenda” and conspiracy. Religion should teach people about sexual mores and their religion’s particular values. The anti-bullying programs I see focus upon respect and kindness to all, no matter how you perceive them. It is perfectly legitimate for the RC Church to teach that homosexuality is “intrinsically disordered”, although this is dismissed by the all major medical, psychological and legal systems. It is never legitimate to bully, hurt, intimidate someone because they are gay or perceived to be gay. Now I will admit with the author of this blog that there are some approaches, as mentioned, that are wrong and unethical…the vast majority are not.

  9. Me thinks thou dost protest too much, i.e. you sound hysterical. Looks like to me your experience has put blinders on a wider perspective. Now, at the risk of totally wasting my time talking to a wall, where I grew up boys could be boys and none of this crazy stuff you speak of happened. Parents wouldn’t teach it let alone tolerate it from their kids. We don’t need more laws, we need a more normal and sane society. How is that going to happen? “Anti-bullying” laws used to push deviancy isn’t going to do it, I can tell you that much.

    When you want the “State” to protect the most vulnerable, you get the crap that is the subject of this post.

  10. Mr. Dzialo,

    Bullying is not “the most serious problem facing schools.” Bullying is simply a symptom of a much deeper problem: the collapse of Catholic culture and the consequent dissolution of stable family life. Christian chivalry is the opposite of contemporary bullying, but there will be no return to chivalry apart from a return to the Catholic Church.

  11. Ed, the Catholic Church does not belong in American public schools where the children of Catholics, Protestants, Jews, Muslims, Bahai’s, Hindus, agnostics, atheists, attend. That is the purpose of sectarian institutions and their role. Public Schools serve the public and are protected by the Jeffersonian separation of “Church and state.” Render to Caesar, render to God. One does not need Christian chivalry to be morally good and upright; one does not need a God to bring out the highest qualities of the human primate. People were moral, upright and chivalrous long before the RC Church was established. Good and moral people existed for hundred of thousands of years before Christ walked the earth.
    Except for the caveman who batted a woman on the head with a club and dragged her by the hair. Hopefully, we have evolved beyond that era of misogyny?

  12. LOL, Phil Dzialo, you decry Christians as not doing enough and then ban them from the public square when no ban is needed or was conceived. You separation does not exist – instead it was to stop government from interfering with religion not the other way around.

    “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” “Statesmen, my dear Sir, may plan and speculate for liberty, but it is religion and morality alone, which can establish the principles upon which freedom can securely stand. The only foundation of a free Constitution is pure virtue, and if this cannot be inspired into our People in a greater measure than they have it now, they may change their rulers and the forms of government, but they will not obtain a lasting liberty.” John Adams

    Religion must be let back into the public square for our physical and moral health.

  13. Mr. Dzialo,

    Regarding your first point, “The Catholic Church does not belong in American public schools…”, the Catholic Church disagrees.

    I encourage your to start your exploration of the Church’s teaching on education with the Declaration on Christian Education of the Second Vatican Council.

    Also, if you haven’t noticed, separation of Church and state in our country is fast becoming state suppression of the Church.

    Concerning your point, “one does not need a God to bring out the highest qualities of the human primate,” are you out of your mind?

    There are no qualities to bring out of your so-called “human primate,” except those placed in man by his creator.

    Indeed, what you are saying is something less sensical than pelagianism. Please read some St. Augustine, specifically his City of God.

    Beyond God’s law – divine and natural – there is no human morality, unless you believe relativism is morality, sir.

    According to Christ Jesus himself, we need his grace to be morally good and upright. St. Augustine highlights the criticality of grace and Christ’s justice in his City of God.

    Finally, in regards to your point, “People were moral, upright and chivalrous long before the RC Church was established,” have you read any works of ancient history, sir?

    From what you have written, it seems only too clear that you fell for the lie of either materialistic social Darwinism or atheistic Freudian psychology or both! And yet, you actually think that Darwin and Freud or whoever you rely on for your threadbare intellectual scaffolding actually support morality?

  14. Dear Lawyer,

    Religious in your quotation is a very broadly construed word.
    (2) Oh, John Adams? “As the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion,—as it has in itself no character of enmity against the laws, religion, or tranquility, of Mussulmen [Muslims],—and as the said States never entered into any war or act of hostility against any Mahometan [Mohammedan] nation, it is declared by the parties that no pretext arising from religious opinions shall ever produce an interruption of the harmony existing between the two countries” unanimously approved by US Senate, signed by Adams in 1797…could Adam be any clear!…The Treaty of Tripoli

  15. Ed,

    Sorry to dispute your rather blatant judgment, you cannot put me into any simple philosophical or cosmological category. I do not disparage your beliefs, please don’t tell me what box my beliefs fall…the world is larger than Freud, Darwin, Dawkins or Hitchens.

  16. Phil, you either miss my point or willfully ignore it. I did not say government was religious but its people must be for them to stay free. The Treaty does not diminish what was stated and does not relate to what we are talking about – morals, religion, public expression thereof, and bullying/indoctrination of children by LGBT under the guise of anti-bullying. Please stick to the point and do not obfuscate the issues. I shall pray for your soul and that you see the light of truth.

  17. No one disputes that the U.S. was not founded as a confessional state but that is different than the expectation of the FF that the U.S. would be governed by religious people with Judeo-Christian morals (rather widely interpreted). The treaty merely states that the U.S. isn’t a confessional state with a State Church that has a religious bone to pick with the Barbary state or any other Muslim state on account of their professed religion. It was piracy that started that little scuffle.

  18. Sorry, my misinterpretation was unintentional and for that I apologize.
    (1) Discrimination against gays is illegal? NO? Hate crimes are illegal? No? Do most schools have an anti-bullying curriculum? Yes! Is sexual orientation a civil right? I think so! Schools are teaching the law…..
    (2) One favor, Please, Please do not pray for my soul or for me… I am neither afraid of God nor death; I spend 24 hours a day, 7 days a week caring for a totally disabled 27 year old son because it is a good and right thing to do. Haven’t had a vacation in 15 years, I need no god-given nor man-made creed to do the right thing. Please honor me my praying for someone else…I believe I am in touch with the truth and the Source. I honor the fact that you are in union with your God and doing his bidding…that’s good.

  19. By and by, Phil would that be in the same disrespectful and insulting box you put dominic1955 in with your comments or would it be the humanist box or Nietzsche’s Beyond Good & Evil box or some other box. Please tell, since you are so much more enlightened then us who cling to our guns and God.

    You claim to want civility but then fail to show it to your fellow man. You claim to not like bullying then bully dominic1955.

  20. By and By, C|L, I would apologize for putting D in a box, that’s wrong! My words to him originally should have been kinder without deviating from my intention.

  21. I don’t consider “bullying” to be a normal behavior. I concur that it is the homosexualist bunch that is pushing the anti-bullying. Where were the anti-bullying movements when I was a kid? In five years of Catholic school, my name on the playground was bonehead and my name on the bus was Polock. I was blamed by the good Principal Sister for instigating. The bus driver did the same thing. I did everything I could do to avoid attention.

    There was one kid who relentlessly teased me on the school bus. Poked my ears, slapped my head, knocked off my glasses. On the playground he took a swing at me and connected on my left cheekbone, which throbbed with pain. He shattered his knuckle. Of course, no teacher was around to see any of it. He kept up the big mouth on the bus and I turned around and punched him in the face. Only then did the bus driver decided to enforce discipline.

    Junior high school was no better. I entered seventh grade and all it took was one eighth grade kid – a 6’2” bully on my street – to tell everyone he knew at school that I needed a babysitter – I have three younger brothers, my mom took the 3-to 11:30 shift as a nurse, and I was doomed in school.

    It wasn’t only me. I remember a stunt a fellow senior pulled when we returned from a college expo day at Kent State. There was one junior who was gay, but bothered nobody…at least he never bothered me. a big, tough football playing senior slapped him around to the laughs of his fellow in-crowd seniors.

    Normal behavior my eye. Kids are mean. It takes a thick skin to get through school, but when an entire class gangs up on you, as happened to me, it’s that much harder.

    God help the family of the kid who bullies one of mine. I will make their lives miserable. I will get in the face of the school superintendent, the teachers who let it happen and the parents of the brat all by myself. My recently deceased 98 year old grandmother once said, “You can sh_t on a Polock but not his family.”

    I wish my dad stuck up for me like he did when my brother was accused of cheating in high school. Incidentally, a college professor accused him of the same thing and he lasted one year in college.

  22. I noticed that the school district where this BS on is in New York State. It stands to reason that a state that elects Andrew Cuomo, Charles Schumer and Hilary Clinton would enforce this garbage.

    My five year old starts kindergarten this fall. If I catch one whiff of this in the South Fayette school district, my son will never set foot on that school property again and the school administration and school board will regret being born.

    Parents must remember that a school superintendent, school board and teachers work for the parents. Don’t let the school bureaucracy ever forget it. My old man took no crap from any teacher, school board member or administrator. Too often school bureaucracies talk to parents like they are children. You do NOT have to stand for it. Get in their faces, politely but firmly at first, and make their lives hell.

  23. Homosexual orientation is protected by civil law. Homosexual acting out is a violation of a child’s informed sexual consent, modesty, privacy, innocence and parental jurisdiction. In public school, this does not conform to “secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our posterity” from the Preamble to our Constitution. Had the children been forced to actually kiss, charges of assault and battery, and sexual abuse ought to be filed against the teachers, and Board of Education. Anti-bullying cuts both ways.

  24. “The anti-bullying programs I see focus upon respect and kindness to all, no matter how you perceive them.” The anti-bullying programs need to respect all persons, starting with the dignity of the students. Bypassing parental consent is a violation of the parent-child bond. It basically arrests the captive audience as though they had committed a crime of bullying and takes the children into custody of the state. Even in police action, the first person to be notified is the parent, the first person responsible for the minor.

  25. I think we all can agree that bullying and violence in schools are bad, and that teachers and administrators should enforce rules against it. The problem, however, occurs when schools try to draw up one-size-fits-all policies that can be easily applied across the board and don’t require too much effort to try to examine or sort out the individual situation. “Zero tolerance” policies under which kids can be suspended for merely drawing pictures of guns are a prime example of this. I suspect that many of these policies are designed, not with the well-being of each individual child in mind, but with the potential liability of the school in the event of a lawsuit in mind.

  26. Fr Bill…
    Anti Bullying is NOT a homosexual trojan horse. I would challenge you to present wide spread, scientifically data to support this contention. Kids, I know as a retired 30 year public school principal, bullying (stalk, ostracize, cyber-stalk, assault, demean, etc) other kids who are different. Difference is based upon race, upon religion, upon sexual orientation, upon economic status and especially today, in our society, based upon disability. Disabled people are bullied and demeaned more than kids of perceived sexual orientation.
    I will readily admit that some misguided efforts have been made to have kids sensitive to gays….those efforts have been wrong. Many, most other efforts, have been to extend kindness and friendship. We live in a society where people in power bully others because they are different. Is an anti-bullying program so different from “LOVE ONE ANOTHER AS I HAVE LOVED YOU.” When you focus on a few poorly executed program, you deny the positive effects of the many, many good program which save kids from being hated.
    BTW, it was the public schools which instituted “good touch, bad touch” programs upon which Protection of Children were modeled. We teach acceptance of all people, remember that studies by many people like Skipe, Doyle (canon lawyer, Andre Greeley have concluded that 50% of Catholic clergy are gay…we are all God’s children; god would not have allowed difference if he knew that people would bully and hurt other based upon who they are. Data, research, Father, please present objective, verifiable data,

  27. @ Mischa
    The state is responsible for public education based upon the written constitutions of most states. The State Board of Education regulates schools, programs. and curriculum. Local elected School Committees govern . Public schools are of the state, run by officials elected by the populace. You cannot separate the public schools from the state which funds them from general taxation. We always have the option pf electing new officials if we choose to not to follow the given direction.

  28. @Phil Dzialo:
    “bullying (stalk, ostracize, cyber-stalk, assault, demean, etc)” Assault is preventing another person from pursuing their Happiness. Battery is laying hands on another person. The student in the video saying she was embarrassed by the program is assaulted. Had a kiss ensued, the kiss would have been physical battery. There is all the proof you need. As far as Skipe, Doyle and Greeley, it is all hearsay. In fact, a questionaire was sent out to priests by Greeley. Most were discarded by the priests. Those not returned, were counted as affirmative for gayness, rather than disgust for nonsense.

  29. @Mary
    I NEVER said I agreed, approved or condoned of the approach of this featured example. There are many educational programs that are very sound, however, the one featured in this plan is NOT. I do not agree with this program at all. If my child were involved, I would also be ripped…more than you could imagine.
    As for my statistics, I stand by by their consistency across many studies.

  30. You say you were a high school principal for 30 years. During that time:

    What did you do to prevent or reduce the incidence of bullying in your school?

    Was it effective? If so, why do we need more laws?

    If what you did was not effective, why not? What could you not do that new laws will enable today’s principals to do?

  31. Dear Bob,

    When I started in 1975, bullying existed in several forms only (at least that were seen on the surface). There was athletic bullying, now called hazing; and there was bullying because of economic factor…the poor kids were ostrazised. I dealt with hazing through team meetings and a threat to cancel a sports season…then it was pushed off campus and underground with coaches remaining silent. Finally Massachusetts made hazing against a law and the threat of legal consequence squelched 90% of hazing. We dealt with economic bullying through counseling and sensitivity training (no, not Esalen). Parents were always involved and when cooperative, bullying was squelched. When someone told me: “no my kid” and I knew different, or “you know, boys will be boys”…they got rapidly suspended. Things decreased.
    As society de-volved, bullying was directed at blacks and blacks directed it at Puerto Ricans…pecking orders were established. Talking rarely worked, punishment infrequently worked. Kids learned this stuff at home. The came “hate crime laws” and criminal offenses defining these actions put a rapid damper. Then came the nike, aeropostle, abcrombie, etc groupies vs those who could only afford K-Mart clothes…talking. In crowds, out crowds….Then Protestant kids versus the papists….parental intervention worked. Then came bullying because of perceived sexual orientation, and this was really vile stuff…it became a virtual non-issue when we started GSA’s in the mid to late 90’s. When the oppressed joined with allies, things got better. Now in the 00’s it became disability…you now “retard”, “spaz” “cripple”…vulnerable were targeted. This stopped real quick because my son is totally disabled, more than you could imagine. So a 10 day suspension stopped that trend. Inclusion of disabled in regular classes helped greatly. I retired in 2006 and things did not get better…from speaking with collegues anti-bullying programs which teach kids about difference and have them meet difference works. Peer advocacy programs where kids who are bulllied get allies work. MA passed laws that mandated each school have an antibullying program, that reporting of bullying (directly or anonymously) was available; that each report must be followed up by an administrator and that each parent spoken with, and that there be behavioral consequences. Teachers and parents were legally liable for not reporting and looking the other way which happens to often. School resport statistics to the state yearly….emphasis on the fact that being a bully is wrong, no matter what the target has reduced significantly the issue. When an issue is taken seriously, spoken about, allies developed the problem diminishes.
    Now I live in Massachusetts, we have laws on hazing, bullying. gender discrimination, etc. MA does not need more laws, I do not know about other states.
    What I tell you for a fact is that if teachers and administrators become allies with the oppressed; things change. Although we all want parents to be the moral educators, let me tell you IT DOES NOT HAPPEN. When sex ed came into being in the 70-80’s, we often surveyed kids in high school and asked them is their parents ever talked to them about the “birds and the bees”…about 10-15% did. If parents fail, schools step in. Most schools, teachers and programs are very good and reduce bulllying; cyber bullying has made it harder with the anonymity of the internet. People do not want to use real names…why fear? So now cyber-bullying is illegal because no one is really anonymous…track an IP address. I can tell you the 70’s are not the 2010’s and at least we are talking and doing stuff about the issue. The story cited in this blog is a stupid program and I am quite progressive…I hope the teacher gets nailed, literally.
    Anyway, a long answer to a simple question…could be longer, I’ve experienced too many year in the mill. I hope I addressed your concern.
    BTW used to be principal here, the first three issues on the side bar give you and idea of policy and procedure in 2013….

  32. @Phil Dzialo: You speak of “necessary” programs, sensitivity training, sex ed and bullying. It is the duty of the state to protect virginity and innocence to deliver JUSTICE. Abstinence was outlawed in sex-ed. Bullying was redefined according to a politically correct culture. Sensitivity training failed to include everybody’s religious belief because God was outlawed. Calling Catholics “papists” reveals a very strong animus against Catholics. Respect for God was outlawed. How can men live free when their Creator is disrespected?

  33. @ Mary,
    Abstinence was NEVER outlawed in sex education…it is always, to the best of my knowledge, taught as the best behavior for a myriad of reason. Birth control is also taught because not all teens adhere to the best practice…: abstinence. Sensitivity training does include everyone’s right to worship or not worship whom they believe…this is a public school system which represents all faiths and non-believers in any faith. I used the word papists because it is a bullying word used by some against Catholics as an example of what bullying by others is to Catholics…it is not proper for anyone to stereotype based on religion or lack of it. The public schools represent and teach no particular creed … no one in public schools disrespects the Creator. There are many. many views of the creator, there are many religions, there are many paths…the public schools would be WRONG to disparage any system of belief or to support a particular system of belief. Respect for one’s belief in God was never outlawed…public school support of a particular God is outlawed by the first amendment. Men are free to believe in the God they worship or they are equally free not to believe. This is the fundamental principle of the USA.

  34. @Phil Dzialo: “their Creator” endowed men created equal with free will. Why weren’t the parents notified to opt out? It is said the children could not opt out. Where is their freedom? Where is their choice? The “papists” are given no statute of limitations for the crime of child abuse. The public schools have a 90 day window to report any crime of child abuse and endangerment. If you read the newspaper you know that abstinence was defunded, the Ten Commandments were forbidden by atheism, now Islam, and condoms are given away as favors.
    The children are minors, un-emancipated, sexually uninformed with no consent, a captive audience, infants of the court. The teachers act “in loco parentis”. The teachers are called to teach the children what the parents want the children to learn, not only as salaried employees, but as decent human beings. This law is nothing more than assault and battery of infant children, a violation of the parent child bond and the sacred mandate to educate. An education is teaching children how to think, not what to think. Training in homosexual behavior falls under the term indoctrination. The sovereign personhood of the individual needs to be acknowledged, or the term “free public school” needs to be discarded.

    Fornication and homosexual behavior are the chief forms of Satanic religion. How do you square your claim that religion is not allowed in public school with the video above?

  35. Mary,
    Sorry I won’t continue this dialogue as it is turning a bit to hateful for me and facts are distorted beyond my comprehension. BTW abstinence was not de-funded… “abstinence only curriculum” is no longer federally funded because scientific analysis is clear that it doesn’t work. Again, public schools teach all students of all faiths or no faith.. BTW, in Massachusetts, schools are required by LAW to inform parents whenever human sexuality or reproduction is taught either in science or sex ed. The information is in writing and parents can always opt-out. In all my years, I have had only a handful of parents opt out.
    “Training in homosexual behavior”? In Massachusetts, there is no window for reporting abuse…it’s a criminal offense not to immediately report even the “suspicion” of any type of abuse. Too many distortions, Mary.
    You have a sacred right to your beliefs, but not to impose them on the public schools. Again, that is why sectarian schools exists…to teach their truths.

  36. @Phil Dzialo: Scientific analysis never proved that man is not created equal or endowed by “their Creator” with an unalienable right to Life. Nor did scientific analysis prove that the human being has no rational, immortal soul. Sorry Phil, I am not impressed with your secular view of the human being as created by “their Creator”
    “abstinence only curriculum” is no longer federally funded because scientific analysis is clear that it doesn’t work. Only despair works in your agenda. “Abandon HOPE all you who enter here” above the gates to hell.

  37. Phil, quit being ignorant. Go to to a local high school. As a recent graduate, I remember that no gay kid was bullied in high school. In fact most high schoolers have already been indoctrinated with accepting the mortal sin of homosex. But what I do remember very vividly was many faithful Christian girls & guys who were truly wanting to be faithful & abstain from sex b4 marriage & how many of them were bullied, mocked, ridiculed & called names (like Jesus freaks & virgin & worse) & this happened while these brave Christian kids being called names & bullied were still praying for those aweful high school bullies. (And again, only gay bulliying is reported in the media. Why not the many other kids who practice abstinence? O yeah, they’re ignored because it goes against the media’s & homosexual movement’s agendas.) Phil, where is you outrage about the kids being bullied for abstaining from sex b4 marriage or wanting to be devout Christians? I forgot, you don’t care about them because they don’t help you advance your homosex views.

  38. And Dan Savage… what a hypocrite. Most of this National anti-bullying propaganda, I mean, eh, campaign (with the flashy Hollywood celebrities, who should be the last people teaching our kids about morality, & government money) is actually very pro-homosexual & anti-Christian (specifically anti-Catholic) in nature.

  39. This article is a ludicrous overreaction to one clumsily presented workshop and an insane attempt to link the anti-bullying movement with the gay rights movement.

    There are so many instances of bullying carried out by straight people on straight people (not to mention that homosexuals are far more likely to commit suicide as a result of bullying.)

    Phoebe Prince of South Hadley, MA, was a beautiful smart straight girl that was bullied by other straight girls and eventually killed herself.

    Hope Witsell, 13, of Florida, a straight girl, made a rash decision and texted a topless photo of herself to a straight boy whose attention she wanted to get. After the picture was distributed around school and the bullying started she hung herself in her bedroom.

    Haylee Fentress and Paige Moravetz were straight, 14 year olds in rural Minnesota who committed suicide together after enduring torment from their classmates. Haylee had recently been expelled for getting into a fight to defend her friend against bullying.

    Eden Wormer, an eighth grader at Cascade Middle School in Vancouver, Wash., hanged herself after being bullied by girls in her class.

    Unfortunately, the list goes on…

    I went to an all boys Jesuit High School near Boston and there was a rumor of one boy kissing another and the reaction from the students was vile. The kid ended up leaving the school. Thank God his fellow Catholics didn’t pound him into oblivion.

    This is the same High School of Father James F. Talbot, SJ, a wresting coach who was indicted for forcing student wrestlers to grapple with him in the nude.

    Bullying has way more to do with power than sex.

  40. “Bullying has way more to do with power than sex.”

    Yeah sure Tomas. I am sure that the people putting on the “clumsily presented workship” are equally concerned with power and sex. The power to force people to bow down to the idea that homosexual sex is perfectly normal and acceptable and the wonderful opportunity this gives them to indoctrinate kids at a very vulnerable age into homosexual sexual behavior. Any other justification you care to make as to why teachers would require kids to act as if they were lesbians?

    In regard to bullying schools have thrown out traditional forms of discipline such as paddling and expulsion and as a result bullies will rule the roost. If schools were truly interested in stopping bullying, there would be calls to return to methods of discipline that worked throughout the ages. Of course that isn’t occurring, because the anti-bullying campaign isn’t against bullying except as it may be used to allow homosexual activists to have access to kids for indoctrination purposes.

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