IRS Scandal: Racism!

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MSNBC, the network that has worse ratings than most test patterns, can always be relied upon to plumb the depths of American politics in their ceaseless struggle to defend the Obama administration.  Martin Bashir, a British journalist who has seen his career reduced to ashes before his eyes as the went from the BBC to ABC and now to MSNBC, the last stop in journalism before yelling insults at passersby on street corners, and self-proclaimed committed Christian, seizes upon racism as an explanation for all the furor over the IRS. 

Yep, Mr. Bashir, you got us.  The only possible reason that any American could be upset about the IRS being used as a political weapon is because of racism.  Of course this explanation, as many left wing commentators before Mr. Bashir have indicated, explains why any criticism of the Obama administration is racist and thus need not be addressed.  Of course not voting for Mr. Obama was also presumably racist.  Bravo Mr. Bashir!  You have simplified the democratic political process wonderfully!

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  1. MSNBC = Obama’s Pravda

    Instapundit: “Sorry comrade, but what you’re offering is mere bourgeois truth, concerned with tedious facts. The truth is any narrative that advances the revolution.”

    Russian for truth = pravda.

  2. This video’s a keeper. I try not to be to schadenfreudish, but for some reason I can’t stop watching The Young Turks’ video denouncing Andrew Breitbart for daring to accuse Anthony Weiner. It just gets better with each viewing. The Rachel Maddow “these are some of the ways Weiner’s account could have been hacked” video is entertaining as well. If this IRS scandal does prove to be major, I may have to keep watching Bashir’s video.

    And note the reasoning of it. Thirty-two years ago a Republican said something to the effect that a lot of political issues hit the same trigger as race, therefore, every political issue that’s been raised since then (and presumably forever) by Republicans is a proxy for race.

  3. If I had been asleep the last twenty years, I would think the man has lost his mind but the wide awake reality is that much of journalism has lost its soul and become a propaganda machine for the Left. The only way Mr. Bashir’s accusations can appear credible is as a latter day, Soviet style, socialist reality.

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