Potty Discrimination

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Adam Winkler in The New Republic, warns us against the evils of potty discrimination:


Restrooms are one of the last explicit vestiges of segregation on the basis of sex. In a nation evolved enough to allow women to serve in combat and have women on the presidential ticket, we still maintain strict and outdated rules that discriminate in who can use which restroom. Even at liberal law schools like UCLA, where I teach, the bathrooms are all clearly marked for gender uses in a way that no one would accept for race: there are rooms labeled specifically for men and others specifically for women.

Most people don’t question this form of separate-but-equal, perhaps because there don’t appear to be inequalities engendered by gendered bathrooms. (This, despite the fact that there often seem to be much longer lines to use women’s rooms.) The controversy over transgender students, however, may force us to reconsider our sex-specific bathrooms. As our society becomes more tolerant of gender differences, especially in the context of transgender people, the issue will continue to arise. More and more people, even children, are comfortable admitting their gender identity, even if it isn’t the one that matches their biological gender at birth, and parents are increasingly willing to fight school policies that prevent their children from using appropriate facilities.

We don’t necessarily need to eliminate gender-specific bathrooms to solve the problem—or even create a third (and fourth) category of bathroom. We can simply allow transgender people to use the bathroom that corresponds with their gender identity. In the school setting, this can be easily accomplished by having parents with transgender children choose which bathroom their kids will use. Especially for underage schoolchildren, this shouldn’t pose a threat to anyone. (And if the idea of a transgender person using your bathroom makes you uncomfortable, consider that that you share a bathroom with gays or lesbians all the time—and probably don’t even notice it.)

Modern liberalism is, much of it, an exercise in make believe.  Because someone says he is a girl, but is a boy, then his wishes take paramount importance and he must be treated as a girl.  If this means that a boy must be allowed to use a girl’s bathroom, so be it, and anyone who protests is obviously a knuckle dragging Neanderthal.  The problem with ignoring reality is that reality has a way of winning out in the end.  Playing make believe is a wonderful pastime for young kids, but a disastrous way to govern a society.

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  1. This is a gross example of liberal idiots’ (repetitive, sorry!) misallocated sentimentality and willful ignorance. Accomodation to stupidity leads to more stupidity; tolerance of evil leads to more evil; etc.

  2. Ugh . . . and he teaches future lawyers. How sad to spend all that money and be subject to his classes or at least poor legal reasoning. Glad, I did not go to such a law school but then again my law school, even though Catholic, hired former Sen. Feingold . . . so who am I to criticize such stupidity.

  3. Sorry, this isn’t just ‘pretend’ or ‘make believe’ or ‘stupid’.
    This is a LIE and it is only a matter of time before we are compelled to speak and live this LIE under penalty of the law.

  4. Well we better all just cut our throats right Mike? The defeatism in conservative quarters truly nauseates me. Here is an idea. Instead of doom and gloom lets all get off our dead hind ends and defeat the idiots arrayed against us at the polls.

  5. This yo-yo is a full professor at the UCLA Law School and conned the John M. Olin Foundation into granting him a fellowship (unless the borg has gotten to the Olin Foundation as well). Before that he was an attorney at Katten, Muchen, one of those “entrepreneurial” megafirms that have done so much for the common life.

    Well, Donald, those of us following this debate over immigration law are discovering that the idiots arrayed against us appear to include somewhere between six and twenty-five Republican senators and perhaps the Republican floor leaders in both caucuses.

  6. And to think, once The New Republic was a serious journal of progressive opinion.

    But then Progressives used to be serious.

  7. In France, public toilets are often unisex, with a single row of cubicles and a urinal separated by a pair of bat-wing doors. Most have an attendant, usually female and resembling, in manner, dress and disposition, a tricoteuse during the Terror.

  8. In France, public toilets are often unisex,

    And stopped up.

    Most have an attendant, usually female and resembling, in manner, dress and disposition, a tricoteuse during the Terror.

    Who hasn’t showered in a week or two.

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