Hail Columbia and The Man Without a Country

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Something for the weekend.  Yesterday being Flag Day I thought our first, unofficial, national anthem would be appropriate:  Hail Columbia.  Composed in 1789 by Philip Phile for Washington’s first inaugural, and originally entitled The President’s March, lyrics were supplied by Joseph Hopkinson in 1798.  Hail Columbia functioned as the unofficial national anthem of the United States up until the 1890s.   From 1947 here is Bing Crosby narrating a radio dramatization of Edward Everett Hale’s, a great nephew of Nathan Hale, classic story of love of country, The Man Without a Country:

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  1. By George, that’s a splendid sacred song! While familiar with the title I don’t remember ever having heard the tune or the words. I have bookmarked it for the future. Thank you.

  2. P.S.: I read “Man Without a Country” in grade school in the mid-’50s, crying (I’m female) at the conclusion. Even today, as I contemplate the excesses of our nation, the waywardness of its people, and the tyranny of the government, I could not bring myself to say “Damn the United States! I wish that I may never see it again!” Only now I weep for all of us.

  3. While in highschool our entire school studentbody presented themselves every morning before our flag pole for the raising of the flag, present arms, pledge of alligence, Hail Columbia first and last stanzas and the National Anthum. every day !!!!! And yes all our male highschool students were issued their own US cal 30 / model 1903/A3 Springfield rifle.

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