What President Palin Would Not Have Done

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Oh, this is too brilliant. Hattip to House of EratosthenesMoneyrunner at The Virginian has a list of things a President Palin would not have done:

Palin would not have dismissed the Black Panther intimidation lawsuit that the government had already won.

Palin would not have seized two auto companies and give them to her cronies in and out of the UAW.

Palin and her supporters would not be claiming that her opponents were racists for disagreeing with her policies.

Palin would not have tried to block Boeing from building a factory in South Carolina as a gift to her union buddies in Washington state.

Palin would not have toured the world apologizing for America.

Palin’s Homeland Security Department would not have classified patriots as security threats.

Palin would have expanded oil and gas exploration on federal lands instead of reducing it, make the US even less dependent on foreign oil.

Palin would not have allowed the Pigford suit to be settled that gives billions of dollars to “farmers” that never farmed.

Palin would not have shipped thousands of guns to Mexican drug cartels so that they could be found next to the bodies of murdered Mexicans and American agents.

Palin would not have encouraged the IRS to harass Tea Party groups.

Palin would not have encouraged the IRS to illegally reveal the names of contributors to conservative groups to Liberal organizations so that contributors could be harassed.

Palin’s IRS would not ask groups seeking 501(c)4 status about their prayer life.

Palin would not have passed a national health care bill that is a 2000 page “train wreck” and that threatens to destroy America’s health care system.

Go here to read the brilliant rest.  I will add to the list:

Palin would not have asked God to bless Worse Than Murder, Inc., a/k/a Planned Parenthood.

Whoever Palin picked, including all doorknobs, would have made a wiser Veep than Joe Biden.

Palin’s Pentagon would not have attempted to claim that Major Nidal Hasan at Fort Hood was engaged in “workplace violence”.

Palin would not be attempting to censor the sermons of military chaplains.

Palin would not be forcing Catholic employers pay for contraception.

Palin would never have described a prospective grandchild as a “punishment”.

Palin as president would not have been a lousy basketball player.

Palin would never have received an honorary degree from the current regime at Notre Dame.

Palin would not have had, as her first executive position, running the nation.



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  1. But, but…she quit as governor of Alaska and she is not as smart as us and she doesn’t understand Catholic Social Teaching and, and…

  2. Wishing you a special fathers day Donald.
    That the Father of all Mercy and your Lawrence are smiling on you. St. Joseph be your companion as you pray with Larry tomorrow morning.

    Please accept my apology for breaking into S. Palin shoulda, woulda, almost coulda.
    She would of been a breath of clean air in this polluted Obama administration.

  3. Sarah Palin is not President today because the United States of America does not deserve Sarah Palin as President.

    This nation has the government it deserves.

  4. Sounds like Palin. About half of those items are not presidential actions (i.e., Boeing, which was a NLRB matter). But Palin would be hard pressed to know that.

  5. @ Kurt, why do you assume that Sarah Palin would be hard pressed to know that half the items listed are not Presidential actions? Indeed, one may correctly argue that Barack Hussein Obama does not know the half that should be Presidential actions, or if he did, he would not enact them. Sadly, Sarah Palin was never given a chance by a vindictive news media that in any other circumstance would rally to the cry of elevating a woman to the Vice Presidency or Presidency itself. But ideology – or should I say idolatry – outweighs god sense. God bless Sarah Palin and God bring Barack Hussein Obama to repentance.

  6. Sounds like Palin. About half of those items are not presidential actions (i.e., Boeing, which was a NLRB matter). But Palin would be hard pressed to know that.

    It was stated in an imprecise way, with the more proper rendering being “A Palin Administration would not have”.

    While we are at it, Kurt, I would point out that Gov. Palin had in 2008 11 years under her belt as a public executive. Barack Obama had zero. A fine example of his talents as an executive occurred on 11 September 2012. Helluva fundraiser the next day.

  7. “But ideology – or should I say idolatry – outweighs god sense. ”

    This is not a typo, unless lack of capitalization counts.

  8. WK Aiken,

    I had intended to write “common sense”, but my i-Pad and my fat fingers are an uncoordinated combination. Obviously, however, the de-capitalization of the “g” is indeed a typographical error.

  9. Instapundit: “Ugly mockery is at the core of most lefty arguments.”

    In fact, President Palin’s appointments would have ensured that no such graft-laden, political payback occurred.

    @Kurt displays Obama-worshiping stupidity with a counter-factual regurgitation of errata.

  10. God in His mercy did not allow Palin to be elected as she would have supported the military action, the terrorists (from outside) Syria who are wrecking havoc with Syrian life and killing them, she was not tempted to support the vilest AL Q terrorists in Libya and she was not tempted to be nasty to N. Korea or to Iran. God we have eaten lies and we do not know the truth so please bless us lie-eaters and help us to see behind satan’s masquerades in all areas of our world, show to us the truth hidden in the jungle of lies and distorted perceptions. Almighty Father please purge us from our misguided notions, give us pure hearts, courage, wisdom and EVERY grace necessary to help us to LIVE your Beatitude, ‘Blessed are the peacemakers, they shall be called the children of God.’ Hear my prayer and lead us to defeat satan Amen InshAllah Amen

  11. PWP: Interesting note from high school Spanish language studies.

    A word that is often spoken in subjunctive-verb tense phrases in the Spanish language is “Ojala!” Which is a bastardization of the Arabic “Insh’Allah.”

    Arab conquerors controlled most of Spain for nearly 700 years until “La Reconquista” was completed in 1492.

    Nobel Peace Prize Obama is about to start his fifth or sixth war in Syria.

    “Santaigo y cierra!”

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