George Zimmerman, the Media and the Search for the Great White Racist

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Coverage of the George Zimmerman trial gives ample demonstration that most of our agenda driven media today makes the facts fit the story and not the other way around.  Cathy Young at Reason examines how the media has constantly attempted to falsely portray George Zimmerman as a white racist:



This narrative has transformed Zimmerman, a man of racially mixed heritage that included white, Hispanic and black roots (a grandmother who helped raise him had an Afro-Peruvian father), into an honorary white male steeped in white privilege. It has cast him as a virulent racist even though he once had a black business partner, mentored African-American kids, lived in a neighborhood about 20 percent black, and participated in complaints about a white police lieutenant’s son getting away with beating a homeless black man.

This narrative has perpetuated the lie that Zimmerman’s history of calls to the police indicates obsessive racial paranoia. Thus, discussing the verdict on the PBS NewsHour, University of Connecticut professor and New Yorker contributor Jelani Cobb asserted that “Zimmerman had called the police 46 times in previous six years, only for African-Americans, only for African-American men.” Actually, prior to the call about Martin, only four of Zimmerman’s calls had to do with African-American men or teenage boys (and two of them were about individuals who Zimmerman thought matched the specific description of burglary suspects). Five involved complaints about whites, and one about two Hispanics and a white male; others were about such issues as a fire alarm going off, a reckless driver of unknown race, or an aggressive dog.

In this narrative, even Zimmerman’s concern for a black child—a 2011 call to report a young African-American boy walking unsupervised on a busy street, on which the police record notes, “compl[ainant] concerned for well-being”—has been twisted into crazed racism. Writing on the website of The New Republic, Stanford University law professor Richard Thompson Ford describes Zimmerman as “an edgy basket case” who called 911 about “the suspicious activities of a seven year old black boy.” This slander turns up in other left-of-center sources, such as

Go here to read the rest.  Most of the media today is as slavishly devoted to the ideological left in this country as were the “news” organs of Isvestia and Pravda in the old Soviet Union to the Communist Party.  When reality conflicts with their preferred ideology, so much the worse for reality as far as most of the media is concerned.  The narrative on the Left required that the slaying of Trayvon Martin be about white racism, and therefore George Zimmerman had to be transformed  from a multi-racial registered Democrat who voted for Obama in 2008 into a crazed white racist, and most of the media did their worst to promulgate lies to the American people in order to create and sustain this myth.  That race relations are worsened as a result and an innocent man’s life destroyed matters not a whit to them.  This is as predictable as it is despicable.

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  1. Recently, the NYT invented a new racist category: “White Hispanic.”

    The media (except, on occasion, FOXNEWS) are co-conspirators in one massive fraud after another.

    Lenin set up Pravda (Russian for truth). The commissar running Pravda was asked, “What is truth?’ His answer, “That which serves the revolution.” Same same with America’s contemporary, useless idiots.

  2. To be fair, members of la gauche who have done criminal defense work (e.g. Alan Dershowitz and Jeralyn Merritt) have been steadfast defenders of due process and the grounding of evaluations in discrete facts. The case has also smoked out certain starboard opinion journalists. National opinion magazines are not obligated to make too much of local crime stories. The editors of the American Spectator published two articles on this case that were so stupid they should have been rejected for publication without a second thought. It emerged after Zimmerman was acquitted that among those who did not wish to be confused with the facts was Richard Lowry’s deputy at National Review (Harvard, ’03, natch). The regime class has its berths not only at the Republican National Committee and the House Appropriations Committee, but in and among putatively independent observers.

  3. Mr. Zimmerman has been framed as a racist the same way the Tea Party has
    been, and by the same decadent media.

    It’s always baffled me that the meme “the Tea Party is racist” ever got traction
    when so many of stars of the party have been Black, Hispanic or other minorities.
    Mia Love, Allen West, Herman Cain, Nikki Haley, Marco Rubio, Susana Martinez,
    Tim Scott, Ted Cruz, etc.. If the Tea Party is racist, they’re sure doing it wrong.
    Yet our so-called journalists of today repeat their libels, in spite of all evidence
    to the contrary. Like the charges of racism against Mr. Zimmerman, the
    attacks are manufactured from thin air, and in spite of evidence to the contrary.

    Whatever one chooses to call what’s being practiced by most major news outlets
    today, it’s not journalism.

  4. Another example of the party line from the lapdog media follows.

    THE MEDIA CALLS THEM “TEENS”: Black Thugs Brutally Beat Another Man

    By Clash Daily / 29 July 2013 / 130 Comments

    * ClashDaily- If you were listening to this via satellite radio you’d have no idea that the attackers were black. The also don’t mention the color of the victim. No word from Obama or Sharpton regarding this incident…

    BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A man is brutally attacked by a group of teens in Little Italy. Police say four of the attackers are in custody. Three of them are juveniles.

    The victim was walking home from work when he was attacked near Bank and Exeter Streets. Police say the brutality of the crime is why three juveniles arrested are being charged as adults.

    A brutal attack in the heart of Little Italy. Police say a man walking home from work at an area restaurant is attacked and severely beaten near Bank and Exeter Streets by a mob of at least ten teens.

    Four of the alleged attackers, three of them minors, have been arrested and charged.

    “It’s very upsetting because you feel suspect now. Now you see a group of kids, children, and you have to worry if they’re not going to pounce on you,” said Giovanna Blattermann, neighbor.

    The assault happened in front of Giovanna Blattermann’s house. She’s also watched video of the attack–captured by her neighbors surveillance camera.

    While the suspects took the man’s phone, Blattermann says that’s not what they were after.

    “They beat this boy. He got up, he’d run, they beat him. He got up, he’d run, they beat him. He got up, he’d run, they beat him,” said Blattermann.

    The suspects range in age from 16 to 19, but police say because of the brutality of the crime, the minors aren’t being charged lightly.


    Read more:

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