America the Beautiful

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Something for the weekend.  America the Beautiful.   The lyrics were originally written in 1893 by English professor Katharine Lynn Bates in her poem Pike’s Peak.  The music was supplied by a hymn tune of Samuel A. Ward in 1904 and the most popular American patriotic hymn was born.

Here is Ray Charles’ immortal version:

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  1. This song & the singer are both American Treasures in and of themselves for more reasons than there is space to list! To many of us who remember when “Brother” Ray recorded this beautiful composition America was on its journey of change and experiencing many “Social Growing Pains” of the 1st Order! God bless you for setting these sacred memories back into the “Light of Day” in the hope it will touch this generation’s heart and soul as it did ours through these many years past. May the peace of the Lord be with you.” Amen
    “Laus Deo & Shalom”

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