Various and Sundry, 8/19/13

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I’m on vacation, so this will be short and quick.

Take That Health Food Crazies

McDonald’s Double Cheeseburger is the cheapest, most nutritious food ever, at least according to one of the authors of Freaknonomics.

Chris Christie Continues to Endear Himself to GOP Base

Christie signs bill outlawing conversion therapy for minors.

In other Jersey news, 1 in 4 Jersians between the age of 18-31 are living at home with mom and/or dad.

Birtherism Lives

Well, if it involves a Republican, then it’s okay.

FWIW, Cruz is constitutionally eligible.

Bears on the Attack

This is not the kind of news story one wants to read right after seeing this in the backyard of the house you’re staying in:

Photo: Look! Bear!

More to explorer

Brightness to the Sun

  This is the one hundred and tenth anniversary of the birth-day of Washington. We are met to celebrate this day. Washington

Hate Crime

News that I missed courtesy of The Babylon Bee:   WASHINGTON, D.C.—In a statement to D.C. police given Tuesday, senator and presidential

PopeWatch: Cardenal

  Hattip to commenter Greg Mockeridge.  Pope John Paul II shaking his finger at Ernesto Cardenal, Culture Minister for the Sandinista government


  1. The bear one makes me wonder if the author is really that dumb.

    Gee, areas that have the highest rate of grizzlies and worse have higher rates of bear attacks? Do tell. (Polar and Kodiac bears are known to hunt humans even more than grizzlies do.)

    Look, we’re human– we’re made out of meat, and if other predators aren’t scared of us, they’ll harm us.

    I’m just hoping that the big wolf attacks in the lower 48 are adults, even though kids are far more likely.

  2. “Eventually, she said, she played dead, hoping it would go away.”

    One of the basic rules of hiking is if a bear attacks, don’t fight and play dead. That will usually end it as most bear (at least I’, told) are not looking to eat you but only defending cubs or territory.

    Another rule is if a moose charges, run a zig zag pattern through the trees (moose are not particularly agile). Again, a moose solely is defending itself and will give up once it senses the threat is over.

    Now dealing with a cougar is a bit different. If a cougar attacks, fight for your life – it has been stalking you long before it attacked and wants you for dinner.

  3. Re: Christie signs conversion therapy ban — The latest evidence that Jersey’s rhino-sized RINO is firmly ensconced as a member of the ruling class and a happy buyer of the line that what the ‘Pubs need to do is to “reach out” to a constituency that is never going to vote for them anyway.

    It is noted in the story that Big Chris believes that “people are born that way,” which also indicates that he buys into the Lysenko-lite politicization of science (where “consensus” trumps facts) to which the new aristocracy (actually, “kakiastocracy” would be a better fit) subscribes.

  4. Gov. Christie with his latest pronouncement is looking for campaign donations and votes, but what’s worse is his attempt to make homosexuality acceptable as normal instead of just tolerated. I am disgusted by the continued social engineering of the media and government. Case in point: according to an article in the Sunday paper our Secretary of Defense has stipulated that if a homosexual service member is stationed in a state where gay marriage is illegal and wants a wedding, he or she must be allowed to take 7 days leave to travel a state where gay marriage is legal.
    As I remember from active duty a straight service member is not necessarily allowed to take plus or minus 7 days leave to get married even if they have to travel to their home state. There has to be earned leave on the books and whether leave will be granted depends on the needs of the service, i.e., no conflicts with watch bills, deployments, or exercises, etc. This special treatment for homosexuals is another politically correct mine field for commanding officers. Thank goodness our military chaplains as of now get a pass on performing same sex marriages. I predict that refusing to perform same sex marriages will be one of the arguments for dismantling the services’ chaplain corps (or is it corpses a la our commander-in-chief?)

  5. What if all people that hate gays were born that way?

    Apologies to Elsa:

    Born Gay

    Born gay, as gay as the wind blows
    As gay as the grass grows
    Born gay to follow your heart

    Live gay and beauty surrounds you
    The world still astounds you
    Each time you look at a star

    Stay gay where no walls divide you
    You’re gay as the roaring tide
    So there’s no need to hide

    Born gay and life is worth living
    But only worth living
    ‘Cause you’re born gay


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