Just Give Him a Gold Watch and Be Done With It

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Surprisingly, however, the documents also reveal that President Loftin attempted to hide his demands for an even higher compensation of over $2.5 million, according to the documents obtained by The Aggie Guardian through a Texas Public Information Act request

“I would suggest that you delete the attachment once you have read it and provided back to me any guidance you may have. Thanks, Bowen,” Loftin wrote in an email sent on July 3, 2013, to the school’s Provost Karan Watson and CFO B.J. Crain.

It appears from the documents, however, that it was Loftin who forgot to delete the email, leaving it vulnerable to the The Aggie Guardian’s public records request.


Go here to read the rest.  Universities and colleges, especially state institutions, have become cash cows for those on the inside who know how to press the levers to get a stream of cash poured into their  laps.  Loftin was president since 2010.  $850k as a bonus for four years work as a state employee isn’t too shabby, along with a 311k replacement job.  I like the I-Pad being tossed in.  It adds the element of the absurd that this whole transaction warrants.  Remember this the next time you hear an institution of what we laughingly call higher education pleading poverty as an excuse to crank up tuition.

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  1. 850,000 what?
    Those who are first shall be last.
    850,000 pieces of chain.
    Climbing the final staircase could be quite a challenge for our servant Loftin.

  2. Wow! I see that he continues on as a faculty member with no teaching assignments. I think I’ll ask my employer to just continue my pay without requiring anything of me. I’m sure that would go over well.

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