Oops, I Wonder if They Will Give Back the Donations?

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It will be amusing, if not edifying, to see the rapid back flips today from the same liberals who were all in favor of the Syrian intervention prior to Putin’s proposal.  In the age of Obama, all backing of him should come with an automatic, “until he changes his mind” rider.

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  1. DRAT!

    Philip beat me to it!

    “Because Obama!” is the Obama-worshiping imbecile’s coined response to every adverse national “situation” engendered by this the worst POTUS in history.

  2. T Shaw,
    Don’t worry.
    There’s plenty of time to pounce on these followers of Bahl.
    I know……pray for them.
    I’m trying.

  3. What’s up with the picture of the Immaculate Heart of Mary behind one of the speakers? Is that just to remind us that the catholic vote got him elected?

  4. I realize that this clip was satire, but I’ve met not a few folks like Tom, the
    “public policy scholar… and a barrista”. They are out there. Back
    when this president was running for re-election, they were useful idiots.
    Now that he’s been re-elected, they’re no longer as useful (which I suppose
    now makes them merely idiots).

    In early 2012, Obama was caught on video assuring Russia’s Medvedev that
    after the November election he would have more ‘flexibility’. Now he doesn’t
    have to keep pretending to care what fools like ‘Tom the barrista’ think. Will
    the ‘Because Obama’ crowd ever figure that out?

  5. World War III is good for the economy, war production jobs, uniforms for the unemployed, cannon fodder for the Depart. of Defense, reduction of the “over-population” and the best of all at last, one world government under the world bank. The movie betrays the inhumanity of the ruling class to war, to your neighbor’s children’s lives being snuffed out by war. “Because Obama” might get himself elected to being Emporer. I’ll bet they will get a great number of donations. I would like a follow up count.
    Philip: My prayer is “Dear God, do not let Obama get away with this evil.”

  6. I think the cause for Obama’s sainthood should move swiftly forward. No one has done more to inspire Catholics since Emperor Nero. No one has done more to rebuild the Church since St. Francis. Nancy Pelosi could lead the cause and Joe Biden could use his clout to get the whole thing done by the midterm elections. I can hear Biden saying, “It would be a real first: the first non-Catholic, living person to ever become a saint. Would really fill up the pews.”
    And NJ Gov. Chris Christy would be heartily in favor. I can hear him saying, “Can you imagine hearing in the Litany of the Saints ‘St. Barak Hussein Obama pray for us?’ I don’t know, sounds kind of long. Maybe shorten it to St. Barry. Yeah, that’s good. ‘Barry’ rhymes with ‘Mary.’ Maybe put it in the Rosary. Kids love rhymes.”

  7. If President Obama bombs Syria’s President Assad, who is Muslim, that would make Obama a Muslin in Name Only—a MIMO. See how secularism creeps into every religion these days?

  8. War is Peace
    Freedom is Slavery
    Ignorance is Strenght

    This blog is full of haters! Where is the Ministry of Love when you need it?? Mary DeV. has the right of it. War is good until it isn’t. The Ministry of Truth has always said it is so.

  9. Mary DeVoe-

    God knows. He isn’t fooled. He hears our prayers, the prayer of orphans, of addicts, childless families and parents who’s hearts are broken.
    Please. I would never ask you to change your prayer, however I’m asking you to add one more. Add the prayer for forgiveness. That we can find the compassion to forgive as Christ was able to forgive. “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.”
    Obama May think he knows exactly what he is doing….regardless we are called to forgive. Please add that to your prayer tonight. If not, then forgive me for being so bold as to ask you.

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