The Great Shea-Voris Grudge Match

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Mark Shea and Michael Voris recently met for some verbal sparring:


Before I start to describe all that I recall regarding the event, in the interest of transparency I have to say that I would place my own views in closer proximity to the Voris camp than to the Shea camp, although I do greatly respect and enjoy reading/watching both gentlemen’s work.

Since Mr. Shea was arguing in the affirmative on the topic, he gave his opening arguments. The mic was then passed to Mr. Voris, and this is where things quickly became a bit heated. In his first turn or two at the microphone, Michael Voris focused less on the substance of the debate, but instead started referencing quotes that Mark Shea had written on his blog regarding, Michael Voris, Michael Voris’s followers, etc. Michael Voris clearly came to the debate with an ax to grind.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that what Shea has written on his blog regarding Voris was both juvenile and irresponsible (you can search Mark’s blog for yourself), but I have to say that this tactic by Voris didn’t reflect well on him. Where I was sitting, there was a chorus of groans erupting when it became clear that Michael Voris was starting in with the personal attacks rather than addressing the question posed. Thankfully, this was the most contentious portion of the debate, which only lasted around 45 minutes. Everything following that moment was a bit more civil, with the two even finding some common ground.

Go here to In Statu Viae for a blow by blow.

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  1. There was a great fight last night that says should be a candidate for Fight of the Year.

    “Siberian Rocky” Ruslan Provodnikov defeated the defending champion Mike “Mile High” Alvarado. Here is the reporter’s description of the end of the fight:

    “Ruslan´s face expression when he knew he had won the fight is just priceless, the big smile and his eyes were the perfect ending for the Siberian Rocky real life movie.”

    Didn’t get to see the fight, but sounds like a good a time.

  2. I like Mark Shea, I follow his blog, but rarely I read it. I did not have much patience with him. As you said, he is too juvenile to me, especially regarding republicans, conservatives, just war theory, pewsitter readers,…

    I think he tries to be in the middle, but makes many mistakes, and use bad words.

    Regarding Voris, sometimes he push too hard, but he almost always right.

  3. And, by the way, I love Fr. Barron, but it is true he runs way from “controversial” (there are not really controversial) issues, like abortion, gay marriage or even hell. Voris is right.

  4. I’ve had limited exposure to either of them. From what I’ve seen, they both display the worst traits of the internet era. It’s impossible to provide a steady feed of calm, thoughful postings, and it’s very difficult to remain charitable at all times.

  5. I love good ol’ boxing .. and despise that new MMA cheap crude. It’s orthodoxy versus new age. Also, let’s not stoke the Shea v Voris match. Both have good matches and bad matches …. like each and every one of us. Worst still is the pitting of Don “legal beagle” McClarey against His Holiness Francis “the Argentine Vicar” in a 12 round, winner take all brawl.

  6. The notion that Fr. Barron runs away from controversial issues such as abortion, gay marriage and Hell is laughable. He just addresses them with the measure of an adult rather than sophomoric ridicule, and his commentary about them is always 100% orthodox and correct.

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