Technical Glitch

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Technical Glitch

We were down yesterday and into the evening.  WordPress had an automatic update which didn’t agree with a line of our code and knocked us colder than a Congress critter’s moral compass.  Tito, our resident tech master, got us back up and running.  We now resume our regular broadcasting schedule.

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  1. Please – rerun Friday’s blog and posts. I cannot open it, or respond . Thanks! I was especially interested in the piece on abortion and poverty.
    I need to ask all the brilliant writers on this site for help in trying to convince my archbishop to end the diocese’s participation in the “Box Tops For Education” program run by the pro-abortion food giant General Mills, which donates OVER A MILLION DOLLARS A YEAR TO Susan G. Komen. Gen. Mills donated directly to Planned Parenthood until 1999, when a Catholic school district in NW Indiana raised objections, and withdrew from the Box Tops program. Now they are supporting abortion through the back door. I cannot seem to come up with a convincing argument. Archbishop Aymond contends that the Box Top program ITSELF does not donate to Komen, and ignores the fact that it is run by, and by far the largest percentage of participation is , General Mills. Please help! Edie Eason

  2. Edie Eason: Every letter is counted as 86 votes. Start writing to the companies promising to never use their product and to tell all of your family and friends to never use their product. Send a letter to the bishop and a copy of that letter to General Mills. Since abortion has been legalized, you may not stop them, but you will have done as much as possible and you will feel better. Then go and learn what the powers that be did to Susan B. Anthony for daring to say that women were equal to men.

  3. The American Flag letterhead was replaced by WordPress. I missed the American Flag and I could not open the website. I planned to circumvent the down time and did so by accessing the website through The American Catholic e-mail.

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