Victory at Sea

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Something for the weekend.  The main theme from The Victory at Sea documentary series.  Originally broadcast from 1952-1953 on NBC, the documentary series on World War II at sea was endlessly shown in reruns as I was growing up, and I watched it whenever I could and loved it.  The musical score by Richard Rogers made each episode a magical retelling of the great War that ended a dozen years before my birth.  The series is in the public domain and is available on You Tube.  Below is one of my favorite episodes, which tells the story of the slamming surface  battles waged by the United States Navy and the Imperial Japanese in the seas around Guadalcanal:


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One Comment

  1. Thanks for posting the theme and link.

    I was born just as the War ended, and vividly remember Victory at Sea both as originally broadcast and in reruns.

    The series was produced when people understood the War might easily have gone the wrong way. It is this wisdom that lends unique qualities to each episode.

    Thanks again.

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