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Well that was odd.  Last night my bride and I watched the film Incubus.  Released in 1966, it is notable today as being one of the very few feature films made entirely in the made up language Esperanto and for starring a pre-Star Trek William Shatner.  It is a horror film about succubi and temptation.  By our standards today it is pretty tame and virtue triumphs in the end.  The true horror in the film mainly resides in the ghastly overacting, so bad that Shatner, a man whose entire career has rested on histrionics, actually seems restrained throughout most of the film.

When the film debuted before an audience of Esperanto enthusiasts (lots of people with way too much time on their hands I guess), they laughed and jeered at the atrocious pronunciation of the non-Esperanto speaking cast who learned their lines phonetically.  A curiosity for your Halloween viewing pleasure.

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  1. ………It is a horror film about succubi and temptation.

    succubi (pl)- (s)succubus. (n) A female demon fabled to have sex with sleeping men.”

    See, that’s why I come to this site – to learn all about this sort of stuff. 🙂

    Never too old to learn. Now, I wonder if this ever happened to me? But I am too old for it to happen now, so it doesn’t matter. 🙂

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