Obama Lied, Your Insurance Died

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Well, the Congress Critters with Ds after their names are beginning to scurry for political cover:

Sen. Mary Landrieu said Wednesday she would propose legislation to ensure all  Americans could keep their existing insurance coverage under Obamacare, a fresh  sign of the political problems the law’s rollout has created for congressional  Democrats.

Landrieu, a Democrat who faces a tough reelection in Louisiana in 2014, said  she would either offer her own bill or formally sign onto another measure that  would ensure that the law would not force anyone off of their existing health  policies.

Go here to Politico to read the rest.  Landrieu of course voted for this mess and I am sure was not dumb enough at the time to think that people would actually get to keep their pre-existing insurance.  Obama will never allow such legislation to be signed into law because ObamaCare has no prayer of survival unless people are forced to buy ObamaCare insurance by losing their present policies.  The young and healthy are not going to buy these policies.  They usually have low enough earnings that paying the tax penalty is a more rational option.  The poor have Medicaid and the elderly have Medicare.  The middle aged and middle class people losing their policies have always been the lifeline for ObamaCare.  They have to have insurance to protect their families and assets, and their losing their current policies was always part of the grand strategy for making ObamaCare a permanent fixture on the American landscape.  That these people will be paying more in most cases for worse coverage matters not a fig to Obama.

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  1. Apparently, the 52% of Americans who re-elected Obama are unfamilar with the street con game: “Three Card Monte.”

  2. The plain lie that you could keep your health plan was key to ObamaCare getting through Congress.

    From IBD, “Obama’s ‘keep your plan’ pledges were perfectly precise. By making this false claim and repeating it over and over again, he was able to convince those who had insurance that they’d be immune from ObamaCare.”

  3. My guess is that north of a third of the population is unalterably committed to him and will never hold him responsible for one thing; the people reacting to this are the 15% or so of the public who have never been all that invested in him.

  4. We have two batchelor sons. The 31 y.o. in VA doesn’t have health through his employment and sees through the ruse. He’ll pay the $95+ fine, if it comes to that.
    The 33 y.o. lives in an expensive area of CA. He works fulltime and parttime jobs plus has a 3rd, his own company. The fulltime employment pays $170/mo. towards premiums. The group insurance has been dropped so this week he bought individual -$360/mo. plus $5k deductible and it doesn’t cover much. “Mom, I pay the premiums, but cannot afford to get sick.” Perhaps he’ll vote conservative in the next election, if there is such a candidate.

  5. Re Sen. Landrieu: My husband has family in LA and they always saw Landrieu for what she is.
    Hopefully her family name won’t be enough to get her re-elected this time. What whoppers will these (D) politicians who voted for Obambinationcare come up with to save their skins NOV 5th and in 2014?

  6. Re: Mary Landrieu: So typical! Scratch a liberal, get a hypocrite, every time. Ms. Landrieu will be running for re-election soon, and this is just a ploy to cover her pro-abortion stance, for a constituency largely Catholic. She calls herself a Catholic, but has supported every bill to fund Planned Parenthood that has come her way.

  7. Art – Generally correct but I think it’s more like 20-25% instead of 33%+. A small positive, but when elections are won and lost by 3-4 points, it could make the diff. Plus, I also believe that a good chunk of the brainless faithful will simply be too depressed, especially if Hillary runs – the slaughter at Benghazi will ironically be an apt metaphor for what she’ll go through.

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