Twins in Bath Open Thread

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The above video reminds my bride and me of our twin boys after their birth.  Good memories, our constant consolation in this Vale of Tears.  The usual open thread rules apply:  be concise, be charitable and, above all, be amusing.

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  1. This is too tender for me to get humorous with. What comes to mind is that it should have a title. I don’t know how old they are but certainly “not very”. Perhaps a caption, something like: “We are children, not choices”. It eludes me how anyone calling themselves human can believe anything else.

  2. Our twin boys, now almost 17, were born 9 weeks early. Because they were boys, multiples and preemie, we were told to be ready, because something would happen, and it did. One twin is autistic, albeit very high-functioning thanks to the immediate interventions and therapies we were ready to implement because of the warning. The other has an unspecified learning disorder; neither will be either college or skilled vocation material, although a good and honorable occupation is certainly possible.

    The autistic one runs cross-country and all-season track, and, if not podium material, certainly very much middle-of-the-pack and he does it because he enjoys it. The other is both a youth leader in a church group and a mascot for their high school’s sports teams.

    We have raised them to believe that all work is a statement of Thanksgiving to God for the gift of life, and if what one does is fulfilling and allows that expression of thanks then the money is irrelevant.

    We’re also pretty sure that the non-specific learning disorder may be attributable to what we saw once when on a routine check-up during an ultrasound. Looking “down” from a top-of-their-heads point of view, we saw one boy haul off and just clobber his brother right in the forehead; a ritual that has been repeated dozens of times since. When it happened, the OB – quite the entertaining fellow himself – said “Mom! He’s stealing my fluids!”

  3. Know how you can tell these are conservative infants? If they were progressive infants, or bald eagle fledglings, they’d be trying to eat each other.

  4. concise, charitable, amusing, and late to the open thread:

    If the nurse really wanted to recreate their experience in the womb, she would have held them pointing different directions. But seeing each twin kick the other twin (gently) in the head is much less charming, so…

    I do like the video very much.

  5. Government of the people cannot redefine man, the human being as a creation without a rational, immortal, human soul. King Herod did not define Jesus Christ as having no human soul, Pontius Pilate tried Christ in a court of law for blasphemy, that is, Christ calling Himself the Son of God, the Son of Man, having an immortal, human soul.
    Atheism denies to its adherents the acknowledgement of the rational, human immortal soul. Roe v. Wade denies to the newly begotten, conceived with a rational, immortal human soul, to whom is endowed all unalienable civil rights especially sovereign personhood the acknowledgement of his soul.
    For sovereign persons, the will to live is their Right to Life. The Right to Life is the free exercise of the will to live. The will to live is a share in the life of God, Who is life and existence. The fertilized egg increases in cells and multiplies in cells in response to God’s command to increase and multiply. The Right to Life is the freedom to exercise the will to live.
    Our Constitution’s Preamble, the purpose of the Constitution, is to “secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our (constitutional ) posterity”, all future generations. The human being’s right to life is the state’s acknowledgement of “their Creator’s” endowment of the will to live in the human being’s body and soul.
    The virgins, both male and female, are innocent of any such crime warranting death. Abortion to save the life of the mother must be the mother’s imminent death, death of the mother occurring within the witness of the abortionist. Nor can the death of the mother be a threat of suicide, suicide which is against nature, nor can the death of the mother be a diagnosis, a predictable uncertainty.
    The newly begotten children of God, in virginity and innocence, moral and legal, are the standard of Justice for the nation. It is the duty of the state to deliver Justice and provide for the general welfare. The state cannot deliver Justice without the perfect virginity and pure innocence of the sovereign person at the beginning life.
    If abortion is a preemption of individuals who may wage war against America and commit treason against the Law of the Land, it is the parents’ obligation to prevent the pro-creation of such an individual of the human species. Furthermore, it is the moral obligation of the parents to pray for the mercy of God at all times and at all places in such instance.
    If abortion is a preemption of individuals who may cause over-population, again it is the duty of the parents to prevent such a person from such a crime.
    Only innocence and virtue may deliver Justice. If the parents use contraceptives to preempt over population or the criminal acts of treason, they cannot be successful. Contraception, polluting our water resources with hormones, and damning our citizens to indenture is duplicitous in demanding what it cannot deliver, that is, Justice.
    Losing the will to live, the unborn will miscarry. Also called a spontaneous abortion, loss of the will to live in the world, is how the Lord of Life calls home His own innocents.
    For sovereign persons, those human beings who do survive, their will to live is their right to life.

  6. It is the responsibility of the parent to refrain from bringing newly begotten children into existence through procreation when the parent does not believe in their humanity; in the innocence, virtue and virginity of the newly created human soul, who is their offspring.
    In hell, there is no place for innocence; no time nor space for innocence and Justice; no instance of virtue and altruism; no instance of charity or faith or hope. In hell, there is no self sacrifice. In hell there cannot be love, or marriage, or parenting, or community. In hell, there is no patriotism, or statesmanship. In hell there cannot be any nation.
    Hell is no less than a void of love, wisdom, and free will. Hell is the void of God, the Holy Spirit and of Truth and of the Creator. Hell is atheism, despotism, and all tyranny over the mind of man. The devil is not our friend. Hell is not our final destiny. Hell is the abode of evil. Evil does not abide Truth, Justice and the American way.

    All men are the adopted children of God with a vocation to be in heaven with God in the Beatific Vision. This vocation is called the pursuit of Happiness.

    The ban on capital punishment and jeopardy of life denies Justice to the murderer and the practice of the virtue of Justice to the state.

    The ban on capital punishment denies free will to the victim to forgive his murderer, or to hold his murderer bound, (not forgiven) and the power of the Sacrament of Penance to the church: “Whose sins you shall forgive, they are forgiven them, and whose sins you shall retain, they are retained.”, and the keys to the kingdom of heaven: “Whatsoever you bind on earth, shall be bound in heaven, and whatsoever you lose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.” My loose transcription.

    Does anyone in his right mind believe that a ban on capital punishment will deter or restrain the use of the death penalty on innocent persons by tyrants?

    Thanks be to God

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