PopeWatch: Sarah Palin

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Sarah Palin and Pope Francis!  Yes, PopeWatch is shooting for a thousand hits on this post!  Last week Sarah ran afoul of what PopeWatch assumes must be a new eleventh commandment:  Thou shalt not criticize Pope Francis!  Here is the offending video:


She actually said that she was taken aback because of a few things she had heard in the media indicating that some of the stances of the Pope seem liberal, but she goes on to state that she has not studied this in detail and that she was not going to trust the media.  PopeWatch thinks that such mild comments might even pass muster with a Francis defender like Mark Shea, who, if the Pope ever decreed that all Catholics must paint their bottoms yellow, would no doubt only inquire what shade.

So far, so banal.  However, what is interesting is that Palin felt compelled to apologize the next day:

An accurate statement of her initial remarks which were directed much more against the media than as criticism of the Pope.  However, PopeWatch finds it telling how quickly the apology/clarification came.  Criticizing Pope Francis is becoming a taboo, even when the criticism is not really criticism.

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  1. “However, PopeWatch finds it telling how quickly the apology/clarification came. Criticizing Pope Francis is becoming a taboo, even when the criticism is not really criticism.”

    And that is what is dangerous.

  2. I have no problem with what Sarah said – in fact I think she is right. Comments by the Pope are taken out of context and used by liberals to promote their own agendas, and really bear no relationship oft times, to what Pope Francis said.
    Having had European popes for the past few centuries, we are accustomed to hearing the pope’s words through a cultural background with with most of us are within, or readily understand.
    Pope Francis is from South America, and a different cultural mindset. My sister-in-law is Argentinian, and one doesn’t have to converse for long to realise how the cultural difference causes us to express the same thing in different terms. I can’t think off hand an example, but it is a reality.

  3. Well I’m glad she wants to do her homework before speaking out. It’s more than my local radio guy here in central Illinois does! I’ve heard him say several times that the pope is ok with gay marriage and callers agreed.

  4. Funny thing is that I found out about this “controversy” from a facebook group, Catholic Memes, which did a rather rude meme-image about it. The reason I followed their page is because of their “Image of the Pope saying something, Newscaster twisting it horribly, Pope doing a -.- face” meme. (It’s funnier when you see it.)


  5. That statement Claudia is right down there with Jane Fonda’s statement during the Vietnam War that if Christians understood what Communism was that they’d get down on their knees and pray to God to make them Communist.

  6. If christians pay attention they’d be liberal too.

    The statement is right, but for reasons you are most likely too ill-informed to understand. (Hint: it has to do with the accurate usage of political terminology.)

  7. Claudia,

    I pray for our conversion.

    You and I may begin our journey by ceasing/desisting from subversions of the Gospels and Papa Frank (Super Star!)’s taken-out-of-context comments to justify political agendae like abortion, affordable care act death panels, class envy/hatred, gay privileges, untramelled divorce, mass brigandage/statist confiscations (euphemism: income redistribution), regime-controlled children’s moral educations, etc.

    Live Jesus in our hearts, forever!


  8. “If Sarah Palin told you to paint your bottom yellow, would you inquire what shade?”

    No, Ez, I would not inquire what shade of yellow. But I think it more likely that she would advocate tanning the hind end of liberals red with a switch, and I would fully support that endeavor.

  9. I still don’t see what was so godawful about her comments in the first place. She was reacting to the reports, but still said she needed to do her own homework.

    And the problem with this is….?

  10. …”Mark Shea, who, if the Pope ever decreed that all Catholics must paint their bottoms yellow, would no doubt only inquire what shade.
    –Donald R McClarey

    You’re implying that Mark Shea would dare question the Pope.

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