Down Argentine Way

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Lovely.  As the video above indicates the ultimate expression of the pro-abort mentality is a complete hatred for Catholicism.  Ed Morrissey at Hot Air gives us the details:

After watching the video, one might guess that the police were intimidated by the sheer size of the protest.  Clearly, they didn’t want to intervene on behalf of some people who were turning themselves into passive human shields to protect their place of worship. It’s not as if they had been taken by surprise, though, because this happens every year in Argentina for its National Meeting of Women, and a trek to defile the local cathedral is always on the agenda.

It happened last year in October:

Around 500 abortion activists in Posadas hurled insults, spat and threw paint on young Catholics who prayed the Rosary outside the local cathedral and prevented the demonstrators from entering.

The activists convened in the city Oct. 7 for the 27th National Meeting of Women in Argentina.

According to local media, the group march through the city, painting homes and streets with slogans in support of abortion and homosexual marriage as well as anti-Catholic slurs.

Some activists reportedly stripped naked, while others made sexual gestures at the young people standing in prayer outside the Cathedral of Posadas.

CNA also reported on it in 2009, when the route did get detoured away from the local cathedral:

The self-titled “National Meeting of Women,” which recently took place in Tucuman, Argentina, was not the exclusive domain of pro-abortion propaganda as in recent years, but this year was attended by a well-prepared group of women who spoke up in defense of life and against abortion.

In a report issued by the Christian Family Movement, analyst Eduardo Zavalia said the feminists who organized this event were shocked, as they had been accustomed to “doing and saying whatever they wanted and telling others what to say.” This year, he recounted, they were met with a group of women “firm in their values and large enough in numbers to be a majority in most of the workshops.”

“In some workshops, overcome by mere reason, abortion activists resorted to physically removing those who defended life,” the report said.

Even the usual violent and anti-Catholic march organized by abortion supporters was detoured this year in order to avoid passing in front of the cathedral where they usually harassed the faithful.

They weren’t so lucky in 2008:

A video posted on put on full display the ferocity of abortion supporters who were participating in the National Meeting of Women in the Argentinean city of Neuquen last August. It shows them harassing and insulting a group of Catholic young people who were standing outside the Cathedral of Neuquen to keep the church safe from the protests.

The National Meeting of Women is a feminist event that takes place each year to pressure authorities to legalize abortion and to promote reproductive rights and gender ideology.

Financed by anti-life NGOs and supported by the government of Argentinean president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, the meeting brings together pro-abortion, feminist, homosexual and left-wing organizations.

The meeting usually ends with a protest through the streets of the host city, with organizers planning the route to include a stop at the local cathedral. This year, in order to keep protestors from trashing the cathedral grounds, a group of young people from Neuquen stood outside the cathedral to pray and form a barrier against the protestors.

That’s why the Catholics in the diocese were ready to protect their church.  It’s not much of a mystery why the police weren’t prepared to protect them from these attacks, though, as the Kirchner government supports the thugs rather than the peaceful people they attack.

Go here to read the rest.  President Cristina Kirchner, and before her, her late husband President Nestor Kirchner,  (Political power in Argentina has frequently been a family possession.) have basically been in a cold war with the Church in Argentina.  Pope Francis stoutly defended the Church when he was cardinal of Buenos Aires.  I wish we could see more of that spirit reflected in his papacy.


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  1. The only things lacking were brown shirts and arm bands.

    Liberalism is fascism with effective PR and 24/7 media lying/tongue baths.

    FYI items I do not lack: Rosary beads and bullets.

    Reportedly, in 19th century NYC, the 69th NY Militia formed at Old St. Partrick’s Cathedral to defend it from such Know-Nothings.

  2. All I can think of is Matthew 5:10-12
    10Blessed are those who suffer persecution in the cause of right; the kingdom of heaven is theirs. 11 Blessed are you, when men revile you, and persecute you, and speak all manner of evil against you falsely, because of me. 12 Be glad and light-hearted, for a rich reward awaits you in heaven

  3. Some of the YouTube videos I’ve seen of this have been taken from Argentine
    network news. Typically, the news reports will show long shots of marching
    pro-abortion LGBT crowds, but omit shots of what happens once they reach
    the cathedral. The announcer describes the events as “protesters clashing”…

    It reminds me of the coverage of mob violence against Coptic Christians in
    Egypt, where islamist mobs march into Christian neighborhoods, smashing and
    burning, and western news agencies blandly describe the violence as a “clash
    of protesters”.

  4. Heroic. Incredible strength and restraint. If we could stand with them somehow. Put pressure on our media to cover this world wide war on Christians.

  5. I have a dumb question. Religion aside, were not these men being assaulted by these demented women? Where were the Police?! Can you begin to imagine if the situation was reversed??

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