Toto and the Lion King Open Thread

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Well, at last the lyrics to Africa make sense!  The usual open thread rules apply:   be concise, be charitable and, above all, be amusing!

This memorable version of The Twelve Days of Christmas by Straight No Chaser seems apropos:



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A Baby by any Other Name

    George Orwell, who literally wrote the book on how totalitarian regimes use language to serve evil ends, would have loved


  1. Buy Baby Jesus forever stamps at the U. S. Post Office. Practice your freedom of religion if only as Patriotism and pass it on. Tell everyone.
    The U. S. Constitution’s First Amendment: “or prohibit the free exercise thereof.” would allow the Baby Jesus stamps out front, on the counter and on the post office advertisement.
    Give these Baby Jesus stamps as Christmas gifts. They mail easily and are a remarkable gift.
    Thanks Donald

  2. Someone told me yesterday that Obamacare will delete Medicare from senior citizens when they achieve 75 years of age, setting them up for death with dignity. I then realized that Obamacare can change the rules at any time so any assurances given, are useless. I want to write more but I am speechless. How can Obamacare be foistered on the people without the citizens’ informed consent? (emphasis on “informed”). Abort the unborn and abandon the elderly.
    If the elderly try to run and hide we will be penalized, a penalty not specified. If this is true, can it be legal?

  3. @Donald, you are joking, right? Make sense??? WHO blesses the rains down in Africa? Or is Africa blessed by rains? WHO brings the rain?

    @Mary, pretty soon we may get folks marching in the streets with placards that say “Bring Back The ‘Broken’ System” and chanting “what do we want? the broken system! when do we want it? now!”

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