Greenpeace Lies About Santa!

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Keeping a Promise

As faithful readers of this blog know, I was a very reluctant, and late, supporter of Donald Trump in 2016.  I grudgingly


  1. The ironic thing about Greenpeace is that while they whine, moan and complain about anthropogenic global warming, they condemn the very thing that could obviate anthropogenic global warming: replacing fossil fuel with nuclear energy. Instead, they tout the useless twirling blades of wind mills that kill indiscriminately the avian wildlife they are sworn to protect, and the equally useless shiny mirrors of solar cells. With a capacity factor of less than 30%, such forms of energy (always subject to the vagaries of the weather) require the constant spinning reserve of fossil or nuclear.

    Think about it: if wind energy were so great, then why don’t we still use sailing ships to transport goods across the ocean? If solar were so great, then why don’t we still sun-dry bricks as the ancient Mesopotamians did?

    One other thing: these idiots are invariably liberal progressive Democrats, and as Democrats they care about only one thing: who has power. If they can control the electric supply (as they now do health care), think upon the consequences. Godless, putrid, rancid liberalism and greenie-weenie eco-idiocy. Contempt and disgust and disdain are what they merit, one and all. The proper response to these people is ridicule – open, public humiliation.

  2. Disagree with most everything Greenpeace does … but this is pretty well done! –
    Dave W. That is the scary part. Indoctrination of every non-thinking person on the planet. Most people conserve and learn thrift by themselves.

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