It Couldn’t Have Happened to a Nicer Guy

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  1. It’s not Grayson’s first trip to the cleaners– in 2009 he was fleeced by a similar
    ponzi scheme called Derivium Capital. That time, he claimed to have lost about
    $34 million.

    The congressman claims to have the financial acumen to make excellent choices
    when building his stock portfolio– at least, that’s how he explains how his
    portfolio did so extraordinarily well while he’s been in politics. The fact that he’s
    been hosed twice by similar ponzi schemes would argue that it is no financial
    acumen on his part that has built his fortune…

  2. Alan Grayson has done a fine job of exposing Obamacare. A pat on the head and a prescription of vitamins and exercise is now what is going for healthcare. Grayson did not mention that euthanasia, legal or illegal, will be the rule in hospitals under Obamacare. The money, your premiums and that of the government, will not be under any oversight of the citizens. The money will be only in the oversight of the power structure. With that much money and that much power, “Don’t get sick” is very good advice. In the concentration camps, (my dad came from Poland in 1938) there was “black humor” as the inmates knew exactly what the guards intended for them. The inmates “black humor” was shared compassion. Obamacare says: Die at home, or die in the hospital.

  3. $18 and $34 million lost? That doesn’t speak to what he still has . . .

    And he’s a Democratic Congressman? What possible conection could he have with his constituents? Certainly not common sense . . . or, since they keep sending him back, maybe that is the connection.

  4. Perhaps T. Shaw or the fellow who signs himself Adam Baum could explain this to us. I cannot figure why one would turn over custody of one’s abstract assets to anything but a reputable and incorporated bank, trust company or brokerage. That aside, what was in it for him? It was only in his interest if the value of his equities were to fall more than 10% in a given time frame, and then only if he had parked the loan he had taken out in some instruments that at least maintained their nominal value.

  5. Expect a government bailout for this excuse of a man. “Official undercover work”, “Doing the job he was elected to do,” etc.

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