A Fitting Secretary of State

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Brain Trust of the Obama Administration

Hattip to Erika Johnson at Hot Air.  I think it is fitting that the increasingly impotent lame duck Obama administration has a complete buffoon like John F. Kerry as Secretary of State.  He is perfect in the role as the global representative of an administration whose every foreign policy initiative has ended, or is in the process of ending, in disaster.  Kerry, being unable to deal with any of the real foreign policy crises confronting this nation, is determined to nail his flag to the country responding to a fake one:

But while the public’s attention has been on his diplomacy in the Middle East, behind the scenes at the State Department Mr. Kerry has initiated a systematic, top-down push to create an agencywide focus on global warming.

His goal is to become the lead broker of a global climate treaty in 2015 that will commit the United States and other nations to historic reductions in fossil fuel pollution.

Whether the secretary of state can have that kind of influence remains an open question, and Mr. Kerry, despite two decades of attention to climate policy, has few concrete accomplishments on the issue. The climate bills he sponsored as a senator failed. At the United Nations climate summit meeting in Copenhagen in 2009, Mr. Kerry, then a senator from Massachusetts, labored behind the scenes to help President Obama broker a treaty that yielded pledges from countries to cut their emissions but failed to produce legally binding commitments. …

Shortly after Mr. Kerry was sworn in last February, he issued a directive that all meetings between senior American diplomats and top foreign officials include a discussion of climate change. He put top climate policy specialists on his State Department personal staff. And he is pursuing smaller climate deals in forums like the Group of 20, the countries that make up the world’s largest economies. …

Not only must he handle difficult negotiations with China — the world’s largest emitter of greenhouse gases — for the 2015 treaty, but the pact must be ratified by a Senate that has a long record of rejecting climate change legislation. “In all candor, I don’t care where he is, nothing is going to happen in the Senate for a long time,” Mr. McCain said.

Caligula, in the world to come, must be taking great satisfaction in all this.  After all, he at least appointed a whole horse to high office.

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  1. Climate change initiatives, once approved, will require oversight and regulation by the United Nations and other foreign, super-national entities. It therefore implicitly and explicitly cedes a part of the United States’ sovereignity to the ministrations of this foreign body.

    Does the U.S constitution matter anymore as our politicians compromise our sovereign nation status without requiring the firing of a single shot?

  2. A possible irony in all of this panic, er, focus on stopping global warming at all costs is that the Sun is showing clear signs of entering another “grand minimum” of sunspot activity that could last several decades or so — the very type of grand minimum that, in the past, has been associated with global COOLING, including the “Little Ice Age” of the 18th and 19th centuries. (Google “sunspot minimum and global cooling” to find out more)

    If this happens, and it’s still a big if, we may eventually be thankful for man-made global warming as it just might help to mitigate the potentially far more disastrous effects of global cooling such as shortened growing seasons, crop failures, and the resultant increases in starvation, poverty and the general cost of living.

  3. Not to mention the fact that overall world temperatures have been flat, i.e., NOT increased since at least the late 1990s. All the AGW alarmist predictions of where world temperatures “should” be by now, 2014, have proven wrong.

  4. Another wheel-spinning exercise is the Middle East ‘peace process’.

    You have to hand it to Obama. Just about every other Secretary of State in the last 60 odd years had one or more of the following assets: a previous history as a line administrator, an extensive history of scholarship, or a previous history in diplomatic posts of consequence. Obama has appointed two characters in a row with none of these assets.

    On Kerry’s history in law practice:


  5. Sovereignty is like virginity. A person is a virgin or is not, no in between. Former President Clinton, when he was president, said that we would have to surrender “a little bit of sovereignty” That is like being a little bit pregnant. One world government under the world bank with no mention of the human being’s immortal human soul is global totalitarianism. Global warming and greenhouse gas credits are only the weapon.
    We need statesmen, not politicians. A statesman in imbued with the virtue of patriotism. The politicians are steeped headlong into agendas, moral and immoral. The politician fails to fulfill his loyalty to America.

  6. “No. Particular parts of the globe have lost and re-acquired sovereignty.”
    God renews the face of the earth through our posterity, innocence and virginity reborn. God renews our spiritual virginity through the Sacrament of Penance. Barbarism, despotism and the like are not sovereignty. Cuba is not a sovereign nation, only a gulag. Sovereignty resides in virtue and virtue in freedom. In fact, there can be no sovereignty without acknowledgment of the Supreme Sovereign Being, the one true God.

  7. John FARC Kerry is a golddigger when it comes to money. In all other things he is a fool. The people who have cast votes for him are fools, too.

  8. There is significant money to be made in the climate change game as Al Gore will attest, not limited to the potential gains to be realized by investors in global carbon credits and the sustainability industry.

    The University of East Anglia lost much of its professional credibility in the wake of disclosures that its research and findings which confirmed climate change were tainted.

  9. The University of East Anglia lost much of its professional credibility in the wake of disclosures that its research and findings which confirmed climate change were tainted.

    Sad to say, probably not. It did provide some good laughs for those of us skeptical of the hype, however.

  10. The people who have cast votes for him are fools, too.

    That’s what gets you. He was elected to the Senate after two years in the lieutenant governor sinecure. He was elected lieutenant governor after a half dozen years as a rank-and-file lawyer of no special distinction. His selling point in 1984 was his service record. Then we discover 20 years later (no thanks to our watchdog press) that his record was embellished in many details and that many of his peers and much of his chain of command despised him.

  11. Mary DeVoe.

    Mentioning virginity and Bill Clinton in the same sentence caused me indecision whether to laugh or cry 🙂

    I wonder – has Kerry heard of the bunch of scientists from Australia who chartered a ship to go to Antarctica to prove the loss of sea ice in Constituion Bay where the great Antarctic explorer Mawson sailed into in 1913 ?(I think) – and the idiots got trapped in sea ice hundreds of miles from their destination?

    Antarctic sea ice – now you see it, now you don’t. 🙂

  12. What is so ironic about this is that if anthropogenic global warming is a real threat, then why does the Administration obstruct the only real solution to fossil fuel carbon releases: nuclear energy. Solar and wind have capacity factors of 20 to 30% compared to nuclear’s +90%. Such renewables always require spinning reserve, usually CO2 releasing natural gas. And if solar were so great, then why don’t we bake our bricks in the sun as the ancient Sumerians did? If wind were so great, then why don’t we still use sailing ships to transport merchandise across the ocean? Yet the Administration spends billions on failed renewable energy companies like Solyndra while styming new nuclear build and appointing anti-nuclear NRC chairpersons like Gregory Jackzo ( forced to resign during the last election because his abuse of women employees at the NRC was an embarrassment to the Administation’s feminist policies ) and now Alison MacFarlane ( a geologist who worked against the Yucca Mountain used fuel repository and whose husband is an anthropologist of anti-nuclear activism ). I would like to see a post here at TAC revealing the Administration’s suicidal treatment of the country’s energy needs that deals in particular with nuclear energy and how it has totally screwed up the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission with appointments of anti-nuclear eco-wackoes.

  13. The new government is trying to get rid of the economically damaging “Carbon Tax” here in Australia, that the previous socialist government installed. It was meant to make the top pollution causing Corporates pay for their “Carbon” emissions. But in the short time it’s been in operation, all its done is bring the cost of living up, and damage the viability of many Businesses- especially manufacturing.

    It’s interesting that Kerry is deciding to do this at a time when great parts of the US are frozen over.

    Global warming. Righty then.

    Where is Kerry? On holiday in Hawaii with the Obamas?

    I’m of the belief, and Im not a conspiracy theorist, that this is another way to help reduce the population- By continually driving the message that mankind is to blame for the earth’s alleged “rising temperature” (something that is yet to be determined with certainty anyway).

    And the UN wants to chime in. And force nations to “act on Climate Change”. They have to get the science right first, then maybe they can start with China. Good luck.

  14. Ez is 100% correct. Concerned about global warming? Then support nuclear energy, the only viable alternative.

  15. Every breath we humans exhale contains carbon dioxide and so merely by “being”, we are tied to the alleged depletion of the earth’s resources.

    Of course, if there were really a carbon depletion issue (and there is not), a viable solution would include planting forests with many trees. Trees take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen which is then breathed in by humans in the ordinary cycle of life.

    But this solution is not nearly as lucrative as what Secretary of State Kerry and his colleagues have in mind to resolve the non-existing problem.

    Carbon credits can be traded on global markets for significant sums while also being used as a political vehicle to restrain and control certain nations production capabilities, all in the interest of saving the earth.

    Control and power managed by the few….the great fiction continues.

  16. Just think of it!
    Al Gore John Kerry and Obama limited to four breaths every thirty minutes…all for our Earth God.

    Less is good!

  17. Didn’t Al Gore embark on a “world tour” for months on end, in his pollution producing private jet, to preach to the masses his Climate ideology?

    Unfortunately, in Australia, Tim Flannery, our premier advocate for the Climate myth, was awarded the highest of accolades- “Australian of the Year” In 2007. He’s been warning that Australia will be swallowed by a great tidal wave caused by the melting Polar ice caps, for donkey years. In the meantime, he’s bought property that sits right at the shoreline of the Hawksbury River.

  18. Algore became a billionaire playing this uber-scam, which was fabricated by Brit nucular power interests.

    In 1974, the geniuses were quaking over a new ice age; and that we’d completely run out of oil.

    Spain’s “going all-in” for unscientific, vacuous green nonsense (replace fossil fuels with zephyrs, sunbeams and unicorn farts) hastened its economic collapse.

  19. Spain has oodles of money to throw around- the unemployment levels there are tremendous! Their efforts will be but a drop in the ocean.

    It’s China and India that need to address their environmental issues.

    Chinas Three Gorges Dam tilted the axis of the Earth. Their wasteful construction and development of ghost towns (consisting of grande, completely empty shopping malls), and the mis-placement of village people- forcing them into high rise concrete apartment eyesores is the real tragic issues. Along with the random landslide from unresolved, over development projects.

    What does Spain think it will contribute in the grand scheme of the global earth? Not much. It’s all trendy, feel-good, hippy, hullabaloo rubbish. Fix the Spanish economy, and encourage families to have more than one child. Spain, a Catholic country, should be ashamed of itself.

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