PopeWatch: Communion Gate

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From the only reliable source of Catholic news on the net, Eye of the Tiber:

VATICAN––It was revealed today that senior assistants to Pope Francis conspired to snarl lines for Holy Communion in the basilica of a “rival Cardinal.”  In an EOTT exclusive, an anonymous source said that some of Pope Francis’ top aides remained bitter toward supporters of an undisclosed papal candidate who came close to being elected at the March 2013 conclave. Information leaked from the papal election named Santos Abril y Castello, Archpriest of the Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore, as one of the cardinals who had cast his vote for a runner-up instead of then-Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio. In official emails and text messages shown to EOTT today, Papal aides discussed Castello’s non-support of Francis in bitter tones in the months following the election. In one email dated December 4, 2013, an aide to Pope Francis, Father Pietro Torelli mentions Castello’s vote and jokes with another aide, “Time for some communion traffic problems in Maria Maggiore!” Many Maria Maggiore parishioners had complained to EOTT that there was a total absence of Eucharistic ministers at the Basilica on Sunday, causing people to wait an “unbearable” twenty to twenty-five minutes to receive Holy Communion. “It was more than I could take,” said one frustrated parishioner. “Usually there are about ten Eucharistic Ministers, but there was only two. For the first time in my life, I walked out of Mass before receiving Communion. I usually run right out after receiving, but since I was at the end of the long and only Communion line, I knew that the parking lot would be a zoo if I did not get out of there soon.” Pope Francis held a news conference today denying knowledge of the incident and promising that any of his aides involved in ordering Eucharistic Ministers at the Basilica to stay home from Mass would be dismissed. Vatican observers wonder if this ugly incident jeopardizes Francis’ chances to repeat as TIME magazine’s “Person of the Year” in 2014. “I am not a bully,” the Pope sadly told reporters. “I don’t know how I got that reputation. Maybe because I was once a bouncer? I don’t know.”

Hmmm?  Has anyone ever seen Chris Christie and the Pope in the same room?

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  1. “Hmmm? Has anyone ever seen Chris Christie and the Pope in the same room?”

    I don’t know. Given Christie’s size, he’d have to be Benedict and Francis.

  2. Distraction.

    The lying, liberal (but I repeat myself, again) media is devoting an estimated 17-times more “wind” and ink to Bridgegate than it did to checking Obama commie beliefs, qualifications and experiences in 2008; body count from Fast and Furious; outlining 2,300 pages of Obamacare legislation; fighting/not fighting wars/surges for electoral advantage; the IRS assault on certain Americans’ political speech; Benghazi/YouTube lie/cover-up; purges of hundreds of senior military officers; the decline and fall of the middle class; etc.

    It borders on the pornographic.

    Quoth their next POTUS on Benghazi, “What difference does it make, now?”

  3. T. Shaw.
    I honestly feel your justifiable disrespect for the “whores” that pretend to be non-biased journalist.
    It’s sickening.

    As for “I usually run right out of mass after receiving..” it’s sad. I know this is ( Eye of the Tiber material ) however the mad dash to eat & run is just plain sad.

  4. Chris Christie is pro-life. He has de-funded Planned Parenthood (twice)and put the National Education Association in their place. Christie did and knows how. I do not know his reasoning in this so-called gay-marriage business. A bride-wife is a female wife and a woman.. A groom-husband is a male husband and a man. How can students learn math when they sit in a classroom trying to figure that one out when they are presented with a male wife and female husband and its going to be on the final exam? They can’t. The girl they fell in love with used to be a boy and the rest of the seats are empty. Programmed for failure. I’d vote for Christie.

  5. Mary De Voe.
    You just described the entrance to Hell.

    Our Great Grandparents would never have believed that this nation could sink so grossly into moral decay and depravity.

  6. “With all due respect, the fact is we had four closed lanes. Was it because of a traffic study, or was it because political operatives out for coffee one morning decided to punish some Democrats? What difference, at this point, does it make? It is my job to figure out what happened and do everything I can to prevent it from ever happening again.”

  7. “Has anyone ever seen Chris Christie and the Pope in the same room? “

    Not a reference to the elephant in the room by any chance? 😉

    But seriously, if this is true, this is a grave abuse of the Eucharist by that priest – if it was him who instigated – and those who knowingly co-operated.

    “I usually run out right after receiving…………..
    This is also an abuse. Not only is it sheer bad manners, but failing to thank Our Lord for His heavenly and eternal gift to us is IMO sinful. Imagine – being invited around to a friends place for a meal, eating the meal and then jumping up and taking off before dessert without even thanking your host.

  8. Ah….thanks Don.
    I actually suspected that it may be and went to the site to check – but there was nothing obvious at a cursory glance to suggest it was the Catholic “Onion”,
    Once bitten………:-)

  9. “”I knew that the parking lot would be a zoo if I did not get out of there soon.”” So, he was the first “animal” out there. Thanksgiving after Holy Communion and the rosary are for humans.

  10. Mary, I have seen a car do a 180 on a bridge on the Capital Beltway as it overpassed I-270 in Montgomery County, Maryland. The Christie-bridge thing is just too much.
    It is a contrived media scandal and nothing more.

    As for EOTT, I I would suggest Don the Kiwi read some more articles there. I check it out at work when I eat lunch and it is good for more than a few giggles.

  11. Donald, thanks for the laughs. The state of our politics is ridiculous so why not laugh once in a while. And thank you Mary De Voe for calling out gay marriage as the bad joke it is. “The girl they fell in love with used to be a boy”. Reminds me of an old joke, a play on words in the old song, I’m dancing with tears in my eyes because the boy in my arms wasn’t you. (Substitute, was a girl. for wasn’t you) It’s a nice song, especially as sung by Ruth Etting. Here is a link to it for your enjoyment:

  12. When I first saw this I was unsure about it. Is OK to make a parody that involves the Eucharist? The I saw this line

    “I am not a bully,” the Pope sadly told reporters. “I don’t know how I got that reputation. Maybe because I was once a bouncer? I don’t know.”

    and I just lost it and couldn’t stop laughing. Thanks!

  13. W.P.W.

    Its good to laugh. One of my favorite depictions of Jesus is called the Laughing Jesus. He has a great laugh, the artist did a marvelous job.
    The future confusion of school children will be “normal.” Can you imagine that?
    Normal to think unimportant the gender of teachers or fellow students.
    Normal to view the sex changes of individuals as normal as changing the tires on your automobile.
    What next?
    Laughing at the gross incompetence of a Nobel prize winner that hates America…oh and happens to be President of said country.

  14. Philip
    Psalm 2 comes to mind. “The Kings of the earth rise up and the princes conspire against the Lord and against his Christ. Let us break their bonds asunder and let us cast away their chains from us. He who dwells in Heaven laughs at them, the Lord derides them”.

  15. W.P.W..
    Possibly that was the inspiration the artist had when he created the Laughing Jesus.

    Have a great week.

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