PopeWatch: Bye, Bye Harley

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Pope Francis is auctioning off the Harley-Davidson and leather jacket given him by Catholic bikers:

It may come as a surprise to learn that Pope Francis owns a Harley-Davidson.

He was presented with the bike after blessing hundreds of Harley fans (and their bikes) in St. Peter’s Square.

The Pope has now announced plans to auction the bike off to raise money for charity.

Proceeds from the sale will reportedly go to organisations supporting the homeless – a cause close to his heart.

PopeWatch assumes it was inevitable.  A 77 year old man riding a motorcycle, unless he has many years of experience, is probably not a safe idea.  However, part of me would have loved seeing the Pope, riding American metal, charging into Saint Peter’s square!

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  1. that would have been a great sight– something about the spirit of the people riding out on their metal steeds is just kind of moving –

  2. They will get a lot of money for that over in Europe. I would say that might have been the intent when they gave it to him, unless he is an avid rider.

  3. It warms my heart! Been a Harley fan for 60+ years. My dad and all my brother’s rode and three of my brother’s still have their’s. I however, have given up Harley’s and horses. I just look at them now. (Well I feed and take care of the horse)

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