PopeWatch: Priestless

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  1. I like this kind of true silliness– not truly silly, but silliness that’s true. reminds me of John Cleese etal and their way of making people think.

  2. 😉 Would we say the more personalizing “Father”? or would we just call him by his function: “Good Morning, Sacerdos, wonderful homily today.”?

  3. Yes, elevate the ushers! Except, nevermind. They are all men, and that would reproduce unjust structures of oppression. 🙁

  4. I believe Pope Francis desires equality between the clergy and the laity.

    Perhaps, one day soon, a member of the laity who had received his
    moral instructions from Jerry Springer, Dr. Phil, Ricky Lake and
    Ellen DeGeneres will be equal to any clergyman including his pastor.

  5. This fits in nicely with the Catholic Drive Thru. Pull in to the speaker…order…and drive up to an usher who quickly and almost reverently distributes a wafer.
    Yes wafer…since we know the Vatican recently made it clear that wafer should replace the term holy communion.
    Try the McJudas if you dare.
    It’s only 30 pieces of obamacoin.

  6. The heart grows cold with fear at what is happening. The great levelling has started: the Catholic Church will not be claiming unicity; there will be no priest and victim at the altar; and of course no particular Bishop or Pope either. We all, children of God or Satan, will sing a nondenominational “alleluia” together to some nonentity in the sky.

  7. “PopeWatch would suggest the title Sacerdos as a substitute.”

    Pope Francis apparently equates gratuitous titles with clericalism, careerism etc. He wants to prune away clerical excess….the answer is not substitutes, but elimination.
    Curiously, the consequence of this stripping away may serve to elevate the holy status of those few who bear the title “Priest”.

  8. “All I can say is, “Well, let women be priests!”” No woman has ever come forward to profess a vocation from God to become a priest. If God wanted a person (read individual) to become a priest, God would have created that person male, that he might act “in persona Christi”. Women may act as “alter Christi” for this is who the Immaculate Conception is. On all counts, women need to accept who they are created to be in the eyes of God. Penis envy is a rather ugly sin.
    Perhaps, Pope Francis may soon realize that he too, is in a career of priestliness and clericalism and Pope Francis may do well, in humility, to start with himself. What will Pope Francis do with his vocation from God?

  9. All I can say is 40 years as a walking-talking hyper-usher is a GOOD seminary (classical sense) training to be called a priest. And being over 65 is good for me (I am well beyond that line in the sand): except I have not selected a single family yet to present the gifts. I have hope

  10. It is unclear what exactly is “Unbelievable!”. If perchance it refers to my last comment, let me be clear that it is meant to be a heavily dripping sarcasm about the unacceptable standards that are sometimes followed for the Roman Catholic priesthood, including the female gender. “Obstat sexus”, overturned in the case of female Doctors of the Church, cannot be overturned when applied to the doctrine of the male Roman Catholic priesthood. Of course there are many non-Catholic Christian churches which “ordain” priests; these latter preside presumably over bread and wine as bread and wine.

  11. ? the word “priest” seems to be male. A female wouldn’t be a priest, she would be a priestess; the word itself would have to be feminized. Unlike if a female is a farmer or an engineer or a president or a judge– a woman has the capacity to be all those things, but she can not be a priest because she cannot be a man. She would be a described “priestess” as a woman trying to be a priest.
    “Sacerdos” is also a masculine nom. Of course monsignor is also masculine, meaning “my lord” so maybe it is a good thing to do away with that title before we have to start saying “madonna” or “my lady”.

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