Abortion Barbie is a Fake

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Wendy Davis, a\k\a Abortion Barbie, the Texas State Senator who won her Senate seat running as a pro-abort with the help of Ralph McCloud who was and is the head of the Catholic Campaign for Human Development, and who is campaigning for governor of the Lone Star State on the strength of her ultimately futile filibuster against restrictions on abortion passed by the Texas legislature, has presented herself as an up by her bootstraps feminist icon, going from being a teenage “single” Mom to Harvard Law School grad due solely to her own awesomeness.  The facts behind the fable, that she relied upon a man she later dumped, are a good deal less flattering.  Emily Zannoti at Naked DC gives us the golddigger behind the myth:



By “some facts,” the Dallas Morning News actually means, “basically everything.” The bones of the story are still intact, but when considering how to portray them to the media, Wendy glosses over some important details. A few highlights:

  • Wendy was actually 21, not 19, when she got a divorce from her first husband and had to move back into her parent’s trailer park home, where she lived only a few months before finding an apartment of her own for herself and her daughter. Now that might not seem like a big deal, but Wendy testified under oath, in a federal lawsuit regarding redistricting, that she was 19 when she got divorced. She’s lucky that wasn’t material to the case at hand, but she might want to think twice about volunteering incorrect information after she’s sworn to uphold the truth.
  • Jeff Davis, Wendy’s second husband, paid her way through Texas Christian University and then through Harvard Law School and cared for her first daughter and a second daughter they had shortly after they were married. He took out loans and cashed in his 401(K) to pay her way through school. They divorced in 2005, literally the day after Jeff Davis wrote his final check paying off her student loan:

Jeff Davis said that was right around the time the final payment on their Harvard Law School loan was due. “It was ironic,” he said. “I made the last payment, and it was the next day she left.

  • When she and Davis got a divorce (the court documents cite adultery on Wendy’s part but the final divorce decree makes no mention of any infidelity), she handed full custody of their daughter to her now ex-husband, stating that he was a “nurturing father” and that it was just “not a good time” for her. Because when you have shared children, the very first thing you think about when deciding on their future, is whether they fit in to your busy schedule. A future colleague would put Wendy’s priorities in perspective to the DMN:

“Wendy is tremendously ambitious,” he said, speaking only on condition of anonymity in order to give what he called an honest assessment. “She’s not going to let family or raising children or anything else get in her way.”

Basically, every country music song that’s ever come out of Texas was written about Wendy Davis.

Go here to read the rest.  Abortion Barbie, as fake as her “blonde” hair.


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  1. Again, Dr. Helen Smith (Mrs. Glenn Reynolds) on what is commonly called ‘feminism’: ‘women have options; men have obligations’.

    If the reporting is correct, it is unsurprising. Not one element of the above is irregular or out of place.

  2. While the election is a long way off, it’s revealing that there isn’t a single poll
    that shows Davis with a lead. Most show her behind by ~15%.

    She’s enough of a hack that she’s trying to redefine herself as pro-life (!), but
    that’s a hard position to support when she’s most famous for filibustering
    pro-life legislation. And, of course, she’s receiving support from Planned
    Parenthood and Emily’s List– how she can spin herself as pro-life while she
    takes their largesse is beyond me.

    Personally, I’m happy to see the DNC and the pro-abortion crowd shovel their
    funds and their efforts into a doomed campaign. Greg Abbott needs to make
    sure that Texans know all about her unflattering past. Hers is a political
    career that needs to be strangled in the crib– a turn of phrase I think Ms. Davis
    can appreciate.

  3. I so hope the election ends her miserable, cynical opportunism.

    Oh, it will be ongoing, just out of public view. Unfortunately, she’s aging well and has a law license, so should be able to keep it up longer than most.

  4. “the very first thing you decide upon is whether they fit into your busy schedule”
    What her child must feel reading this, I don’t want to imagine.

    I pray for you in America, that this woman does not climb further up the political ladder.

    We had an Emily Lister run our country for a number of years, here in Australia. She wasn’t elected into the position, she “rolled” the then PM Kevin Rudd, in a leadership challenge (our politically system unfortunately allows a leadership change during their term).

    Julia Gillard was staunchly pro-choice, a feminist (for all the wrong reasons), she lived in a de facto relationship, she was unapologetically opportunistic (I’d rather reserve the word “ambitious” for the truly aspiring) and she ran our Nation to the ground. She’s gone thankfully. Strangely enough she was against same-sex “marriage”- perhaps because she might have been against marriage itself.

    The opportunistic female is a force to be feared. Pray she is hindered by an intelligent electorate.

  5. As most of the Lamestream Media is making a fuss about a New jersey bridge and Christie’s TV commercials, this empty skirt has virtually no chance of getting elected in Texas.

    Ditching her husband after he paid for her student loans and dumping their daughter on him is disgusting. That makes her a typical Democrat and I think most of the Texas electorate has little use for typical Democrats.

  6. Why am I laughing so hard at this woman’s pathetic behavior? Probably since there were many who have voted and will vote for he BECAUSE of her behavior!

  7. Fake resume.
    Fake nose.

    As Instapundit would say: “It’s Potemkin villages all the way down with these people.”

  8. The real story here is about Ralph McCloud, “who was and is the head of Catholic Campaign for Human Development”. Is there no end to the scandal that emanates from that Catholic bishop-adored and -promoted radically extreme coven of apostates?

  9. EZ writes, “…The opportunistic female is a force to be feared. Pray she is hindered by an intelligent electorate…”
    More on point….The opportunistic MALE OR FEMALE is a force to be feared. Pray HE OR SHE is hindered by an intelligent electorate…”
    Wendy Davis’ actions are despicable, not because she is a woman, but because she allegedly used other innocent human beings as a means to an end, thus advancing her own self intereste agenda at their expense and to their sole detriment.
    Both men and women have practiced this malicious form of con artistery through the ages. Anyone who uses another solely as a means is wrong.

  10. …which is why I stopped giving $$$ to the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (the acronym CHD is the same for coronary heart disease, so that should be an omen).

  11. Slainte- yes you are correct, men and women have acted horribly in their scramble for money and power.

    But, being a woman myself I actually consider my standards quite basic- 1. nurture the soul you brought into the world 2. treat the man who fathered your children with common decency, rather than a stepping stone.

    An opportunistic woman who emotionally castrated her husband, by dumping him like trash immediately following the finality of her school fees is nothing more than a b$&@.

    And a woman, who is meant to nurture, protect and raise her child, but instead throws her own flesh and blood away like its nothing, is an even bigger b$&@?.

    I can not imagine a man acting in a more disgusting fashion- other than actually holding a gun to his wife and child’s head, and shooting them dead.

    This opportunistic low-life who is now promoting the killing of the unborn is utterly devoid of a human soul. The public are fools to think packaging this person with blonde hair in a fitted pink suit could make her any less disgusting than she already CLEARLY is.

    She needs ALOT of prayers!

  12. Sickening. Absolutely sickening. Pure Unadulterated “Me-ism.” I’m sad to say that this is not the first time such behavior has been noted among women in politics. We had a US representative, Blanche Lincoln Devine to run for her house seat, again, ostensibly to stay home & care for her new born twins (all of the polls said that she was going to be defeated if she ran.). 18 months later she was running for US Senate-right in the middle of some of her twins’ most formative years & was in the Senate for more than one term unroll the Tea Party successfulky took that US senate seat away from her because of her liberal voting record & her support for Obamacare.

    I remember being confronted by a liberal Democrat Party leader (an older woman) in the Southern region of our state the first time that Lincoln ran for senate–the Democrat leader indicated that I was betraying my sex by supporting a prolife male candidate against this pro abortion female candidate. I pointed out to the Democratic leader that a US senator flies all over the country & has 16 hour days on a regular basis–& since Lincoln’s husband was an obstetrician there would be no one to care for the children. The Democratic leader told me that those children could be put in a good day care just like everyone else’s children. I retorted to the Democrat that Blanche Lincoln’s children would never be put in a day care like a regular person’s children because Lincoln was one of the “elite.” The Democrat knew she would lose a discussion about her candidate’s elitist status as all of those listening to the discussion who were registered voters were most definitely NOT members of the elite.

    My point is–to such people–their values (or lack thereof) lead them to consider family & children as having ancillary status to the center of their lives–THEY are the center of their. As one campaign chairman so apply put it–“politicians have families for show.”

  13. Please forgive my mistakes in that post–I am on my cell phone typing–however I think u can glean the point I am making.

  14. I agree Barbara- and you questioned them to their face, and didnt like it.

    You see the left never want to be considered one of the “Elite”- in their mind they’re “one of the people”, when in reality they are forefront and centre of the “elite”, they just won’t admitt it.

    They prey on the idea of the “battler”, but they probably have never had to battle anything in their life- more like peddlers and hustlers. They’re frauds and fakes.

  15. And the chick had a nanny too!:
    “I was a nanny for the Davis children during Wendy Davis’s senior year at TCU and continued in touch with the family while she was at Harvard. There are inaccuracies in this story. While Wendy Davis was at Harvard, some of the time Amber lived with her and attended a private Boston school and Dru lived with her as well. Jeff Davis and his parents lived together during part of this period, and the three of them cared for Dru and sometimes Amber. The last year of law school, Wendy attend SMU with permission from Harvard Law School and lived with her children and husband Jeff. While she lived in Boston, Wendy also flew home for weekends frequently to be with her family. She was a caring, loving, and concerned mother when I was her children’s nanny; to weigh my judgment, it might help readers to know that I worked for child protective services (then child welfare) for 12 years.
    I’ve had experiences since with Wendy Davis on a non-profit board and continued to be an acquaintance of her and her daughters subsequent to the Davis divorce. While at Dru’s high school graduation party, I talked with another guest who had lived in the trailer park with Wendy and other guests, some with influence and money, and others who were working class. Wendy thought to invite me to the party even though I cared for Dru 16 years earlier. Somehow this article was spun to where her warmth and inclusivity were missing.”

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