Brit Hume on Abortion

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Brit Hume has long had my respect as one of the best journalists who has ever covered Washington.  With this unsparing commentary on abortion, one of the best I have ever heard from anyone, he stands in the ranks of men and women throughout the ages who have gallantly attacked the entrenched evils of their time and ushered in better days.  Bravo, Mr. Hume!

This is the 41st anniversary of the day the Supreme Court found that a generalized right to privacy it had basically invented, meant that a woman has a constitutional right to snuff out an unborn life, a human being with a beating heart. That’s what a fetus as young as six weeks is.

Small wonder these protesters still come every year to register their continuing objections. Some estimates are that as many as 55 million abortions — 55 million — have occurred since the Court acted. In that time, science has given us an ever clearer picture of just how much of a baby a fetus is. At 20 weeks, we now know, these tiny creatures can hear, even recognize a mother’s voice. Their toenails are growing and their hearts beat loud enough to be heard by a stethoscope.

The moral case for allowing such beings to be killed grows ever weaker and its advocates resort to ever more absurd euphemisms to describe what they support. They’re not really pro-abortion, they’ve long said, they’re pro-choice. This isn’t about killing unborn babies. it’s about reproductive health. And the biggest chain of abortion clinics in the country refers to itself as Planned Parenthood.

In 2012, this organization says it carried out — quote — “abortion procedures” 329,445 times. Whatever that number represents, it’s not parenthood. These protesters here today understand that there is something deeply false and wrong about all this. They come each year to remind the rest of us.

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  1. Thanks Brit… Beautiful, direct, and true explanation of what has been going on in this land for 41 years… I am so weary of the weak and feeble excuses of ‘women’s health’ to KILL an unborn human, as something that is considered a RIGHT. I am also weary of crying over babies that are NOT personally mine, BUT are spiritually adopted by me.. as many in my faith, Catholic, do on a regular basis. BRAVO..

  2. Britt Hume’s beloved son committed suicide in 1998 causing Mr. Hume, in his great anguish, to realize the presence and comfort of a loving and merciful God. He is an Episcopalian.
    It would appear that Mr. Hume is doing God’s work bravely and surely by using his public persona to protect the most innocent among us, unborn and defenseless children. I cannot help but wonder whether he does so out of love for and in memory of his son.
    Britt Hume is an honorable, brave, and courageous man. May God bless him and ease the pain of his loss.

  3. “I want to pursue my faith more ardently than I have done. I’m not claiming it’s impossible to do when you work in this business. I was kind of a nominal Christian for the longest time. When my son died, I came to Christ in a way that was very meaningful to me. If a person is a Christian and tries to face up to the implications of what you say you believe, it’s a pretty big thing. If you do it part time, you’re not really living it.”

  4. Abortionists are murderers, babies their victims and the would-be mothers and fathers their collateral damage. A President who supports and extols these murderers merits a punishment worse than they. God have mercy on his miserable, hard-heartened, narcissist soul.

  5. “If your doing it part time your really not living it.”
    Bless you Donald.

    Life is continual conversion experiences.
    Some are evident and others seemingly quiet. Non the less they all lead to a deeper relationship with God. That calling you feel and are answering is beautiful in that it’s another chamber of discovery within you and although the great loss of Larry can never be fully healed, it can bring you closer to Jesus’ Sacred Heart.

  6. Reproductive Health…?
    As the souls burn in hell they will call it “tanning alternatives.”
    Good grief Charlie Brown. Forty one years…..borrowed time!

  7. First, I missed this piece, although a frequent viewer of Fox. Thanks Donald for sharing it.

    Secondly, there is a bit of a shift going on in the country: a major publication (name escapes me) calls for the Obama administration to call of its dogs on the Little Sisters of the Poor and recognize religious freedom, now this complete defense of human life from a secular media celebrity and station. I cannot say I have ever seen/heard such a ringing endorsement of respect for human life from a secular source.

    If prayer converted the Soviet Union into the Russia of today (with all its real warts) do we really think that prayer, fasting and penance (as done today by Catholics throughout the country) and witness of so many in Washington on such a brutal day cannot produce miracles?

  8. Mr. McClarey,

    “I was kind of a nominal Christian for the longest time. When my son died, I came to Christ in a way that was very meaningful to me.”
    We are fortunate if the consequence of every trial that we are compelled to endure in this vale of tears causes us to cling more earnestly to Our Lord Jesus Christ and to allow His saving grace to act as a balm on our wounds.
    I pray for your well being as well as Mr. Hume’s; no parent should ever know the agony of losing a child.

  9. Brit Hume is one of the few in the so-called news profession worthy to be called a journalist. I have always admired his political analysis, and now I am even more full of admiration for him. Bravo, sir.

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