PopeWatch: Chatting with the Prez

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Matt Archbold at National Catholic Register, go here to read it, has a post where he imagines ten things that Obama might say to the Pope.  Here is ten things that PopeWatch thinks the Pope might say to Obama:

10.   Joe Biden, is he like that in private?

9.     No, it is true, Buenos Aires is windier than Chicago.

8.     Yes, I can perform an exorcism but I do not think it would help Nancy Pelosi.

7.      Yes, I used to smoke also.  No I did not have to hide it from my wife as I have never been married.

6.      Yes, not being married is a job requirement.

5.      Freedom of worship is not the same thing as freedom of religion.

4.      You were kidding, were you not, when you said that the Reverend Wright led you to Christ?

3.      What possible dreams depend upon abortion?

2.      No, I do not know of any good pie stores in Roma.

1.      Yes, the Pope is indeed Catholic.

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  1. “Freedom of worship is not the same thing as freedom of religion.” Freedom of Religion encompasses the entire Constitution and especially the First Amendment because it is who we are, who the sovereign person is. Freedom of Religion is a way of life. Whereas, Freedom of worship is only a tiny part of religion.

  2. Really? For five years now? Popes can’t get away with blaming their predecessors for more than a couple of months, tops.

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