Wooing the Catholic demographic: CNN’s Jake Tapper interviews President Obama about Pope Francis…

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The folks over at CNN emailed The Motley Monk the transcript of Jake Tapper’s January 30th interview of President Obama. Among the topics covered was the President’s upcoming trip to Rome which includes a meeting with Pope Francis.

The transcript:

TAPPER: Are you bringing [your daughters] to the Vatican for when you meet the Pope?  Are they going to come?

[OBAMA]: You know they met, uh, the previous pope, the last one.  [Umm, who was that guy?] But I’m not sure they’re going to have a chance to go this time.  It was wonderful great story.  Sasha was still pretty young at the time, it was my  first year in office and they see the Sistene Chapel and they’re going through the various chambers, each time she’d she somebody dressed up in the cloth she’d say ‘Is that the pope?  Is that the pope?’  How bout that guy over there?’ No no you’ll know when it is finally the pope.

TAPPER: I was thinking about this pope and there’s so much excitement that he’s going to change everything.   [Dream on, Jake. “Everything?” Come now!] You want to talk to him about managing expectations at all is that something he needs to think about?

OBAMA: I have been really impressed so far with the way he has communicated what I think is the essence of the Christian faith and that is a true sense of brotherhood and sisterhood and a true sense of regard for those who are less fortunate.  My suspicion is based on what I’ve seen of him so far, he’s a pretty steady guy.  I don’t think he needs any advice from me on staying humble. [That’s for sure.]

TAPPER: He’s not worrying about his approval ratings? [Imagine that! Someone on the face of the globe who isn’t interested in approval ratings? BTW: If the Pope was worried about his approval ratings, he’d not have said some of the things he’s said.]

OBAMA: I don’t think he is.  I think he is someone who is very much focused on his faith and what he needs to do to make sure that folks not just in the Catholic faith, but people all over the world are living out the message that he thinks are consistent with the lessons of Jesus Christ so I’ve really been impressed with him so far. [There you have it. Pope Francis gets an endorsement from President Obama, even though Pope Francis has said “No” to abortion, women priests, so-called “homosexual marriage,” and the like.]

The Motley Monk isn’t quite sure how or why he was emailed the transcript with the portion of the interview concerning Pope Francis highlighted. Perhaps CNN is attempting to woo the “Catholic demographic,” the 75% of U.S. Catholics whose positions on moral issues align with those of President Obama.



To access Jake Tapper’s interview, click on the following link:
Jake Tapper's exclusive interview with President Obama airs only on CNN

To access The Motley Monk’s daily blog, Omnibus, click on the following link:


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  1. When President Obama uses Executive Orders to bypass the will of the people, Congress, no matter how nice he makes it sound, he effectively ceases to represent his constituents and therefore forfeits his presidential office. In a manner of speaking, Obama will successfully have self-excommunicated himself from the Presidency. Obama will become an ordinary citizen and lose the power of the Executive office and the Executive Order.
    The taxes Obama is planning to use are not his, but the taxes of his constituents. Therefore, Obama becomes a thief, a swindler, a liar.
    Every Executive order written by Obama , all 923 of them, see Vision to America News news@visiontoamerica.org
    are examples of his seizure of autocratic power.
    It is obvious, now that Obama’s daughters have reached the age of reason, and can think for themselves, he no longer wants his daughters to see the Pope Francis.
    The problem in the autocratic echelons is that in their plunge to get and hold power, they refuse to see that the world is spinning and constantly moving forward. Growth, a sign of life, is obliterated because the powers that be, need things to stay the same, stagnant, stale, and under their boot.

  2. So the most incisive question Jake Tapper can think of to ask Obama about the Pope is You want to talk to him about managing expectations at all is that something he needs to think about?
    Basically, Tapper compares the Pope’s entry onto the world stage with Obama’s entry onto the world stage, and would Obama like to give the new guy any advice. ???

  3. Two interesting takes May and Tamsin.
    I wonder if Bill O’Reilly will ask a Catholic question. Maybe about the Little Sisters of the Poor.

  4. Anzlyne, it really bothers me. The world is unwell.
    Why doesn’t it bother anyone (else)? He who tells the most lies, wins, if the media also want what he wants and they do. It is aspirational lying, supported for now by our relative affluence. ($17T debt? Unreal.) We don’t want the truth, we want stories. 🙂 Ben Rhodes, one of the highest National Security advisors to the president, has a Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing. Yes, the guy who is helping “shape the narrative” of the foreign policy of the world’s Last Superpower is a creative writer.

  5. wooot I never heard of “aspirational lying” before so I looked it up! Lying to make yourself look better, like you wish you were. Yes I can see that happening.!
    I also see just old fashioned lying to trick people into giving you your way.
    Proverbs 6:16-19
    There are six things that the Lord hates,
    seven that are an abomination to him: haughty eyes, a lying tongue,
    and hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked plans,
    feet that hurry to run to evil, ” a lying witness who testifies falsely,
    and one who sows discord in a family.

  6. This article just sickens me…FIRSTLY, Our Pope is not ‘this guy’. WOW. Second, as a previous commentator said, there are NO CHAMBERS in the Sistine Chapel… I am so disgusted with the using of MY FAITH with lies to garner more favor among more of the weak and faithless in the Catholic Faith…But, dumb me, He did that already. I am praying really hard that Pope Francis is FIRM and mentions the Catholic Church’s stand on ABORTION and as to so called same sex marriage. I love the rewriting of MY FAITH by Jake and Barack… NO ONE EVER would think what those two babbled about who loves their Catholic Faith, and, as having any real sense of Christ’s Bride . The Catholic Church.

  7. Obama is the greatest student of Alinsky.

    He equates his lies as a tool to get the advantage he desires.

    Tar and feathering this molester of free people is not enough.

    Rats. I just remembered.
    I’m to pray for him.

  8. Must agree with all of your reflections so far! Anzlyne, That’s exactly how I feel about our homilies every Sunday. Beautiful stories, absolutely nothing on teachings and truths of the faith. When I am in my little Church in Southern Colorado, our Priest, Father Williams, who is from Nigeria, “teaches” through every homily connected with that days readings. I have been at Mass when there may be 8 of us and you would think he is preaching to a packed house, and by gosh, when you leave that Mass you “know” what the Church is teaching. No one can say, “no one ever told me that.” On Sunday’s when he does have a packed Church he is exactly the same with his homilies. It is so fantastic and I just wanted you to know that there are some Catholic Priests who actually know their faith, are not afraid of teaching the truths and so be it.

  9. “Philip: “Rats. I just remembered. I’m to pray for him.”
    Barack Obama was created in innocence and virginity, bodily and spiritually at the first moment of his existence. Barack belongs to our God and is one person for whom Christ died so that Barack might return to our Father in heaven to WHOM he belongs. If one prays, there is no way one cannot pray for all in The Lord’s prayer, the OUR FATHER. Barack was an innocent babe in the arms of his mother after nine months in her womb.
    So it is with Andrew Cuomo.
    I must pray for them too.
    My prayer is : “God made them, God will take care of them. Blessed be God in His angels and in His saints.” If they reject the Divine Providence of The Declaration of Independence and our Blessings of Liberty, and refuse to honor our Constitution in the Fifth Amendment my prayer stays the same: “God made them, God will take care of them. Blessed be God in His angels and in His saints.” If anyone miss the boat, it is their choice. Glad you’re aboard.

  10. Mary De Voe.

    My mother is the personification of peace. She is also Irish. When Obama makes his presence known via television, my mom raises her temper and cannot get to the remote fast enough to “turn him off.”

    Your correct in your attitude for prayer.
    Thank you for helping me along.
    Can’t wait until the ship arrives at the golden Eternal shoreline.

  11. “Why does it seem people aren’t really bothered by lies ?”

    I think it came in three stages. Under Nixon, we didn’t expect to be lied to. We were genuinely surprised at the extent of it. Under Clinton, well, he was just so good at it! Now, we’ve reached the point where we just assume that everyone’s lying. I think Garrison Keiller once said that a politician telling the truth is like a blue 7. Sometimes when you see a 7, it’s blue, and sometimes when you see something blue, it’s a 7, but there’s no reason when you see one thing to immediately assume it’s the other. That’s what we accept now.

  12. “he’s a pretty steady guy”, is he serious? Have some damn respect Obama.

    His choice of words are as thought-out as his stupid policies.

  13. ”75% of U.S. Catholics whose positions on moral issues align with those of President Obama”- that’s a crying shame.

    I can tell you for a fact that the majority of practicing Catholics outside of the US, for example Australia where I live, do not like Obama- this opinion stems from his politics and from his record on protecting life, and support of the gay agenda. Catholics are not fooled just because he is your first “black” president.

    And I also know that the business world shakes it’s head at his management of the US Economy (or should I say, mis-management). He appears as though he has a poor understanding of numbers, and of the way an economy should be stimulated. A second term and he still is fluffing his way through it!

    So I guess from an outsider’s perspective, its difficult to sometimes see the truth from the lies when you are immersed in the situation, as the US population are.

    And that 75% Catholics who eat his lies, are really choosing to turn a blind eye because not doing so, is too difficult to bear- if you can admit that the leader of your country is taking you for a ride by his own agenda, you can’t help but feel despondent, frustrated and depressed. Trust me, we had your government for 5 years! It was a very uninspiring and depressing time in our nation- even though it was meant to be a wonderful time (Gillard was our first female PM), it was the exact opposite.

    I pray things turn around for your country. Soon.

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