Freedom and the Left

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John C. Wright, Catholic convert and science fiction author, has a brilliant post at his blog, John Wright’s Journal, in which he examines the threat to freedom posed by the contemporary left:


It is darker than you think. Perhaps you have heard about speech codes on campus, about the intolerance of the Left, about their mob tactics, their fetid hypocrisy, and you thought we who complain about it were exaggerating.

You perhaps thought that, at least here in America, certain ideals and values were so much a part of our way of life, so deeply embedded into the hearts of the people, that there was no real threat to our beloved freedoms.

Those ideals and values are not a part of our way of life any longer. They have not been for twenty or thirty years. We are past the tipping point, and it will be a very, very difficult struggle to get back up the pebbly slope to the brink of the cliff down which we fell.

I could list any number of examples from my own field, starting with the expulsion of Theodore Beale from SWFA based on a false accusation by a leftist, going through my editor at Tor books having his child taken from him based on a false accusation, and ending with my agent at Tor books being fired due to a false accusation by a leftist.

I will content myself with a single item of evidence; you can find countless additional items from sources as wide ranging as the monstrous Peter Singer to the absurd Pajama Boy Ethan Krupp.

A creature named Korn writing in the Harvard Crimson calls for an end to Academic freedom.

I am not kidding, I am not exaggerating, and I am not making this up. Here is the link:

Allow me to quote at length, lest I be accused of misrepresenting the true sewer depth of evil being promoted here, the bland banality of the call for chains and gags.

Go here to read the rest.  Mr. Wright ends his post with this observation:

They were idealists for freedom in the same way Miss Korn is an idealist against freedom. The Founding Fathers believed that the rights of man were granted by God, and that no human king, even the most powerful in the world, could take them away. They were a rabble that defied all the kings of the earth, because their vision was of heaven; and hence they were willing to fight to the last musket ball.

Are we willing to fight? Has anyone written even one letter to the newspaper, or to the campus, demanding that this rat gnawing at the hawsers of our liberty be reprimanded, fired from the newspaper, expelled from the school, hanged for high treason? No one? Not one paragraph of angry words? Not one sentence?

Of course not. It would not be practical and pragmatic to get this horrid woman expelled and silenced. Our laws and customs tolerate those who seek day and night to undermine our laws and customs. We are civilized, and so we cannot use barbaric means to fend off the barbarians.

Well, you cannot beat something with nothing. Religious fanaticism is something. Practical pragmatism is nothing. Lukewarm Laodiceans cannot defeat singleminded fanatics.

As Ronald Reagan observed, freedom is always just one generation away from extinction.  Leftists in this country today, sometimes consciously and sometimes unconsciously, are proving the truth of Reagan’s prophetic words.


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  1. It seems Ms. Korn’s views are being roundly rejected by the commenters in the Crimson. May hap’s hope lingers still.

  2. Ms. Korn, if that is her real name, has no sense of humor, nor sense of decorum, nor sense of her destiny. Often Ms. Korn transgresses the principle of separation of church and state. The virtue of modesty is counseled by the church. The law against lewdness or public nakedness is made by the state. (and ought to be enforced by the state, especially in San Francisco) Private nakedness, as in a doctor’s office, is granted.
    The greatest argument against totalitarianism is that Ms. Korn, if that is her real name, has a rational immortal human soul and that her soul is sacred and therefore sanctions against inflicting anything less than the truth are enforced by the church and by the state for she is a sovereign person. Inflicting half-truths is criminal, called heresy in the church, perjury in the state, and lies in the public domain.
    An education is learning how to think, not what to think. Enforcing indoctrination of politically correct ideas is totalitarianism. The questions must be asked:”Why are some people more equal than others? Why is a particular idea more advantageous to some than to others? And WHO wants to know? The people want to know.
    Academic Justice must be equal academic Justice for all.
    There must be a moral principle involved for the state to make law. A moral principle points to God and to the human soul.

  3. Sandra Korn at the Harvard Crimson talks about academic justice. One day she and all of us are going to get God’s justice. It will be a terrible awakening. Lord have mercy, Christ have mercy, Lord have mercy.

  4. If we do nothing, we fail, we know whats right, and it’s our job to “sound off” & make our case “loud & clear” that Gods given us rights, true, and absolute, for All mankind…..ask yourself, if not me, who?????????

  5. I fear the Left at home more than any enemy abroad. Truth will make you free and Lies will enslave you. I cannot think of any of the Bill of Rights, with the possible exception of the Third Amendment, not routinely transgressed if not trampled by the Left when in power.

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