PopeWatch: Prank

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From the only reliable source of Catholic news on the net, Eye of the Tiber:


Pope Francis is apologizing this morning after it was revealed that a video of the Pontiff calling for “communion” with Protestant communities was actually a prank. In a candid video taken from an iPhone earlier this morning, Francis expressed regret for the video sent to a recent gathering of Charismatic and Pentecostal ministers hosted by Kenneth Copeland, in which he stated that he desired “Christians to become one again.”

“No joke, Benedict and I were having a couple glasses of wine, and I remember saying, ‘You dare me? Let’s make a bet on it.’ I said there’s no way they fall for it,” Francis said in his video. “So I bet him that there was no way in a million years that you guys would fall for it. And that line about Catholics and Protestants being brothers and that we should all give each other spiritual hugs? Honestly? Benedict literally spit out his wine. I’m sorry and all, but come on…you actually fell for the whole ‘The miracle of unity has begun stuff?’ Seriously…now I’ve lost the bet and have to wear his red shoes all of Lent.

Francis also went on to say that he was utterly flabbergasted that the Pentecostals believed that they could truly become one with the Catholic Church despite the little fact that they are not even close to being in the same vicinity of agreement on core issues like the Canon of Scripture, the Virgin Birth, Clergy, Confessions, Eucharist, Contraception, and so on.

Francis did end his video on an positive note, though, saying that, “Other than that long list of Church teachings that you all disagree with, as well as your rejection of papal authority and the teachings of the Magisterium of the Catholic Church, yes, we are one.Below is the actual video that the Pope made to a gathering of evangelicals:

Go here to read all about it.


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  1. “Other than that long list of Church teachings that you all disagree with, as well as your rejection of papal authority and the teachings of the Magisterium of the Catholic Church, yes, we are one.

    *wry* A bit close to the bone for it to be pure humor!

  2. I agree with Foxfier, “it is a bit close to the bone to be pure humor”

    My first thoughts go to any non Catholic Christians who might come upon Eye of the Tiber or even our blog and not realize it is all ‘humor’ etc. They might-as some of us have at other times, actually think that conversation in the Vatican did take place etc. Some can chuckle at the wry humor, and it is indeed wry, but we are not speaking of a political party here, or a secular issue. We are speaking of the real (if very imperfect) communion non-Catholic Christians have with the Church.

    Some think that “Ecumenism” is some new fangled idea thought up by the Second Vatican Council, however this is simply not true. Perhaps no one expressed it more clearly and succinctly than Saint Augustine, who died in 430 AD and was no ‘modernist’:

    “We entreat you brothers, as earnestly as we are able, to have charity, not only for one another, but also for those outside the Church. Of these, some are still pagans, who have not yet made an act of faith in Christ. Others are separated, insofar as they are joined with us professing faith in Christ our Head, but are yet divided from the unity of His Body. My friends, we must grieve over these as over our brothers. Whether they like it or not, they are our brothers; and they will only cease to be so when they no longer say Our Father”

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