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Jesuit Inquisition



Father Z bring us a disturbing development from across the pond:


I want everyone to know about this.

This was posted at the blog Protect The Pope, which was run by Deacon Nick Donnelly.

Diocese of Lancaster’s statement about Deacon Nick Donnelly BY M DONNELLY, ON MARCH 13TH, 2014 The Bishop’s office of the Diocese of Lancaster has kindly sent Nick the statement they issued to the press about him and Protect the Pope which is copied below.

“After learning that a notice had been placed upon the Protect the Pope website on 7 March saying: ‘Deacon Nick stands down from Protect the Pope for a period of prayer and reflection’ the Bishop’s Office at the Diocese of Lancaster was able to confirm that Bishop Campbell had recently requested Deacon Nick Donnelly to voluntarily pause from placing new posts on the Protect the Pope site.

Meanwhile, it was also confirmed that the Bishop asked Deacon Nick to use this pause to enter into a period of prayer and reflection on the duties involved for ordained bloggers/website administrators to truth, charity and unity in the Church.

Deacon Nick has agreed to the Bishop’s request at this time”.

I, for one, can imagine that a lot of pressure was exerted on the Bishop of Lancaster to have gone to such an extreme as to command a cleric under his charge not to think aloud in public.

I see now, however, that “M Donnelly” is posting at the blog.  I take it that this is Missus Deacon.  Good for her.

Go get ‘em.

Go here to read the rest.  Oh, and to any members of the American hierarchy we may have annoyed over the years and who wish to begin a round of Orthodox blog suppression in this country, the answer would be a resounding No!, so don’t waste your breath asking.  The American Catholic is here for the long haul!  Go here to Protect the Pope to give them support.

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  1. This is the first I have heard about that situation. As Deacon Nick took an oath to his bishop, I suppose he has to follow orders. Father Z has pointed out that a bishop can make a priest’s life a living hell – and the same would go for a deacon.

    As our bold, intrepid, fearless and beloved Mr. McClarey is no more a clergyman than I – I encourage Mr. McClarey to continue to boldly go where shrinking violets, Clown Mass participants, crazier than thou radtrads and Mark Shea dare not tread.


  2. “This is the first I have heard about that situation. As Deacon Nick took an oath to his bishop, I suppose he has to follow orders.”

    Penguins Fan,

    I may be wrong, but I think the bishop asked for his voluntary agreement because he cannot require it. However, prudence dictates the deacon’s cooperation, at least for a time. Refusing could easily be misconstrued as disobedience by his enemies.

    OTOH, I suspect you’re corect that the bishop can exert much pressure on the deacon. I will add: as much that has been placed upon the bishop by the forces of evil.

    I wonder if this sort of thing derives from liberals attempting to ride what they perceive as Francis’ coat tails into striking devastating blows agains orthodox Catholics, both conservative and traditionalists.

    Might be good for the two camps to remove the daggers from their mouths and begin to find common ground.

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