Hollywood Should Continue to Blacklist Mel Gibson

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Mel and Friend



Is it time for Hollywood to stop blacklisting Mel Gibson?  Journalist Allison Hope Weiner thinks so:


In the years that followed, Gibson made several comments that went public, made him seem anti-Semitic and racist. They made him persona non grata at major studios and agencies, the same ones that work with others who’ve committed felonies and done things far more serious than Gibson, who essentially used his tongue as a lethal weapon. As a journalist who vilified Gibson in The New York Times and Entertainment Weekly until my coverage allowed me to get to know him, I want to make the case here that it is time for those Hollywood agencies and studios to end their quiet blacklisting of Mel Gibson.

Go here to read the rest.  Well why not?  Hollywood would of course have no problem with Mel dumping his wife for a younger model, because that is almost a requirement for Hollywood.  Ditto the heavy drinking, which is as Hollywood as phony bookkeeping.  Racist and anti-Semitic comments?  Please.  Gibson’s only mistake was to say his insults where they could be taken down.  Hollywood has never been a haven for brotherly and sisterly love, unless a film about incest is being made.

Having said all that, Hollywood should continue to blacklist Mel for this crime against Art:

Some things should be unforgivable even in Hollywood!  Mel, curse out whoever you like, betray the wife of your youth a thousand times, drink yourself blotto each night if you must.  These I can reluctantly forgive.  However, after The Beaver, please never appear in another film again, I am begging you!

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  1. I’ll forgive Mel Gibson if he invites himself to the next anti-Semite conference in Tehran and proceeds to tell everyone off. Not before.

    BTW, I’ve seen enough of his behavior since The Passion of the Christ to think that the criticism of the movie led to a breakdown and the breakdown possibly led to possession. The man, and everyone around him, badly needs prayers.

  2. The article does have a strange feel to it. This entertainment journalist apparently never thought about the people she hurt, and apparently believed that every story depicts celebrities on an average day. I mean, couldn’t you tell that Mel was messed up during that phone call? Still, we all get judged by our worst moments. The camera crew on Cops doesn’t film people when they’re sober and wearing a shirt.

    The idea that the criticism of his film got under his skin, though, was pretty interesting. I just assumed it was the uncanny ability of a mean drunk to find the most offensive possible words to say.

  3. I can’t speak to possession, but I do think he’s a tormented soul, like many in that business. However, I feel that Mel somewhere knows he’s wrong, where so many others don’t seem to. Maybe I’m just making excuses for him b/c he has made some great movies. Beaver excluded. He makes movies that are unique and powerful: Passion, Apocolypto, and Braveheart. When I heard he was developing a movie about the Maccabees, I was genuinely excited about what he’d do. Unfortunately that project went down in flames. I really do wish him well.

  4. Downey’s description of the help that Mel gave him in that awards speech is apparently just the tip of the iceberg. As the story linked above notes, Mel put up the money to insure Downey (studios, it seem, have to put up some sort of surety or bond for actors in case they have to back out of production, and none of them were willing to do it) so that Downey could get work. The guy literally owes his now very lucrative career to Mel, and seems to be returning the favor.

    And Mel would be great in an Avengers movie.

  5. A couple of my frat brothers claimed to have seen the movie and liked it, but I should have known it was another film altogether.

    That said, I agree with Ms. Weiner. Gibson is a flawed man, but on balance probably better than most.

  6. Mel Gibson is obviously an alcoholic. His alcoholism has cost him his family and his credibility. Of course we live in an unjust world where Harvey Weinstein can bankroll one bad anti Catholic move after another and all he gets is praise from his peers.

    Alcoholism has destroyed not a few of my family members. My mother’s paternal grandfather died in 1930 at age 48. He was an alcoholic. One of his sons was an alcoholic and died an early death. I have an uncle who has wrecked his life with alcoholism.

    If there is one movie I would love to see made, it would be about the Battle of Vienna and the Polish Hussars who crushed the Turks, about which I have written (too) often here. Gibson would be the most qualified person to make such a movie. The Passion was a masterpiece. I felt as if I were there seeing it all happen and no other movie has ever done that to me.

  7. 🙂 I notice I got a different (red) graphic when I responded on my i phone today- I’ll be getting my new computer in a few weeks- maybe I’ll just come up with a really cool avatar!

  8. Scorsese —Stone —Spielberg —Scott and Cameron —are NOWHERE!

    MEL GIBSON has continued to grow and dare throughout his career.

    Further, he NEVER fell in line with the predictive programming
    and promotion of RED China handover –or EUGENICS.

    He is TRULY the LAST man standing in the Hollywood franchise slum.

    HE and HE ALONE, could deliver the —long over due,
    definitIve, epic treatment of the now awesomely relevant,
    21st century defining
    ———-Globalist MAFIA
    ———————RED China
    ————————–and FINAL EUGENICS ‘uncomfortable’
    ————————————————–KOREAN WAR. . .

  9. Having never seen The Beaver, except for the excerpt above, I’ve got to know: Was it intended as comedy? Because I literally had tears in my eyes from laughing at that clip.

    Oh, Mel. How far you have fallen.

    BTW … Mel Gibson in The Avengers would be great.

  10. I don’t care who Hollywood “blacklists.” Isn’t that like Hannibal Lechter decrying another homicidal cannibal?

    I have Hollywood firmly planted on the top of my blacklist.

    I went to a movie last Summer, ten years or so from the prior. Pacem. The warden paid.

  11. Perhaps if I had seen the whole movie I would think it camp. However, I didn’t find the clip funny. In fact, with voice the same as Mel’s it struck me that the beaver was the dark side of him perhaps from the DTs? a self parody? It reminded me of a black and white Twilight Zone episode (I think or an Outer Limits) set in a seedy motel room wherein the two characters were a washed up alcoholic ventriloquist, Paul Winchell, and his dummy, Jerry Mahoney. The dummy began to talk on his own as a nasty alter ego berating Winchell and attacking him.
    Hollywood loves redemption stories, but it seems only if the redeemed isn’t a practicing Catholic and voicing crude remarks at Jews while in his cups. No excuse but I do wonder if that anti-Semitism was aimed at the studio execs (secular Jews for the most part) who were so critical of his movie The Passion and not at the Jewish religion? RD Jr. has Lithuanian Jewish ancestors.

  12. “No excuse but I do wonder if that anti-Semitism was aimed at the studio execs (secular Jews for the most part) who were so critical of his movie The Passion and not at the Jewish religion?”

    He was accusing Jews of starting all the wars, among other things. I think Mel’s anti-Semitism goes far deeper than anger at studio execs. I think Gibson shares the beliefs of his well-beloved, and deeply deranged, father, Hutton Gibson:


    “HUTTON GIBSON: In the first place the Holocaust is a terrible misnomer. First
    of all a Holocaust is a burnt offering to G-d. Now these people were not
    offering themselves up to G-d. If these people were being killed they
    were being taken there screaming howling and yelling for they were being
    persecuted and murdered. That is not a Holocaust. Secondly there were
    not that many Jews under Hitler’s power under his sway. They claimed
    that there were 6.2 million in Poland before the war and after the war
    there were 200,000; therefore he (Hitler) must have killed six million
    of them. They simply got up and left! They were all over the Bronx and
    Brooklyn and Sydney and Los Angeles.

    Everybody was out to get Hitler … but you know he was not that
    efficient. I’ve known a lot of Germans. The society I went to school to
    were Germans and they were thorough they were good teachers. They were
    efficient and they know how to do things. If they had set out to kill
    six million Jews they would have done it. But all we hear about is
    Holocaust survivors. “Oh, we know it happened, cause over there is a
    survivor. Oh, my mother and father were survivors,” they say.

    This is absolutely ridiculous. And (the Holocaust) it’s all – may not
    all fiction – but most of it is. For instance the gas chambers and
    crematoria at Auschwitz would not do the job. Do you know what it takes
    to get rid of a dead body? To cremate it? It takes a liter of petrol and
    20 minutes – now six million of them? They (the Germans) did not have
    the gas to do it. That’s why they lost the war.

    Regarding the gas chamber, the gas was going the wrong way. You see it
    was going down instead of up….”

  13. Donald, Thank you for the link on Hutton Gibson. Your description of “deeply deranged” is right on the mark. Hutton is not just in denial of the Holocaust, but also a Sedevacantist and Feeneyist. A genius who is a proponent of far out causes and philosophies.
    Hopefully Mel Gibson will get his alcoholism and manic depression under control and be back to acting, producing and directing quality movies.

  14. Phillip, Thank you. The Dummy was the episode that I remembered. I was 12 at the time it was aired and also a fan of the Paul Winchell Show. The episode would have been even better if Winchell had played the lead. He was an alcoholic and a troubled man, but also a very talent man who held many medical patents. He and Dr. Heimlich jointly invented the first artificial heart.

  15. How could anyone name his kid “Hutton”?

    I think Hutton moved his family to Australia (from The US) so his kids wouldn’t get drafted and fight in Vietnam.

  16. A small point (notmuch of one, I’ll admit) in Mel’s favor is that he did not leave his wife for a younger woman, as is popularly repeated.

    It is a fact that she asked him to leave before he met the other woman. “Asked” my not be accurate, either, but I’m foggier on that detail.

    A Catholic might correctly hold him to his marriage vows but it’s a sure bet Hollywood won’t.

  17. Yet somehow Robin Williams continues to get work, in spite of the fact that every character he plays is some version of Mork.

  18. Comment on Cam’s comment: Hutton Gibson a Feeneyist? That’s news to me. Can you substantiate that? We “Feeneyists” never knew that. For your information: Father Feeney was reconciled to the Church in 1972 without having to recant the Church’s de fide teaching that he was renowned for defending. Nor was he excommunicated for doctrine, but for his refusal to go to Rome when summoned there to defend himself for defending the teaching of the Church. Something was not on the level. The Holy Office at the time refused to state what it was that Father Feeney was being summoned to answer for, as is required under the Church’s own canon law. Hence, Father was not informed about what he needed to defend himself against. The “reconciliation” took note of this infraction when it stated that Father Feeney is hereby freed of “any censured he may have incurred.” The wording was deliberate. Even Frank Sheed criticized the Holy Office for its “excessiveness” in the Feeney case. The “heresy” in the “Boston Heresy Case” was the heresy of Archbishop Cushing who called the dogma of No Salvation Outside the Church “Nonsense!” If you go to catholicism.org website you can look up the status of Father Feeney’s Saint Benedict Center. You can read two letters from the Worcester diocese affirm the Catholicity of Saint Benedict Center. The Vicar General of the diocese, Father Lawrence Deery (a friend of mine) assured an inquirer that SBC was “very much Catholic.” Cam was irresponsible in his ignorance, connecting SBC with Hutton Gibson, who is, as he said, sedevacantist.

  19. Kelso,
    I apologize. Hutton was AGAINST Feeneyism, attacking the movement in his newsletter. My source was Wikipedia’s bio of Hutton. Returning to that source I see that I MISREAD it. There is no date for the newsletter. However, this time I did click on the footnote which led me to the Most Holy Family Monastery site. The newsletter date is listed there as October 2004, approximately 32 years after Fr. Feeney was reconciled to the Church.
    Thank you for catching my ignorance and also your explanation about Fr. Feeney, Cardinal Cushing and the SBC.

  20. A description of some detail on Hutton Gibson’s deranged views, preceded by a statement that Mel shared his father’s views. Why? Because Mel shares genes with his deranged father and loves his Dad (“well-beloved”)? Talk about guilt by association. For shame. And on the pages of the NCR.

  21. Eszterhas suppposedly had a reversion back to the Church. I read something about him years ago where he admitted to glamorizing smoking in the films he wrote. Then , while being treated for cancer, he met an 18 year old who had throat cancer. The 18 year old didn’t smoke but his mother did.

    Eszterhas has penned some real Hollywood crap in his life. Showgirls is just one example. Now, I don’t know if Gibson said the things Eszterhas claims or if Eszterhas is exaggerating, but it’s clear that Gibson needs to dry out and get some serious spiritual direction.

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