In Mourning

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In Mourning


One picture sums up the Obama administration.

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  1. Having assumed dictatorial powers with his pen and phone, trampled upon the peoples’ freedom of conscience, denied medical help for citizens who survived abortion, Obama dares to wear the American Flag. In the picture with Abraham Lincoln in mourning, the very stones cry out.

  2. Obama (emperor with no clothes) approval down to 41% from 43% in January, new low. About 54% disapproved equal to previous high from December: Obamacare.

    Threatens to veto bill requiring him to obey the law.

    Bryan Preston asks, “Which product was more dishonestly marketed: Amazing Live Sea Monkeys or Barack Obama?

  3. Godless, incompetent, wicked, idolatrous, perverted, narcissist man of sin and depravity – one of the little antichrists in St John’s first epistle.

  4. Obma is a puzzle to me. He looks like a clean-cut, clean-living, decent and devoted family man with a nice personality and exudes good will. But he is a terrible president with his term in office riddled with the negative effects of his narcissism, his stubborn ideological poses, and his total embrace of both abortion and the extremes of the gay life style. Two persons in the same suit coat. When he was first elected, I had high hopes that his intelligence, education, and devotion to his wife and children would bring us an effective and admirable black leader who could transcend race and color. But he is detested by many blacks, reviled by whites, and no friend to hispanics. He is isolated except for the small group of advisers that he trusts. He is hermetic, he doesn’t reach out to build coalitions, he wants to rule by fiat. He is a most disappointing amateur.

  5. Susan, I think that is a pretty fair analysis, though I personally never held out much hope for his administration. It’s possible to be a decent human being and an utterly incompetent executive, and unfortunately for us Obama is proving that right now.

  6. “Two persons in the same suit coat.”

    Susan, awhile back Peggy Noonan quoted someone to the same effect, saying that Obama’s famous detachment is not the result of maturity and willpower but rather emotional injury and abandonment. It may be decades before we see all of the fruits, rotten and not, of his time in office.

  7. I had such high hopes for him but I’m beginning to believe that we’re being played by the global elite and he is just a mere puppet in their hands. I think the last straw for me was this comment by Kerry regarding the Russia/Ukraine standoff:”You just don’t invade another country on phony pretext in order to assert your interests. This is an Act of Aggression that is completely trumped up in terms of its pretext.” When I heard that, I immediately looked at my wife and said “you know they know they’re messing with us, right?” Right on cue she said how could he not know that everyone would immediately refer back to his support of the Bush regime’s Iraq war? I said, “Oh he knew alright”

  8. Obumbler is a puppet whose stings are being pulled and he doesn’t even realize it. He was a nothing college student and never held a real private sector job. Obumbler was the answer, found, packaged, backed and supported by wealthy Democrats and the media who hated the Clintons and wanted no part of Hillary. Remember, Bill Clinton signed the bill to cut capital gains taxes, signed welfare reform and lost the House of Representatives.

    Obumbler need not worry about his approval ratings. He will continue to play basketball and golf and take month long vacations in Hawaii. In a sense, he has already left office. The fall elections will soon be upon us and the talk of Obumbler’s successor will consume the media’s attention.

  9. That bust isn’t Lincoln. It’s the one from Wayne Manor that activated the Batpoles.

    Sigh. I only wish that tales of a Clown President were urban myths.

  10. Paul – Do you still really believe Obama is a “decent human being”? There is ample evidence to the contrary.

  11. From the other Paul: A man who (knowing God’s law is to the contrary) advocates same sex marriage and supports infanticide is not a decent man. King Manasseh, as he was led into captivity in Assyria by a hook through his nose, found out the hard way what decency requires.

  12. Why is it that elite liberals who think THEY know better always talk with their hands? (ex. MSNBC) Is it because they think the rest of us “folks” are stupid?

  13. Susan, I think that is a pretty fair analysis, though I personally never held out much hope for his administration. It’s possible to be a decent human being and an utterly incompetent executive, and unfortunately for us Obama is proving that right now.

    I think you mean a ‘not-particularly-problematic-for-their-neighbors’ human being. Given that the President chaired the committee of the Illinois senate concerned with the health care business while his wife was paid handsome six figure sums for obscure reasons by the University of Chicago hospitals (and received a doubling of her salary when the President entered Congress), I would hesitate to refer to the President and Mooch as ‘decent’. The retired Foreign Service officer who blogs under the handle “Diplomad 2.0” offered this assessment of the Clintons: the function of the 1st Lady is to launder the bribes. Not just the Clintons.

  14. “Threatens to veto bill requiring him to obey the law.” I know it’s real, but if this doesn’t sound like a joke, I don’t know what does. Why would anyone expect him to obey a law requiring him to obey a law? So the next step would be a bill requiring him to obey a law requiring him to obey the law. Repeat ad infinitum.

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