The Westboro Baptist Chipmunks

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From those brilliantly twisted folks at The Lutheran Satire.

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Keeping a Promise

As faithful readers of this blog know, I was a very reluctant, and late, supporter of Donald Trump in 2016.  I grudgingly


  1. Outstanding! I had to rewind it three times because I was laughing so hard I couldn’t hear the next stanza!
    St, Lawrence better watch out. He has competition!

  2. Some of the Calvinists remarked that they found it hilarious. Others went into bible-quoting sociopathic tailspins. Ahh, the Sola Scriptura roulette wheel. ‘Round and ’round she goes; where she stops nobody knows.

  3. Did anyone catch the “Choose Your Pope” video available after the Chipmunks ended? It was almost as funny and just as pathetic.

  4. Martin Luther overlooked the fact that people who act in good will to accept their Faith, a gift from God, have already performed a free will act of good works. Belief consists in believing and loving God. Loving God, too, is a work of faith. Believing and loving are free will works of the human person.
    I watched popewatch-frank-the-hippie-pope/. The two most seriously evil things in the world are atheism and despair, well, maybe, three, disrespect for the Person of God. The Supreme Sovereign Being is three Persons. The atheist is to be tolerated. Atheism is a lie and unconstitutional. Without the Person of God, there is only void. Despair is a lie about God. Despair is the chief seduction of the devil. The devil is a liar.
    And while this comment is not very funny, I am going to post it.

  5. Here is funny: “Two blondes are facing each other across a wide stream. One yells to the other, “How do you get to the other side?” The other blonde replies, “You are on the other side!””

  6. I watched a bunch of their videos. I found them pretty funny. Did not see “Choose Your Pope.” As an Irish Catholic American, who actually has spent a lot of time scratching his head over the mystey of the Trinity, I found “St. Patrck and his bad analogies” (or similar title) very very funny.
    Mary Devoe, I have spent a lot of time on YouTube flaming morons who think “Louis CK Investigates the Catholic Church” as cutting edge humor (it is nothing but vile bigotry going under the guise of “humor”), ANYTHING by Bill Maher and Catholicism (which again is nothing but vile bigotry disguised as comedy), Sarah Silverman videos, etc.
    The anti-Christian bigots who run the mass media own ALL that space (i.e. the nasty, snarky humor that the next generation craves), and they market this garbage as “cutting-edge” and “rebellious” to the stupid sheep (Jon Stewart got that idiot and his friends in the White House.)
    Yes, I agree that taking a swipe at the Pope (particularly by a bunch of people who follow the teachings of a guy who can be easily satirized) is a low blow. But I also think, given the reality of our culture, their defense of Christianity in general is really a pretty brilliant use of satire satire, which I think can and should be emulated and improved on. ( I am sure I can find 50 Catholics funnier than those guys at any given Catholic high school (having gone to one myself.)
    Tearing down the nasty Louis CKs, Jon Stewarts, Sarah Silvermans and most of all that stupid Bill Mahers of this world (these guys do a pretty good lampoon of Bill Maher in a video about somebody trying to destroy Christmas) is an essential first step in getting the right message across to the people inheriting the Earth. It is a good first step, and I thank God (with a KEY assist from McClarey) for pointing them out.

  7. The Choose your Pope clip features a Thoroughly Modern Millie sort of young lady who attended the best colleges and actually went to a Roman Catholic Mass seven times and is therefore qualified to interrogate several “candidates” for Pope. ’twas not hilarious but a bit of wry satire, funny were it not so sad.

  8. Of all the Protestant denominations, the Lutherans [with their major differences] remain the closest to the Catholic Church.

  9. CatholicsRock: “As an Irish Catholic American, who actually has spent a lot of time scratching his head over the mystey of the Trinity,”
    God is perfect LOVE. Perfect LOVE needs someone to love. Perfect LOVE needs someone to love Him. Jesus Christ loves His Father perfectly and His Father loves His son perfectly. The love proceeding from the Father and the Son is the Holy Spirit. The Three distinct Persons in the Blessed Trinity are one Sovereign Being.

  10. Mary DeVoe – thank you for your explanation. I had sort of given up trying to understand it, as a descendant (genealogically and intellectually) of the people who needed St. Patrick to explain it to them. I am sure St. Patrick used small words and spoke very slowly to my forebears as well – and finally, in exaspiration, picked up a clover.
    One of the things that makes the story great (to me) is that even though he finally had to resort to theological fallacies to get his point across, he spawned an entire nation of people with faith deep enough to put up with centuries of nasty, brutal, hellish British depredations and subjugation – all for their Faith. Even though his teachings were “imperfect” they reached the place where God calls us to love.
    The other offshoot of teaching to people like me was that St. Patrick figured out how to actually TEACH people like me (ie people thicker than two bricks – who actually make up the majority of people on the planet – after all it is a well known statistic that 50% of people graduated in the bottom half of their class!) and founded the university system as a result.
    Happy St. Patrick’s day!

  11. Dear sweet God, is this what Irish Irish Catholics are to expect next from our Trans Pond diaspora ?!


    Well at least we can laugh at ourselves if no one else.

  12. Funny video and the postscript from God a fitting ending.
    Re the Westboro Baptists:
    A volunteer group, the Patriot Guard, was founded in response to their cruel “mission”. An excerpt from
    “Our main mission is to attend the funeral services of fallen American heroes as invited guests of the family. Each mission we undertake has two basic objectives:
    1. Show our sincere respect for our fallen heroes, their families, and their communities.
    2. Shield the mourning family and their friends from interruptions created by any protestor or group of protestors.
    We accomplish the latter through strictly legal and non-violent means.”

  13. Botolph,

    I believe the High Church Anglicans/Traditional Episcopalians are the “Protestants” closest to the Western/Latin (though the Latin is now almost nonexistent) Catholic Church. The Ordinariate was created for them. We could argue that they may not be Protestant, but it’s Sunday and I’m tired of
    -arguing with the six year old today.
    -watching the penguins lose to the Flyers, again, and:
    -cold weather.

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