When Life Becomes a Tom Clancy Novel

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The more we learn about the disappearance of Malaysian airliner Flight 370, the creepier it gets:


KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia — Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak said Saturday that a missing passenger jet was steered off course after its communications systems were intentionally disabled and could have potentially flown for seven additional hours.

In the most comprehensive account to date of the plane’s fate, Najib drew an ominous picture of what happened aboard Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, saying investigators had determined there was “deliberate action by someone on the plane.”

Najib said the investigation had “refocused” to look at the crew and passengers. A Malaysia Airlines representative, speaking to relatives of passengers in Beijing, said the Malaysian government had opened a criminal investigation into the plane’s disappearance.

(See: New map shows possible search corridors for the Malaysia Airlines flight.)

The plane’s whereabouts remain unknown one week after it disappeared from civilian radar shortly after takeoff from Kuala Lumpur. But Najib, citing newly analyzed satellite data, said the plane could have last made contact anywhere along one of two corridors: one stretching from northern Thailand toward the Kazakhstan-Turkmenistan border, the other, more southern corridor stretching from Indonesia to the remote Indian Ocean.

U.S. officials previously said they believed the plane could have remained in the air for several extra hours, and Najib said Saturday that the flight was still communicating with satellites until 8:11 a.m. — 7 ½ hours after takeoff, and more than 90 minutes after it was due in Beijing. There was no further communication with the plane after that time, Najib said. If the plane was still in the air, it would have been nearing its fuel limit.

“Due to the type of satellite data,” Najib said, “we are unable to confirm the precise location of the plane when it last made contact with the satellite.”

A U.S. official with knowledge of the investigation on Friday said the only thing the satellite can tell is how much it would need to adjust its antenna to get the strongest signal from the plane. It cannot provide the plane’s exact position or which direction it flew, just how far the plane is, roughly, from the last good data-transmission location when the digital datalink system was actually sending data up to the satellite.

The U.S. official said the search area is somewhere along the arc or circumference of a circle with a diameter of thousands of miles.

Go here to The Washington Post to read the rest.  Until this occurred, it was thought that a modern airliner simply could not vanish in these days of constant electronic contact.  Apparently this was in error.  If this was done deliberately, we are dealing with very skilled individuals who wanted to get their hands on an airliner.  Why?  The latest rumor is that the airliner may have been diverted to Central Asia in the old Soviet Union.  Not all nukes are accounted for that were in the Soviet arsenal.  An airliner would make a grand one way delivery platform for a nuke.  Since this is real life and not a novel, we can’t skip a few pages to learn more about this mystery.  I imagine the Chinese and the Russians are playing very close attention to that region right now where the airliner may have been taken for reasons unknown.


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  1. Yes. Much speculation here as well. I have thought for a few days now that this is air piracy – the one of the pilots, or a passenger who is a jumbo pilot – have hijacked the plane. My thoughts are maybe it has been taken to one of the ‘Stans just NW of Tibet, or it has crached when those in command wrongly estimated the fuel endurance.
    Who knows – it could even have been landed in outback Australia – QANTAS need a financial boost don’t they 😉
    What surprises me is that with all the surveillance staelites, radar etc that’s around the world that this plane has totally disappeared. I wonder though – The US has a military base on Diego Garcia, and it would not surprise me if the US military, whose equipment is way ahead of any other nation’s, does have some info on it, but doesn’t want to release it all in one go, otherwise they expose the superiority of their technology, but release in dribs and drabs to equate the civil information.
    How’s that for an arguably realistic conspiracy theory?

  2. Maybe it was raptured…and the only true Christians were aboard the plane…

    and God took the plane, as well.

    Boy…it’s getting as thick as sea poop in here…

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