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Bill Donohue of The Catholic League has provided a sterling example of the hypocrisy of gay groups attempting to crash Saint Patrick Day parades:



Bill Donohue comments on his exchange with officials from New York’s Heritage of Pride parade:

For the past few days I have been engaged in an e-mail conversation with officials from the Heritage of Pride parade, New York’s annual gay event; the dialogue has been cordial. I asked to join the parade under a banner that would read, “Straight is Great.” The purpose of my request was to see just how far they would go without forcing me to abide by their rules. It didn’t take long before they did.

Today, I informed Heritage of Pride officials that I objected to their rule requiring me to attend gay training sessions, or what they call “information” sessions. “I don’t agree with your rule,” I said. They responded by saying that attendance was “mandatory.”

The St. Patrick’s Day parade has mandatory rules, too. It bars groups representing their own cause from marching, which is why pro-life Catholics—not just gays—are barred from participating under their own banner. But only gays complain: they refuse to abide by the rules. Indeed, they went into federal court seeking to force a rule change. They lost. In 1995, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled 9-0 that private parades have a First Amendment right to determine their own rules.

It is hypocritical for gay activists to complain about having to abide by the mandatory rules of the St. Patrick’s Day parade, and then inform me that I cannot march in their parade unless I respect their mandatory rules, rules that I reject.

Good luck to the Heritage of Pride participants. I may be watching it from afar, but I sure won’t be downing a Guinness afterwards.

As Donohue has demonstrated, none of this has anything to do with inclusion or fairness.  It has everything to do with compelling unwilling people or groups to give a stamp of approval to the gay agenda.  Anyone confused on that score simply has not been paying attention.

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  1. I don’t see the analogy.

    Parades are public celebrations and declarations of a group’s shared principles. Those shared principles may or may not be inclusive and tolerant (either expressly or by virtue of the core principles that shape the group) of dissenting views.

    Any group that purports to be thus inclusive and tolerant of dissenting views, and thereafter excludes the dissenters from in its parade, is being hypocritical.

    Any group that does not purport to be inclusive and tolerant of dissenting views can exclude dissenters from promulgating their dissent in its parade without hypocrisy.

    So, let’s ask ourselves: are the St. Patrick’s Day parade organizers on an equal footing in this respect with the Heritage of Pride organizers? I suspect that the answer is NO, because the level of “restriction” differs. The St. Paddy’s folks have an ironclad rule saying to gays, right-to-lifers and perhaps others “Thou shalt not march with us under thy banner.” The Heritage folks say “Let us vet thee, and if thee show us that we have thy respect, ye shall be allowed to respectfully promulgate thy dissent in our parade.”

  2. “So, let’s ask ourselves: are the St. Patrick’s Day parade organizers on an equal footing in this respect with the Heritage of Pride organizers? I suspect that the answer is NO, because the level of “restriction” differs.”

    Ah, but the whole argument of gay rights activists is that they are entitled to participate on the grounds of tolerance in the Saint Patrick’s Day parade and that it is intolerant for them to be denied to carry a banner, even though this restriction is applied to other participants. However, where they are in control mandatory brainwashing classes are the order of the day. Tolerance is either a two way street or it is a mere political slogan, to be abandoned quickly whenever one has power.

  3. Disingenuous Frank. Each group “owns” their own parade and sets the participation rules. Pride wants to force Pats to break their own rules for the sake of advancing tolerance. The pretext disappears when Pride will not tolerate Pats request for a rule change from Pride.
    The goal for Pride is Not equal footing, but a position of dominance.
    We have , as a historically Christian society hoped for and expected a degree of honesty and “fairness ” in our public dealings with each other. We are offended when someone perverts the truth, and compromises the well being of individuals or society-especially by obscuring meaning and manipulating the emotions of innocent minded people. Your statement frankly smacks of that same kind of duplicity.

  4. Gay women who call their partners “husbands” or “pretend husbands” and gay men who call their partners “wives” or “pretend wives” are demanding equality with real husbands and real wives. Well, it is like counterfeit money. Fraudulent advertising.
    Marriage consists in one woman who consents to become a wife and one man who consents to become a husband. One husband and one wife consummating the marital act is defined as marriage. Marriage confers the office of husband and wife upon a man and a woman.
    Anything else in a court of law may be considered perjury.

    To demand that one’s fraud and perjury be equal to real marriage is nonsense.
    And gays need to get on their knees and thank God for the beautiful rainbow, God’s promise that He would not destroy the earth by flood. So far there is death, war, pestilence, and famine, without the rainbow, and consummate, unbridled ignorance, the Fifth Horseman of the Apocalypse. It is no wonder practicing gays are called “jerks”.

  5. “So, let’s ask ourselves: are the St. Patrick’s Day parade organizers on an equal footing in this respect with the Heritage of Pride organizers? I suspect that the answer is NO, because the level of “restriction” differs.”
    The only “restriction” to the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade is to honor Saint Patrick. What part of “Intellectual Property” don’t you understand? You sure understand IP for the Heritage of Pride. Duplicity, duplicity, duplicity added to hypocrisy.

  6. We are witnessing a rise in imperialism, make no mistakes about it. They use all the nice propaganda slogans and phrases, but this is the dictatorship of relativism at work. This is no different than those marches several decades ago of American Nazis in predominantly Jewish neighborhoods. And frankly, if the shoe fits, let them wear it.

  7. I want to say something really sarcastic, but I’ll settle for an exaggerated sigh and a sotto voce “brutalists.”

  8. What is surprising in this? “Scratch a Liberal, you get a hypocrite” – period. I am old (75) and have a rather wide circle of acquaintances. I know of only TWO people who admit to being Democrat (there are quite a few RINOs also) who would not be deemed two-faced. And one of them is dead.

  9. “Scratch a Liberal, you get a hypocrite”
    This would not be so if atheism, abortion, pornography, fornication, adultery and assault and battery by homosexual practitioners had not been given freedom under our First Amendment. These vices turned into counterfeit virtues are corrupting our future generations, George Washington’s constitutional posterity.

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