PopeWatch: Obama

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  1. “…similar …to his meeting with Pope Benedict…”

    As Obama extended his hand to the Pope, His Holiness called for the Papal Ruler again?

  2. Uh….beg to differ….The Vatican’s statement and zerO’s do not COMPUTE.Radically different statements about WHAT was discussed.Do your homework before posting absolute DRECK !

  3. Gordon, you might contemplate the possibility that whatever you have read on the internet PopeWatch already knows. That Obama came out with a self-serving rendition in no way alters the Vatican statement. PopeWatch trusts the Vatican infinitely more than PopeWatch does Obama.

  4. An individual stopped me in the grocery store. He was very excited about Pope Francis welcoming the divorced and “remarried”, perhaps ordaining women to the male priesthood and gay-marriage. The Love of Jesus for His Father in heaven, the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of truth is a Person, perfect Love. Perfect Love cannot be violated.

  5. I am pretty surprised you have not posted and commented on the story of Obama “getting his start” in the Catholic church. I have to assume you have not seen it?

  6. While done in completely diplomatic terms, actually between Pope Francis and his Secretary of State, POTUS was confronted strongly. However, since this administration is completely secularist, they did not understand the language. From a American Catholic perspective however, Rome has completely backed the American bishops on their three major issues with the White House [that is no surprise] and POTUS did not get his ‘ringing endorsement’ that he so desperately needs and desired

  7. Why was there so much fuss and bluster about this meeting, anyway? Unless Pope Francis had intended to put on his Exorcist hat, or had a miracle-wand in his hand, Mr. O’s hardened heart was going to remain turned towards himself, and his will to bludgeon the laws of nature and God immune to reform. We could not expect much neither from the Pope and certainly not from the O.

  8. Don’t look at the timed photos. Watch the video of the meeting minus the commentary.

    Watch the body language and judge for yourself.

    Pope Francis does not look enthusiastic. AT. ALL. He appears as though he is going through the motions.

    Alas Obama! Well, lets say he doesn’t read the situation well, and like a true narcissist, carries on as though he was the guest of honor at a cocktail party.Obama is doing a lot of sucking up, swagering and over exaggerated laughing- patronizing and highly unprofessional.

    And seeds for the leader of the Catholic Church? Hahaha. Why didn’t he just take Michelle’s freshly baked muffins whilst he was at it. No class.

    I cringed watching it.

    I’m so relieved Obama is not my leader. How demoralizing and humiliating to those he leads.

  9. Sydney O. Fernandes wrote, “Mr. O’s hardened heart was going to remain turned towards himself, and his will to bludgeon the laws of nature and God immune to reform.”

    But no one can know that in advance. As St Augustine says, “who would dare to affirm that God has no method of calling whereby even Esau might have applied his mind and yoked his will to the faith in which Jacob was justified? But if the obstinacy of the will can be such that the mind’s aversion from all modes of calling becomes hardened, the question is whether that very hardening does not come from some divine penalty, as if God abandons a man by not calling him in the way in which he might be moved to faith. Who would dare to affirm that the Omnipotent lacked a method of persuading even Esau to believe?”

    The Doctor of Grace also says, “For the effectiveness of God’s mercy cannot be in the power of man to frustrate, if he will have none of it. If God wills to have mercy on men, He can call them in a way that is suited to them, so that they will be moved to understand and to follow… because God has mercy on no man in vain. He calls the man on whom He has mercy in the way He knows will suit him, so that he will not refuse the call.” That is why scripture says “I will have mercy on whom I will, and I will be merciful to whom it shall please Me” (Exod. 33:19) and “To you,” said Our Saviour, “it is given to know the mystery of the kingdom of heaven, but to them it is not given.” (Matt. xiii. 11)
    That is why St Augustine says, “If, therefore, you confess that to persevere to the end in good is God’s gift, I think that equally with me you are ignorant why one man should receive this gift and another should not receive it; and in this case we are both unable to penetrate the unsearchable judgments of God.”

  10. PopeWatch did not expect anything of importance to come out of this photo op,

    Flying this man and his entourage around the globe requires four jet aeroplanes. The purpose is what??????

  11. Michael Paterson-Seymour’s extensive quotes are acknowledged, and uncontested. The point here is the swirl of public comments from all and sundry, including myself, on what appears on the epidermis, if you will, of reality. Very much in the same vein as Pope Francis’ comment “Who am I to judge?” was the baton for those who wanted it “their way.” We all hope for the conversion of every last sinner, as Christ died for every last one of them, including Judas. But human opinions are just that: human: based of the evidence–or not–of human behavior. Point/counterpoint is a duel that will continue to be practiced.

  12. There were, as I understand, two versions of the encounter. Obama’s, which claimed that they did not get into the details of Obamacare and the HHS Mandate; and the Vatican’s which stated that they did indeed discuss details of matters the Holy See finds troubling. Did Obama not anticipate the Pope having a duty of fraternal correction? Perhaps not. Obama is at least a remote occasion of sin. Proximate I do care to be. I do not hate Obama. I (Deep breath) will not hate Obama. I don’t like him even a little bit and that’s a right of my integrity as a person. We must love all others but we need not – cannot – like all others. We love people as a duty toward other creations of God. We like those who benefit us and make us happy. One is an intellectual decision, the other an emotional response. I recall a discussion years ago with a friend about Clinton. I said, I do not despise Clinton but merely find him to be despicable, while loving him as a fellow child of God for whom I wish no harm. My friend considered it a “fine Jesuitical distinction”. 🙂

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