Anchors Aweigh

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Something for the weekend.  Anchors Aweigh.  The fight song of the United States Naval Academy, it was composed in 1906 with music by Charles A. Zimmerman and lyrics by Alfred Hart Miles.  Universally regarded as the song of the United States Navy, it has never been officially adopted, although that has not stopped it being loved by most of the sailors who have served in Uncle Sam’s Yacht Club.

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  1. Thanks! my dad and brother were sailors- Dad was a signalman in the Pacific during the war and and my brother during Vietnam- remember the Forrestal?
    Anyway I have sang that song growing up and teaching myself semaphore from Dad’s old manual- now I “dance” and march to it with my infant granddaughter while playing my ipod.
    Just until today while listening to these great renditions, I realized that no PC person has yet forced them to quit singing “my boys” in favor of some gender neutral term.
    It can’t be that the point has been conceded (that sailing on warships is mostly a boy thing. Maybe is just that “gender neutral” is now as out of vogue as a standing army. Gender specific is the mode of the day– with hot new genders daily!

  2. Don’t be deceived, “my boys” is sung here for purely nostalgic purposes. Look at the choir. If there were men singing the song that would be different, but there’s not.

    It’s all fun and games, and gender theories, until the bombs start falling.

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