My Little Pony Cavalry Commander

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Ah, if only this proposed computer game did not have an April 1 announcement date.  My daughter would have loved it when she was younger.  I have always believed that every well brought up young lady should have a firm grasp of at least basic military tactics and strategy.  (The same applies for well brought up young gentlemen):




We are pleased to announce that the Slitherine Group has gained the exclusive rights to the critically-acclaimed ‘My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic’ license and that we are currently working on a series of games under the My Little Pony Franchise. 

Armed with this powerful license, we are currently working hard to bring you the first game in an exciting  new series. In My Little Pony: Cavalry Commander, the player will have to manage the Pony armies both on a strategic and tactical level for the ultimate My Little Pony experience!

“Signing the My Little Pony franchise was the next logical step in our overall strategy.” Said JD McNeil, Chairman of the Slitherine Group. “We are always looking for new opportunities to expand the wargaming community and reach new markets. With My Little Pony, we can do just that!”  

In MLP:CC, the Golden Valley of Dreams has been attacked by the legions of the Unicornfederacy (Confederacy of Black Unicorns). In response, the Ponies quickly suspend their playtime and organize the Free Pony Militia. While the Ponies have the will and determination to defend their valley, they lack the military organization and technology to effectively challenge the Unicornfederacy. And that is where YOU come in.

As the player, you will be put in command of the Free Pony Militia and you will have to organize your Ponies into an effective fighting force and command them in the many battles against the Unicornfederacy. At the same time you will be in charge of modernizing the cavalry force. Starting with the unarmed ponies, you will have to fund technologies to unlock armoured cavalry units, or ‘Heavy Ponies’ (see pic). Will you be able to command the determined Ponies and save the Golden Valley of Dreams?


– Immerse yourself in the world of My Little Pony with the epic story-driven campaign
– Learn the game with the help of four comprehensive tutorials
– Improve your tactics in over 20 scenarios
– Command the Pony nation on a strategic level, manage the economy and prioritize research
– Fight tactical battles against the hordes of unicorns, use the terrain to your advantage  and target them with experimental weaponry to clear the battlefield of the Unicornfederate invaders!
– Meet all your favourite Pony characters and help them save their world
– Find new Bronies in the online multiplayer lobby

My Little Pony: Cavalry Commander is currently under development and will be presented at Home of Wargamers.  The game is planned for release this fall. 
Pony Cav

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  1. I know what I’m getting my oldest child. She loves My Little Pony, as does the middle child.

    Ah, to have a household full of girls. At least the middle one already seems interested in wrestling, so I’m not totally sunk.

  2. Alright, that’s Pinky Pie on the front, and Derpy in the front seat of the tank, but it looks like they recolored Fluttershy’s hair to orange for the third pony. (Apple Jack is on the recruiting poster.)

    I might think is is odd, if my husband wasn’t halfway through building a MLP:FIM Warhammer Fantasy army. (Still debating on classic Strawberry Shortcake, La La Oopsie or Rainbow Bright for the humanoids. The “Spike” forest dragon is tough to budget points for.)

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