PopeWatch: Friars of the Immaculate

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  1. Thanks Mr. McClarey.
    Holy hour coming up. The hour will be for a happy ending to this ordeal. I appreciate the glimmer of hope for the Order.

  2. What if the Pope takes extracting these 6 children from the sepulcher to mean re-assigning them to different orders, doing the same with the rest of the members of the Franciscans of the Immaculate, and disbanding that organization? That is perhaps NOT what we wish or hope for, and I do not mean to be negative, but the petitioner of a request and the granter of that request may have vastly different intentions.

  3. What does “soon” mean in a Church that moves soooo sloooowly that the media hoopla over the 500th anniversary of the Protestant break (Martin Luther’s posting of his 95 theses) is about to take that Church by surprise?

  4. Yes, we do not know what the final outcome will be. Those loyal to the founders will not be able to continue under a new or lax constitution. It is reported that some of the few dissenting friars are working with the commissioner (who is not a member of the Order) on just such a thing. And the dissenting friars who have spoken for some time against “rad-trads” would not be able to suddenly be faithful sons of the founders. And when an Order is not faithful to the founders, well it flounders! The founders must be exonerated! Keep in mind there are NO charges against them, no heresy, no scandal–only a ‘traditional drift’. But they knew totally that they were Pontifical Rite and must absolutely be faithful to the Pope. And so, to obey Pope Benedict, they began to also embrace the Vetus Ordo as Summorum Pontificum made possible. Who would have thought that this all could happen? Some friaries never offered the TLM and some did both. But it is true that the seminarians were embracing the fullness of tradition with joy. That joy is gone. There has been division and persecution which are of the evil one. They say it was not about the Mass but if not, why are only 3 of the former 33 places for the TLM in Italy approved by the commissar?

  5. Seems like the response of a politician to reach out with the caressing hand and say “soon soon” without clarity.

  6. The most striking thing about this episode is that the parents managed to see the Pope in the first place. To his surprise, apparently.

    Makes me wonder if someone in the Pope’s circle was trying to send a message.

  7. If it were my son or daughter in the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate and I encountered the Holy Father, he would still be hearing it from me – and my Spanish speaking wife, who would make it clear to him in his own language.

    I doubt the Holy Father would like to be told by Traditionalists that Novus Ordo Mass attendees are ” shallow, novelty-seeking, attention span-impaired busybodies who confuse participation with ‘doing'”. (And, no, this is NOT how I view those who attend the NO Mass, I was demonstrating absurdity by being absurd).

  8. Reminds me of the old answer to petitions, « Le Roi s’avisera » [the king will think about it], meaning “No”

  9. I certainly hope and pray for a good outcome with the Friars. I have a more positive ‘intuition’ concerning the outcome. I first of all believe that every attempt will be made to ‘save’ /preserve the order. The issue within the Friars of a minority concerning Vatican II of course will have to be seen to, however, certainly TLM cannot and should not be identified as a negation etc of Vatican II. My sense is that it is the formation program that is at the center of things in actuality [again no problem with TLM in this]. However, these are but ‘intuitions’

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