Sebelius Flees Sinking ObamaCare Ship

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HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius announced her resignation today.  Her signature achievement is the disastrous rollout of ObamaCare.  She is fleeing a sinking ship as the elections in the fall are shaping up to be a disaster for the Democrats, much of it based on reaction to ObamaCare.  That Sebelius has helped destroy the Obama administration, or at least neuter it, I find to be richly ironic.

Sebelius throughout her political career has been a strident, one might say fanatical, supporter of abortion.  In 1992 as a member of the Kansas House of Representatives, her support for pro-abortion legislation brought this rebuke from Archbishop Ignatius Strecker.  After she was elected as governor, she constantly clashed with Archbishop James Keleher over abortion.  On May 9, 2008, Archbishop Naumann announced that Sebelius should refrain from taking communion until she repented of her position in favor of abortion and went to confession.

Sebelius is no ordinary supporter of abortion.  She was a close ally of the late Tiller the Killer, otherwise known as Dr. George Tiller, the foremost practitioner until his murder of late term abortions in this country.  The ties between Sebelius and Tiller are outlined here.

That Sebelius through ineptitude has helped to mortally wound the pro-abort administration of her dreams is simply perfect, and brings a smile to my lips.

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  1. It will be interesting to see what cushy sinecure has been arranged for her.
    Who wants to bet it will be something in the abortion industry/

  2. If the bishop has the authority to forbid pols who are pro-abortion or who manifest any other grave sin to receive communion, they need to use it. This saying they “should” refrain from communion is meaningless, especially when you consider the fact that everyone knows such suggestions are routinely ignored.

  3. When one diabolical person leaves the Obama Administration, Obama appoints a replacement twice as diabolical.

  4. Ms. Sebelius in her testimony before Congressional committees on the health care rollout debacle was both defiant and scornful She deliberately stonewalled and refused to provide necessary factual information to enable Congress in its duties to oversee her work and to remedy the scandalous mess created by professional bureaucrats and Congress. May I add that she appears to suffer from overweening pride [hubris] and that upon her designation as HHS administrator she was socially promoted under the Peter Principle and rose to her level of incompetence.

    Evidently Ms. Sebelius has now been thrown under the bus at this precise time in contemplation of upcoming mid-term elections, and to preserve Obama’s grandiose vision of his place in American history?

    This entire presidency seems to be predicated on the assumption that We the People will forget about her resignation and her absurd behavior, and that a month or two from now few will remember any of this scandal, including the obvious fact that the President is not a leader at all but an adept fund raiser and reader of a teleprompter.

  5. Perhaps you are correct, Donald, However, if I were going to emasculate a country’s national power, the three things I would neuter would be not its military, but its health care system, its energy supply system and its educational system. The Democrats – and particularly Barack Hussein Obama – have been singularly successful at this.

    Now I do not know much about health care or education, but I do know what has happened in nuclear energy where Obama has appointed anti-nuclear activist after anti-nuclear activist into the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission. There was under George Bush much planning that went into the Global Nuclear Energy Program (GNEP), and third generation passively safe Pressurized and Boiling Water Reactors were going to be built all across the nation. We were even going to have advanced molten salt thorium breeders and high temperature helium gas reactors having greater than 50% efficiency and able to burn up the long lived actinides in used nuclear fuel from today’s light water reactors. Now we have the two PWRs at SONGS (San Onofre Nuclear Generation Station) (the NRC deliberately stalled restart efforts after S/G tube leaks for which SoCal Edison had developed resolution), the PWR at Crystal River in Florida, the PWR at Kewanee out west in Wisconsin and the BWR at Vermont Yankee in Brattleboro, Vermont all being shutdown during the Obama Administration – that’s about 5000 megawatts of safe, clean, low cost electricity permanently removed from the grid. And Obama appointed anti-nuke Gregory Jackzo as NRC Chairman, but when his woman-abusing antics became an embarrassment to the Administration (his fellow 4 Commissioners protested his actions to the White House) he was forced to resign and Obama replaced him with Allison MacFarlane whose husband works in anti-nuclear organizations.

    Just think – Obama is using the EPA to stop coal fired power plants that supply 50% of US electricity, and he is neutering nuclear that supplies 20%. So natural gas has to step in. Then the Russians invade Ukraine, make a deal to sell natural gas real cheap to communist China, and jack up the prices everywhere else in the world so that the now gas-dependent Europe, Canada and the US are hung on ropes. Is Obama capable of planning sabotage like that world-wide? No. But the devil sure is, and really competent Putin is no fool – he knows Germany has de-nuked itself out of hysterical fears of Fukushima which killed only 6 people outright (compared to 33 thousand deaths annually from coal in the US). So Putin takes advantage of Obama’s incompetency.

    But I digress from the topic of this blog post. I really do not know a darn thing about health care or education (can you spell Common Core?), but I do know that that son of a snake in Washington, DC is emasculating our energy system as well as heath care and education, and without access to low cost energy, we cannot afford our technical civilization. So maybe Obama is incompetent, but the Devil who inspires him is entirely too competent.

    The stories I could tell about stupid, useless regulation that contributes not one iota to either safety or quality but ensures the continued prosperity of the federal bureaucrat. You are a lawyer, Donald. You have even more stories than I to tell because you (I suspect) see this up front close and personal every day.

  6. Paul: Thanks for your fascinating post. We observe this strange man and his Administration and speculate on motivation and mission. What is the endgame? The means to whatever end are there for all to see. They are abortion -which kills about 15% of the next generation every year, the health care takeover -which will surely reduce survival at the other end of life, the indoctrination of such children as are permitted to live -who will easily swallow fabrications of science and history and growing up docile subjects of a new order. Perhaps, we kooks who during the 50s and 60s feared the UN become a global tyranny were right after all. It all makes sense to atheists who see people as no more than highly evolved and troublesome hairless apes but people of faith can discern the devil in the details. We cannot read minds or peer into the windows of souls and many misdeeds are the product of ignorance. “Father forgive them for they know not what they do”. So perhaps the strange man is no more than a clueless socialist seeking an imaginary justice but the modern movement in its totality reeks of sulfur.

  7. Let her get herself to a cloistered convent, confessing and doing penance, until her remaining years are numbered.

  8. As the root word of diabolical can be traced to the Castillan word for the devil – diablo – it’s a fitting term for Sebelius’ political actions.

    An alleged Catholic, she has been an open and notorious abortion supporter.

    I am tired of alleged Catholics who enter politics on the Democrat side and climb the ladder supporting abortion all the way up. Sebelius was an arrogant and nasty human being, assigned to preside over a monstrosity of a law. I question how much she damaged obumbler. i submit, as before, that Obumbler cares not a bit. He has his nearly three years in the White House left, for his wife and him to vacation, play golf, fill out brackets for the NCAA basketball tournament and provide no leadership for the problems the nation faces.

  9. No one elected Sebelius. No one voted for Sebelius. Sebelius was appointed.
    Congress did not vote for the HHS Mandate. No one voted for the HHS Mandate. The HHS Mandate was drawn up by an unelected official and imposed by a department of government against the will of the people.

  10. Kathleen Sebelius’ roll under the bus will surely give pause to the lady (Lois Lerner) from the IRS.
    If this were “Dragnet” it would be time for Joe Friday to step up the intensity of his questioning.

  11. My post above contains an error. I estimated the ratio of abortions to live births at 15%. According to the Center for Disease Control, the abortion ratio was 227 abortions per 1,000 live births. Ergo, 22.7%. Terrible!

  12. In keeping with the particular subtext of this post, let me just say that, when Lois Lerner finds herself in front of the bus, she’ll be the one yelling “it’s all for you Damien!”

  13. Everything about the Obama Administration is an unworkable fiasco: energy policy, education, health care, environmental, etch. But the peepul wanted a king like that of other nations. 1st Samuel chapter 8.

    Vox populi non est vox Dei.

  14. “when Lois Lerner finds herself in front of the bus”

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see a lot MORE Administration officials going under the bus… if the Obamacare fiasco wasn’t enough, now come revelations that the U.S. Treasury has confiscated hundreds of thousands of income tax refunds to repay decades-old debts from alleged overpayments of Social Security and other benefits. Many cases involve taxpayers whose refunds were seized to pay debts allegedly incurred by their PARENTS 30 or 40 years ago:

    These tax refund interceptions apparently stem from an amendment to the 2008 Farm Bill (vetoed by Pres. Bush but overriden by the Democrat-controlled Congress) that removed a former 10-year statute of limitations on collecting debts to the US Treasury, enabling the feds to pursue any alleged debt no matter how old it was. It isn’t, technically, the IRS doing this, but the Bureau of Fiscal Services, a separate division of the Treasury, though in the public mind that distinction probably won’t mean much.

  15. William P Walsh asks, “We observe this strange man and his Administration and speculate on motivation and mission. What is the endgame?”

    Surrealism transferred from art to life. Etienne Gilson described it: “To abolish existing creation in order to create another: that is also the ambition of authentic surrealism, by which I mean the one which Andre Breton defined a short while ago as: “something dictated by thought, released from all control of reason, divorced from all aesthetic or moral preoccupation”. We will then be able to say everything as well as to do everything. If we start by annihilating everything, what limits can stop us? None whatever. Everything is possible, provided only that this creative spark which surrealism seeks to disclose deep in our being be preceded by a devastating flame. “The most simple surrealist act consists in this: to go down into the streets, pistol in hand, and shoot at random, for all you are worth, into the crowd.” Why not? This massacre of values is necessary to create values that are really new. “Everything is still to be done,” affirms Andre Breton, “every means becomes good when employed to destroy the ideas of family, native land, religion.” Now that is not only necessary: since God is dead, it has become possible. The eternal obstructor who has encumbered the heavens ever since the beginning of the world has suddenly disappeared. The terrible interlocutor to whom, during ages without number, man gave only trembling reply — behold he has suddenly vanished, leaving for the first time man, face to face with himself, alone in a world empty of God, and at last master of his destiny.”

  16. MPS-
    “Surrealism transferred from art to life.”
    The painting Gilson skillfully creates is disturbing and painfully realistic. The random acts of violence that plague schools homes and public gatherings give life to the gory painting. Life without Jesus Christ is death.

  17. Reading TAC is always educational I just read your Tiller link ( article by the now deceased Catholic convert Robert Novak) , Lamentabili, Pascendi and my reading list just keeps growing!

  18. Planned Destroyerhood and its blood money supporting politician’s. 🙁
    What a sorry lot.

    The new HHS Czar is another pro-death dolly…but you already guessed that.

    Lord. When you ask for an accounting of ours, have mercy on the blood spilling “do-gooders.”

  19. Marco: The innocence of the created soul, infused into the human being, making of him an immortal human being, at conception of the infused soul at the beginning of the existence of a new human being, is denied by Roe v. Wade under oath and is the denying of human rights and is perjury. Aborting the innocent for the sins of his parents is unconstitutional and un-American.
    Too many persons have abandoned their right to vote as they recognize that the process has become corrupt. Freedom from murder, perjury, cheating, lying, stealing and coveting has been vanquished. All that is left to constituents is to offer sacrifice to the powers that be or refuse to affirm their constituency in the office of president to such a regime.
    We have inscribed in our founding principles the saving grace for freedom and for re-establishing law and order in our nation. To those who refuse law and order, let them find three-quarters of the states to ratify any change in our Constitution. Let me assure you, marco, that the passive-aggressive constituents will not ratify any change to our founding principles to subvert freedom under God. To those who have subverted our freedom and truth, there is nothing that will save them from the laws that they inflicted on our true citizens.
    I can hear Sebelius now before the throne of God, pleading: “I was just following orders.”
    Elaine Krewer: “Many cases involve taxpayers whose refunds were seized to pay debts allegedly incurred by their PARENTS 30 or 40 years ago: ”
    Article 1, Section 9 and 10 of the Constitution for the United States of America states that no Bill Attainder and no ex post facto law be made, that no members of a family or friends be held liable for the crimes and actions of another person. Only for his own sins must a man be punished.
    No law may be made after the fact to govern the actions of a person. Indebtedness incurred 30 and 40 years ago must be judged according to the law at that time, 30 or 40 years ago.
    The government is acting as though it owns the citizens and their tax refunds when the government does not even own the taxes and refunds. Taxes are owned by the taxpayers. Communism treats the people as a group, but not as individuals. This move to treat people to “guilt by association” and extraction of payment from relatives harkens back to when a whole family was put into debtors’ prison or sold into slavery. Welcome to the gulag. Prison for us who hold that all men are created equal and answer only to God is in the wings.
    Paul: The military is the only branch of government that can successfully hold a coup and take back America, making the military the most dangerous to Obama.

  20. Mary De Voe, you have put into words thoughts I almost dare not think. This country is in great peril but a majority are blithely unaware.

  21. The point isn’t the failure to properly implement the thing. The point is the thing (Obamacare) is a gigantic stinker from A to Z.

    To wit, abortion and artificial contraception are now “health care.” Cancer screenings are not. Bring on the death panels.

  22. Sebelius throughout her political career has been a strident, one might say fanatical, supporter of abortion.
    –Donald R. McClarey
    Where was her bishop throughout her political career?

  23. The name of the bishop escapes me but he did have public battles with Sebelius. She didn’t care. She supported Tiller the Killer.

    There are days in which I wonder if it were better for all of us if we had a Pinochet type pull off a coup and lock up the leftists in prison camps in the Alaskan wilderness. FDR did it to American citizens of Japanese heritage.

    One needs to go to blogs such as this one to get good Catholic news. Recently, the Archbishop of Boston celebrated Mass in the Arizona desert not far from the American border. He yammered on about the “broken” immigration system.

    O’Malley is a fool. Boston is an epicenter of Catholic dissent with regards to abortion and homosexuality and has been for decades. Obumblercare seeks to institutionalize abortion and birth control. Yet, we get whining about immigration.
    Never do the US or Mexican bishops bring up the policies of the Mexican government – to push off their poor people onto the US and to round up and deport any illegal immigrants entering Mexico from its southern border.

  24. Michael Paterson-Seymour: What did Andre Breton do with the devil? And what did Andre Breton do with his Guardian Angel? especially now that he is free of God? And why did Andre Breton do it? Andre Breton described hell.

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