PopeWatch: Abominable Crime

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Rest assured that most of the media will ignore this statement of Pope Francis:

The pope thanked the Movimento per la Vita, one of Italy’s leading political pro-life groups, for their work, urging them to continue “with courage and love” for life “in all its phases.”

“It is therefore necessary to reiterate the strongest opposition to any direct attack on life, especially innocent and defenseless, and her unborn child in the womb is the innocent par excellence,” the pope told the gathering of politicians and pro-life activists at the Vatican today.

“If you look at life as something that is consumed,” the pope said, “it will also be something that sooner or later you can throw away, with abortion to begin with.”

Human life, however, is “a gift from God” and if it is accepted as such, “then you have before you a valuable and intangible asset, to be protected by all means and not to be discarded.” 

In a different tack from previous popes, Pope Francis took the opportunity to link the pro-life message of the Church to his critique of the global economy, a major theme of this pontificate. “This economy kills. It considers the human being in himself as a commodity; a commodity that you can use and then throw away.” He added, quoting his own recent document Evangelii Gaudium, “We started the culture of ‘waste’ that, indeed, is promoted” through abortion in which “even life is discarded.”

One of the “most serious risks” of the modern world, he said, “is the divorce between economics and morality.” In a world offering “a market equipped with every technological innovation, elementary ethical standards of human nature [are] more and more neglected.”

In his brief address, Pope Francis quoted the document Gaudium et Spes of the Second Vatican Council, that says, “Life once conceived, must be protected with the utmost care; abortion and infanticide are abominable crimes.” He encouraged pro-life workers to fight for life “with a style of closeness” to women so that “every woman feels regarded as a person, heard, accepted, accompanied.”

In a speech on Friday to the International Catholic Child Bureau (BICE), the pope also spoke of the need to reaffirm the rights of parents to decide “the moral and religious education of their children” and reject all forms of “educational experimentation with children and young people.”

Go here to Lifesite News to read the rest.  This Pope often speaks in ways that irritate political conservatives.  However, he also often speaks in ways that should irritate leftists, or would if the media gave the type of coverage to those statements that they do to those that irritate conservatives.

PopeWatch will be on hiatus until the Monday after Easter.  Have a happy and blessed Holy Week and Easter.


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  1. When the immortal human soul leaves the body death occurs. With the infusion of the human soul at the first moment of existence life occurs. Destroying the unborn human life in the womb is an assault on God, the mother, and the child. For society, abortion is an assault on innocence, free will and the life of the human being and that soul created and infused.
    Like Pontius Pilate, the MSM will not jeopardize its politically correct cubicle in the culture. The atheist is celebrated even though atheism is unconstitutional. It is interesting to note that our Constitution tells us that no one can “prohibit the free exercise thereof.” Aborting a person, a sovereign person, whose body has not yet had the time to conform to his soul, is absolutely prohibiting his free will and his exercise of acknowledging God while he grows and matures. The newly begotten gives testimony of our Creator by his very existence.
    On the human level, the child is evidence of human love.

  2. “On the human level, the child is evidence of human love.”

    Mary De Voe. Your testimony is evidence of divine love.

    Even in cases of incest or rape, the child is embedded with God’s very own image and likeness. His or her life is a gift for humanity. That life expresses a gift given back to God with each smile tender mercies and sigh of wonderment.
    If only the mothers could see what a marvel that life is, and not focus on the act, regardless of the injury, they would gladly give the child a chance at life.

  3. Beautifully said, Philip. I agree. Only a woman can grow another person.
    In the legal sphere: One person cannot be put to death for the crimes of his parents. Since abortion, this ethic has been modified, so that the state can take anything one has, human rights and civil rights, up to and including one’s life.

  4. When our Creator creates and infuses an immortal soul into a one celled human being, that soul is the form of the body and directs the growth and maturity of the person from within. God also assigns a Guardian Angel to direct that person’s spiritual growth from the outside. The Guardian Angel has all the abilities that every angel enjoys, always with God’s permission.
    55 million Guardian Angels are consoling the aborted souls of the victims of human sacrifice. Millions upon millions of Guardian Angels grieve the loss of their charges to atheism, heresy, blasphemy, homosexual practice and contraception. Some Guardian Angels are forced to stand helplessly by while the souls of their charges are whisked into hell, never to be remembered.
    And those Guardian Angels are handsome, gentle, pure and strong, like Saint Michael. They all have the same first name: Saint.

  5. I never considered the fact of the existence of the aborted babies Guardian Angels. Your right Mary.
    What sorrow.

    Please add a prayer for my fundraising efforts this month. It’s our local Right to Life golf event, which equates to six months of income for the office.

    I know your prayers will help.
    Thanks in advance. 🙂

  6. This nation was founded “Under God, with liberty and justice for all”, But I question whether or not the founding fathers would be proud of what we have become.
    In our failure to love the most vulnerable of our society, we fail to love as God commanded. Most people are preoccupied with their own selfish endeavors. Human nature dictates that if something does not affect one personally, it is not all that important. Babies die by the millions because good people do little or nothing to combat the slaughter. If you were on your way to the gallows for a crime you didn’t commit, you would be screaming to high heaven. But because these little ones don’t have a voice, we look the other way.
    Most people just don’t care enough about abortion to study the issue and get involved. How many people take the time to write letters to editors? How many pass out pamphlets? How many knock on their neighbors door and informed them about the issue or speak to family and co-workers? How many donate to the cause? Where are the voice of the bishops and other church leaders?
    The bottom line is that we live in a society that claims to be under the sovereignty of God, but is only nominally so. People want God on their own terms. Most people shop around for a church or synagogue that teaches a brand of Judaism or Christianity that will allow them to live the way they want to live with as little moral inconvenience as possible. Most Jewish groups and every mainline Christian denomination attempts to justify abortion for one reason or another, i.e., rape or incest.
    Catholicism is the only religious group that teaches that direct abortion is intrinsically (always) evil. The problem is that many, who label themselves as Catholics, or simply Christians, do not follow the mandate of Jesus to “love one another, as I have loved you.” Does anyone seriously believe that God would approve of abortion or euthanasia?
    Jesus said that we should “pick up our cross” and society as a whole does not want to be bothered. Babies die by the millions because “good people” do little or nothing to combat the slaughter. It won’t be just the pro-aborts who will stand before God’s bar of justice. We will all one day stand before the judgment seat of God and be held accountable for our complacency. We pray, “May God forgive us all”, knowing that He will not.

  7. Victor R. Claveau.

    Much will be demanded from which much has been given, and the blessings that we the people have been graced with is overwhelming compared with so many others. In India a parish priest and I have corresponded over the years.
    On one occasion we swapped photos of the school children we taught in Religious Ed. The Smiles from the poor children were anything but meager. Just the opposite from our sixth graders who are surrounded by “things.”

    They have Jesus in their life…ours are struggling to understand why they should care to have Him.

    Please excuse my bypass on the thread.

  8. The Pope can’t win when it comes to the media.

    60 minutes in Australia ran the worst story last Sunday (yes Easter of all days) on the “wonderfulness” of Pope Francis- advertising it with the headings like “Pope reforming contraception, homosexuality and abortion”.

    I couldn’t bring myself to watch it. Firstly because we know the producer of 60 minutes- he is married to the daughter of a family friend. And he’s from an Irish Catholic family.

    I suspect it was another ill-researched bit of sensational rubbish. And it was just plain tacky broadcasting it on Easter Sunday. There wasn’t an ounce of religious broadcasting all weekend, except for this glib 60 minutes tripe.

    The media picks and chooses what to publish about our Pope. It’s no surprise, Pope Francis’ defense of the helpless unborn wont be published.

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