Happy Tax Day!

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Happy Tax Day!

The late great Jeff MacNelly reminds us above of just how much joy it is making our way through a maze of arcane tax regulations to determine just how much of our money BigGov will generously allow us to retain.  We can all console ourselves that in just six more days we will observe Tax Freedom Day, which comes three days later than last year.  The average member of the middle class in this country shells out one out of three dollars for taxes of all types.  Oliver Wendell Holmes once said that taxes are the price of civilization.  He should have added a coda:  over taxation is often a sign of civilizations in decline.

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  1. Just to annoy them, I write out my tax returns.

    ” . . . taxes are the price of civilization.” I demand a refund!

  2. Starch, no, please. I am getting stiffed enough. Thank you. I needed to laugh. This is really funny. The economy will not improve until it is based on integrity and virtue, indispensable and inseparable. It is repugnant to know that hard earned money is being used to afford sex-changes for transexuals and or abortion to destroy another human being. Hobby Lobby will have those abortaficients wrung out of them, the human embryos, riced and diced and spliced, and hemorrhoid lubricant for the practicing gays. Well, what does the illiberal left have left? “What me worry?” in the White House with “What meme worry?” in the wings?
    Government against the people is taxation without representation. Clearly, the Greens and Hobby Lobby have paid their taxes only to have their taxes used against them in court, to extort more than just their money. The Greens and Hobby Lobby are not being represented as constituents composed of body and soul. Their conscience is not being represented by Obama. This equals Taxation without representation. The Greens and Hobby Lobby, not you, nor I, we did not get to vote on the HHS Mandate. More taxation without representation.
    Denying conscience and extorting taxes will not balance our economy.

  3. Someone should spoof page two.

    In order to supplement income, there was a time when I worked as a tax preparer.
    This happened at the end of the era of written, mailed tax returns. (I still do my own with the ingrained black ink, no cross outs, and careful penmanship, although have changed to rounding the cents for Federal and following this rounding for State as mandated.) I stayed on for the conversion to e-filing and then, shortly, for its becoming The Way to file. What I found was the abominable give away on page 2 called the EIC or Earned Income Credit – abominable because most of the people who availed themselves of the $5,000 or $6,000 free cash ‘refund’, fondly called ‘my taxes’ blatantly used the chart of how much to ‘make’ with two children on hand to order their chosen employment. Morality took a big hit on this giveaway.

  4. Mary: Must be some kind of inflation/’cost of living’ increase. Haven’t looked at the page in the Instruction Pub. for many years. It isn’t funny, that’s why I wonder what a spoof would entail. It seems that the government rolls have dependents receiving the equivalent of over $50,000 yearly.

  5. “the abominable give away on page 2 called the EIC or Earned Income Credit”

    Say what you will about EIC, it sure came in handy for us for several years when our income took a big nosedive due to my losing a well-paying job. We used to regularly get refunds in about the $2,000 range due to EIC and the child tax credit (which I no longer receive now that my child is too old to qualify). It was a nice little “windfall” to have once a year, but hardly enough to be worth choosing a job or career around it, and it did nothing to discourage me from trying to better my circumstances (as I eventually did). I could have gotten a bigger credit, of course, if we’d had more children but that obviously did not prove to be enough of a motivator 🙂

    Bear in mind that it is called the Earned Income Credit because you have to have EARNED money from wages, and not *just* be living on food stamps, welfare/TANF, disability, etc., in order to claim it. Yes, I realize there are probably ways around that which people who are experts at gaming the system know about, but the basic idea behind EIC — which I believe was instituted under Reagan — is to provide a lift to the WORKING poor.

  6. “is to provide a lift to the WORKING poor.”

    And a considerable lift it can be. I recall a bankruptcy I did where a couple had several kids and they got eleven thousand dollars. Their actual Federal income tax withheld was around $2,000.00. As a welfare program that encourages work, it is probably the best of a bad bundle of policies, but it basically turns topsy turvy the whole concept of tax refund.

  7. In the UK, the tax year begins on 6 April.
    Traditionally, it began on Lady Day (25th March, Feast of the Annunciation), which was the beginning of the Civil Year, too. When the Calendar Act 1751 introduced the Gregorian Calendar, it provided that the day following 2nd September 1752 should be 14th September 1752, eliminating eleven days. Accordingly, it postponed the end of the tax year to 5th March 1753. So it has remained. The Act also changed New Year’s day to 1st January.
    Similarly, the Lord Mayor of London’s year of office traditionally ended on the Feast of SS Simon & Jude (28th October); whether this has anything to do with St Jude being the patron saint of hopeless cases, I could not say. It now ends on 9 November (28th October Old Style)
    In my part of Scotland, we still use the old dates for the opening and closing of the common grazings and for the entry and removal dates of agricultural tenancies. Even parliament cannot change the climate.

  8. It has occurred to me that all taxes and government run programs ought to be used only for legitimate purposes. Legitimate purposes must be defined by people voting for what they know is legitimate and would not include abortion or euthanasia.(or transgenderism or transhumanism or embryonic cell transfer) Abortion destroys a voter as does euthanasia. The vote of the people is: “The voice of the people of God is the voice of God” How can it be otherwise?
    I know of a doctor who wrote a prescription for his friend for a swimming pool. Social Justice being the giving to the people what the people need to survive in life, not what the people demand, or would like to have.
    “Similarly, the Lord Mayor of London’s year of office traditionally ended on the Feast of SS Simon & Jude (28th October); whether this has anything to do with St Jude being the patron saint of hopeless cases, I could not say.”

  9. Fun facts about taxes:

    Taxes are the prices we pay so that seven of the ten richest US counties can be within commuting distance of Washington, DC.

    Since January 2009, Obama proposed 442 tax hikes.

    Today, 86,000,000 private sector workers support 148,000,000 benefits recipients.

    The IRS is an organ of the democrat party: both of which are criminal enterprises.

    There simply is an unacceptably deficient supply of ammunition.

  10. Here’s a leg up: Legislators may only legislate legitimate legislation. Condoms and alternate lifestyles are not legitimately taught to innocent, minor, un-emancipated and un-informed children.

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